Zip Ties: 19 Uses & 5 Tricks for Survival

Get your zip ties here.

Sensible Prepper Presents: Zip Ties: 19 Uses & 5 Tricks for Survival.

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  • tealosophy

    Just use velcro straps for cables

  • DocBravo

    Zip ties around body parts? That’s a real stupid idea. As a Medic (Army) and EMT I can tell you that is idiotic. Not to mention every doctor I’ve worked under has said that anyone that does that should have his/her medical license revoked. Tourniquets are used to LIMIT blood flow, not cut it off completely. Even for a split this is stupid. It can restrict flow too much to where there won’t be a pulse below it. As for the rest of the uses, seems good, but I suggest taking out applying a zip tie to any body part.
    A webbed belt, large piece of clothing, or better yet, an Israeli bandage is better at stopping blood flow. There are even CAT – Combat Action Tourniquet. Not too expensive, reusable, and PERFECT for this use. There are better materials for splinting – old rags, clothing, etc. They don’t have to be pristine clean.
    If you’re looking for cheap, easy tourniquet, all you need is a large piece of clothing and a stick; about the width of 1.5″ diameter and 6″ long at least. Application is easy. There are videos on how to make this.

  • 32shumble

    Remember zip ties are not bio-degradable – let’s not spoil America’s beautiful wilderness

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