Ever wonder why your laundry soap never lasts as long as the bottle says? Here’s why!

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  • Corn Pop

    My wife does the laundry so im doing it correctly.

    • Devon Denver


    • Terry Tiny dancer

      😂😂😂you ain’t right 😂😂😂😂

    • Hal Bunner


    • Jason Grady

      You have an amazing wife lol.

    • nomo maga

      @Tasha Hargrove FOCA is one, also ARIEL, both at Walmart, maybe dollar store. It’s very reasonably priced. They are usually in a plastic pouch. I store in a large coffee can or air tight container with lid, which makes it easier to measure/keep dry, etc. Some snooty marketers are trying to revive the use of powders in fancy retro looking packaging, charging ridiculous prices. One thing the Princess Prepper is right about—many/most people use way too much of the product which is unnecessary and ruins clothing. Sorry for the long-winded reply. Hope it helps.

  • mickme

    Another tip I’ve discovered is to use dawn in the foaming hand soap pumps. A little dawn and fill with water. Lots cheaper than the foaming soap refills. I also use a squirt of dawn to pretreat laundry stains. Dawn is great!

  • Guy Kenniker

    My appliance repair man told me people use to much soap and is hard on your machine. He told me to use 1 third

    • Steve Slade

      Long ago my kitchen sink backed up and I couldnt get it to drain. Plumber came with motorized ‘roto rooter’. He ran through it the plumbing starting at the washing machine in adjacent laundry room (‘upstream’ of kitchen).
      He felt the blockage about 15 ft downstream of kitchen. He asked what type of laundry detergent I used and told home Tide powdered. He said the issue was similar to others in neighborhood where laundry was a farthest point upstream.
      Apparently a small amount of washing powder doesn’t dissolve and it floats down pipe until it get sufficiently far down the line to where waste water flow slows and then the semi disdolved powder starts to cake up. After many years the undissolved powder starts binding with food particles flushed down kitchen sink.
      He said to switch to liquid laundry detergent. I did and no problems for more than a decade.

      Avoid powdered laundry detergent

    • ana lee

      @Steve Slade Thank you for the tip!

    • Steph Hoovler

      @Steve Slade Oh wow I didn’t know this! I need to look into something I can pour down the drains as like a maintenance or something because I’ve been using powdered laundry soap (no problems so far) I bought two buckets too, which I planned to have last me two years. I just can’t win on some things.

    • Donna Beaver

      @Steve Slade thanks for the information.

    • Ashley Wiseman-Clevenger

      @Steph Hoovler You’ll be fine 🙂!

  • Dave Martin

    Did you know how good hydrogen peroxide works especially on blood stains

    • Lu's Northern Home

      @Just Me I backed a cream sweater once into the slide bar on our screen door and that method took it out it was a straight black greasy line .

    • Brian Hamilton

      They clean the poles at strip club with it.

    • Maureen Campbell

      Yes!! Best ever

    • QueenJenna

      @Just Me hahaha I never knew for that because I was blessed that my oldest son knew that laundry trick back when he wanted to help me wash clothes when he was little and he said that he loved washing clothes and drying them but he doesn’t like folding them cause how I’m picky on that lol imagine that my 25 year old doing laundry starting to wash clothes at the age of 4 but I knew he had some tricks cause he hanged around some of my grandmother friends who told him what to do for tricks because he said Mom’s work is always in overload . He lets me do it time to time but he enjoys doing it except THE FOLDING 😂

    • Michelle Gomez

      Alcohol is good for getting out grease stains too.. I used it on an 3 year old lavender sweater top. I had to do it 2-3 times but it came out in 15 mins

  • Widow Prepper

    Beyond me why someone would say that you’re dirty? You always look nice. Clothes are clean, check. Hair clean, check. Home clean, check. Puppy clean, check. Hmmmm, must be those dirty lenses on their rose colored glasses that are dirty. Hater’s gonna hate. Not worth your time. Ignore them and move on.👍❤️😁

  • Ror Allen

    Poverty taught me that many standard practices of society today are a ploy to make money. Our ancestors survived without…and marriages worked out….coincidence?! 🤗

    • hello world

      @Ror Allen grow up and educate yourself

    • hello world

      @Mel Jordan obviously,you’re uneducated on the matter.

    • Mel Jordan

      @hello world I have kept my life quite simple and old-fashioned compared to today’s standards. And I can tell you I have been happily married for 18 years. My parents are still married. My grandparents are still married. My great-grandparents stayed together. And so on and so forth. I have a pretty good idea what makes marriages last.

    • Ror Allen

      @Mel Jordan I’m with you Mel. And thanks for saying that. It gives me hope 🙂

    • Ror Allen

      @hello world As of this comment 207 people liked my post. Usually you like something because you agree with it so… the opinion of one individual (you) isn’t going to bother or sway me. Perhaps you could benefit from some maturity and education yourself. I hope that God may bless you.

  • DONNA Wheeler

    I’m guilty of filling up the capful. Sure enough, I looked inside of the cap and found those lines. Thanks for the head’s up!

  • Redlily

    A trick I figured out with the Swiffer pads was to buy small cheap washcloths and use them instead of the boxed replacement pads, such a waste. I can use the washcloths over and over.

  • J Daiix

    Hey, Im Hispanic, careful with Roma, upu wanna dissolve that really well or you gonna get white spots everywhere, you can use it to clean everything, same with Fabuloso. Hey but Walmart has a 120 load bottle of soap for 5.96 its just towards the bottom of the shelf. I found out thay the cheaper items are towards the bottom cuz they cant pay for shelf space.

    • Mystic Mogwai

      Foca is my fav. cleans great smells so good!

    • Dacia's D.I.Y's

      I can’t stand fabulos all it for is smell, it doesn’t disinfect anything

    • J Daiix

      @Dacia’s D.I.Y’s yeah…… we dont disinfect things in Mexico. Maybe now yeah but when I was growing up, no. Just use bleach for disinfectant

    • Mystic Mogwai

      @Dacia’s D.I.Y’s well, it’s a cleaner, not a disinfectant. Generally you don’t want to disinfect every single thing.(since covid it’s different so- bleach, vinegar or alcohol) but I love the purple Fabuloso and you can use it for so many things. The purple one is suppose to be lavender, I think it smells like candy, like grape laffy taffy or salt water taffy.(this scent lingers the longest if the scents) if you use My type of pine sol you shouldn’t let any pets walk on floors until completely dry(pine is toxic to dogs and cats and absorbs through paw pads) another reason I prefer Fabuloso. It’s not a good idea to use antibacterial soaps or dish soaps, as it (bacteria)builds up a resistance i.e. becomes stronger.

    • Daphne Lattimer

      @Lady E.J. J I believe it’s either Sun brand or Xtra brand.

  • Just some Guy

    Arm and hammer liquid is half the price of the others.

    • Mineral

      The oxy fresh scent or whatever is called smells so good. Also, arm and hammer rosemary deodorant is at dollar tree and smells do good and is clear so no stains.

    • Elizabeth Bowman

      @Mineral I buy my laundry supplies at dollar tree, I have used it to do dishes, refill hand soap dispensers, all kinds of things. People don’t realize shampoo is the best thing to clean your bath tub, it works great. Clean is clean, no matter what soap you use. I refuse to pay a fortune for detergent.

  • Solo Eldritch

    I figure I pay for the washer and dryer, I make my own laundry detergent but I paid for it.
    how I do it is the right way for me.
    There may be more convenient ways to do it but not right ways

    She/he who pays the bills is doing stuff the right way.

    I so so so totally agree with you about we live in too clean of a world.
    I used to let my kids go play in the mud and let them dance and we danced in the rain together I let them be kids and it’s a funny thing but they’re pretty dang healthy for adults now.
    I didn’t antibacterial a damn thing.
    We used soap and water.
    I think some of our kids are super sick because their parents have kept them so clean.
    it’s a filthy world people!!
    if you’re going to build your immune system you got to get dirty.

    • Solo Eldritch

      I’d watch out for the fellsnaptha. I’ve heard tell that they’ve changed the scent and the recipe for it so it’s just not as good a lot of people are not happy with it.

  • Darla Miller

    I so agree with you. Most people use way to much soap.

  • History High with Lisa Marrie

    My daughter is studying fashion merchandising and in her textiles class they said detergent and over washing destroys the fabric over time.

    • Pat Miles

      @ah I had a client who always hand wash her bras. They don’t get strechted out of shape or fade.

    • ah

      @Pat Miles and the were stays in tact longer. Plus the material is delicate.

    • Pat Miles

      @ah I have to remember to start hand-washing my bras and hanging them to dry.

    • ah

      @Pat Miles I do the same

    • Grand Catsmama

      Especially the expensive silk, wool and other natural materials. I lived in an apartment where I didn’t have access to a washer and dryer. Also our washer quit just before mom died. I became used to washing my socks and undies by hand. Socks and gloves are so easy to wash by hand, just put them on and lather up with Ivory and scrub your hands together. Only if they are really dirty do you need to soak them in a little bleach for a couple of hours.

  • Wishful Thinking

    Simple Green: i can testify this works to remove markers or crayon coloring on carpeting. Spray diluted, let sit, blot with paper toweling, repeat until clean. Spray with water and blot with old terry cloth towel, air dry.
    Doesn’t cause carpet section to get dirty quicker than rest of carpet, either.

  • Lynn Proctor

    The word “rationing” comes to mind when I watch this video. We have forgotten how to pace ourselves in our spending, our usage and our consumption. It doesn’t mean adopting a “Scrooge” attitude, but it means identifying where in our lives we can minimalize waste. And we do waste. Every day, in almost every way. Paper towels, toilet paper, food, detergent, gasoline, water, electricity, etc. We waste because we know we can easily replace it. What if we can’t? I play a game and pretend there is no more soap in the stores. Or that there is no more hot water. Or that I must make my three month preps last six months. When I do this, I see how much I waste, or over-consume. Waste is very profitable for big companies. They depend on us to waste everything, so we need to buy more. Waste is money. Cold hard cash. Thank you for this excellent video.

  • Linda Watmore

    Here in England we like to have fresh air and hanging out the washing on clothes line and only using tumble dryer in the winter months and wet weather conditions, my husband has put up hooks for the 4 clothes lines and fastening clips on the end of each line like a clip on a dog’s lead, and they can be removed when not needed and the hooks on the walls of the house and out building at the back of the house and I have four wooden cloths props to raise up the clothes and, bed linen and curtains getting a good blow on the line in the fresh air and sunshine, many people’s are using a new metal clothes line that is like a umbrella and rotary but they are not good for larger items like duvet and bed linen, tumble dryers are very expensive to use in the UK for the energy sector and unit price for electricity bills is very expensive, so making use of the sunshine and windy weather to dry your laundry. Having noticed how many people’s homes in America and other countries were they have laundry facilities and they don’t put laundry outside and many times they just empty the dryer and fold up the laundry and put it straight away, but I was trained by my grandmother and I have always used a ironing board and ironing everything except socks and I like my bedding ironed many people’s clothes don’t get ironed today and I was always taught to polish my shoes for the family and evey weekend I had to be prepared to give the kids and my own and husbands shoes a good polish and my husband’s working in engineering and always had highly polished work shoes, my dad was a plumber but he always had clean clothes on every day and polished shoes. Original washing soda with the laundry for getting the best results and softened the water.

  • Christina Williams

    I worked in a science lab where having things clean and sterile were critical. We washed things once and rinsed 3x. The rinsing is much more important. Rinsing your cleaning agent completely out will make things last much longer and not attract more dirt. Advertising has conditioned people to use WAY more than necessary and nobody reads directions.

    • Bon River

      This is exactly how many times I rinse my clothes. Over the years doing laundry, I figured out that 3 rinses were just the right number. I also add a little vinegar into the second rinse to make sure some of the soap is removed and it softens the clothes.

  • practicalman45

    I buy the liquid laundry detergent “LA’s Totally Awesome” at the Dollar Store. The 64 oz bottles cost $1. each. Are supposed to provide 32 wash loads. The different color bottles are different formulas. I usually get the blue bottle “oxygen formula”. My clothes get really dirty, I’m a metalworker. Additionally, I only use cold water to wash. I splurge and use double the recommended amount of soap, and my wash is always plenty sudsy. After the wash cycle has started, I pause it for an hour or two for extra soaking time. I use an additional extra rinse cycle in my top loader Maytag to be sure to get all of the extra soap rinsed out. My things come out quite clean considering how filthy they are when I put them in. At “16 washer loads” for $1 of soap expense, I’m quite satisfied with the results I get.

    • Deanna Soriano

      And ur a cheapo too

    • Mel Rose

      But wouldn’t all of those extra rinses cancel out the money you’re saving on detergent? Via the water bill? Isn’t it also kinda wasteful?

      With my washer, I too only use cold water, and I just switch to the “extra rinse” cycle rather than the heavy load cycle. Does the same thing with less water and less time, hence less energy and water.

      I could be wrong though! Our washers could also be very different.

      My fiancé also gets very grimy clothes from factory work. I wash our clothes together (unless it’s my nicer clothes and his are real dirty), and with the cold wash+regular sized+sometimes extra rinse methods works perfectly. Letting your clothes soak though isn’t a bad idea!
      The arm and hammer detergent isn’t as pricey as tide or gain (in my area at least), and it works WAY better. Plus is smells amazing, especially paired with their scent salts. And same the with Tide cold water rinse soap. My clothes have never been softer, they are grease and grime free every time, and there is never any left over residue causing skin irritation or color fading/bleeding. WweeeeEEEEE! 💪

    • R L

      Some people have septic systems that require “septic safe” products. At $30,000+ cost to replace a failing system due to chemical dumping all chemicals must be septic friendly. Many cleaning products will ruin a good septic system.

  • Matthew McIntear

    The laundry thing is hitting me like well here’s another thing that’s designed to harm. Its like what elseeee lol. Can a company give us a break without trying to break us

  • Maureen Campbell

    Baths are evil, just speaking from my dog’s perspective

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