YouTube: Simple and Easy Ways to Make a Good Income

It’s no secret that content creators on YouTube have been generating significant revenue from their videos and have been for a long time. What a lot of people don’t know is there are a number of niches that are not only easy to create, but also in high demand.

I’ve written a number of articles on the subject and include them at the end of the article.

Other than a couple of niches, it takes little if no talent to create the type of content that attracts a lot of viewers and subscribers. For example, one creator is an entertainer that targets the Celtic Metal niche. (Yes, there is such a thing.)

She has a great voice and knows how to put together a quality production that has attracted a loyal fan base. Not only that, but she also leverages that fan base to offer up other products and services that has resulted in, the last time I checked, an 8-figure income.

That’s one of the keys to success in creating video content. The first step is to target a niche and do some research on what they want. Once you find that out and create videos they want to view, you can use your knowledge of that niche to offer your fan base other things they want or desire.

What not to do

I know a lot of my readers here have a strong political interest, but in the case of YouTube videos, I wouldn’t recommend you create that type of content if you’re trying to make a living. The reason why is there’s a high probability your channel will be shut down, and all the time you spent creating the content, and the revenue you’ve generated, will be immediately cut off.

Why do that when you can create a sustainable business providing content that isn’t controversial or subject to censorship. You can always offer up political commentary on a different platform. If you do, I suggest not using your real name, because social media networks have been known to shut you down even if your controversial content is on a different platform.

Home schoolers

Some of the content creators I include in my articles are home schoolers, and it’s surprising how popular they have become. Even so, there are some that don’t have a lot of subscribers, yet the fan base is so strong it provides an extraordinary revenue stream for the creative person.

What’s great about those who teach their children at home is you can create content at any time, and so can devote the most important part of the day to your children, and from there create videos when you have time.

Content type

Some of the most easy-to-make video content is also the simplest to do, with very little talent or skill needed to do it. For example, one that most of you probably know is unboxing videos, where people invite you in to watch them open up a box and comment on the quality of an object, or some interesting feature it has.

Another really easy but popular niche is what is called ‘reaction videos’. What a person does there is take some video content from someone else and tell their viewers what they think of it. It could be entertainers, comedians, film, sports, or any of thousands of other topics. This is the niche I recommend people new to video creation to get into.

If you want to branch off into something more interesting later, you can do it once you have generated a nice revenue stream from your reaction videos.

The best thing to do is go to the articles below and read through them. Not only does it show examples of successful content creators, but they offer up different ways to make money from them. Below are links to the articles teaching how to easily and simply make money with YouTube video content.


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