Yogurt and Tea made with Dehydrated Food | PART 1 of 2

Food dehydration is an effective and fun way to reduce waste, save money, go green, and practice preparedness! Dehydrated food lasts for years when stored properly, is lightweight, and doesn't require electricity to preserve. In this video, you will learn how to make yogurt with your dehydrator, and make herbal teas with dehydrated ingredients!

We love to help you dehydrate, store, and build your pantry! Here are some things we think will help you!

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For high-volume dehydration and storage, we recommend the 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator and a heavy-duty vacuum sealer with dual motors. For low- or moderate-volume dehydration, we recommend 6- or 9-tray Excalibur, and any vacuum sealer, with high-quality vacuum bags.

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  • Elaine02424

    Wow, I wondered why my bananas were dark! I used your tips and sprayed them with lemon juice, but once dried they were real brown, like the ones you showed in this video. Thank you for sharing all your tips!

  • Bratschmom

    Another great video! Thanks for teaching us!

  • AsintheDaysofNoah

    THANK YOU made 2 quarts of yogurt today…. I didn’t know about the extra powder milk…. it worked great…. now I’m going to strain and make it into Greek yogurt!

  • Azathoth43

    thank you so much for these videos!
    you have no idea how many people you are helping!

  • deb-stein

    I really appreciate your videos. They are so well done and the family taste testers are terrific, too!

  • Appliejuice

    I made yogurt in my dehydrator several years ago. The first attempt came out great, the second was awful and haven’t made it since. I never made them in jars, this video inspires me to try again. Thanks. 🙂

  • Lora

    What a nice family 🙂

  • Lora

    rjg: that’s just soooooo crazy!!! I’m so angry at the way things have gotten thanks to corporate america. It’s sad that we can’t even trust the food we eat anymore.

  • mrbluenun

    Do you have to leave the lid on the jars slightly loose, to allow for dehydration?

    And, does doing it this way made the Yoghurt expensive?


  • mrbluenun

    Do you have to leave the lid on the jars slightly loose, to allow for dehydration; or are you using the dehydrator as a temperature controlled cooker?

    And, does doing it this way made the Yoghurt expensive?


  • American Girl

    so you used yogurt to make yogurt?

  • Cookiejug1

    I want to know how to make yogurt drops and/or chip in my Excalibur from yogurt that i have already made. I love yogurt drops in my trail mix. PLEASE do a video on that. thank you.

  • The Ancient One

    Can you add fruit before or after

  • MsKestrela1

    Thanks for the reply! I’ve experimented with both, and I kind of like the little firmness of the partially rehydrated fruit. Soaking it before adding, though, seems to give more of the fruit flavor to the yogurt.

  • Jeanette Grisham

    Oops! Sorry, I didn’t see this one to answer my question on video 2… Sorry again.

  • monique trescott

    do you hydrate the fruits before folding,and how long does the yogurt last after making

  • Judith Hainaut

    Thank you so much for all the information you’re providing.  I’ve also been making my own soy yogurt for years and have been doing it in my dehydrator for the past couple of years.  I buy organic, unsweetened soy milk.  Make two quarts at a time, add about 2-3 tablespoons organic cornstarch and bring it to a boil, let it cool to less than 120 degrees, add yogo (non-dairy) culture and pour into two quart jars.  I’m placed a metal cooling rack in the bottom of my excalibur and it’s sturdy enough for the jars.  My yogurt is absolutely delicious like yours.  I love it plain but love your ideas for adding fruit.

  • YouMockMe

    So how do you make yogurt starter???

  • YouMockMe

    Not by using yogurt, how do you make the starter for long term so I don’t have to make yogurt all the time to keep the bacteria

  • Linda Barnes

    You can add your sweetener, like raw honey, and add flavoring to your yogurt before putting it in the jars and dehydrator.

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