Will This CALF Ever Be Her BABY?

Our new calf wants Hope to be his mom. Will she every accept him as her own? He doesn't have a name yet! Vote on his new name! Also, come see all the other homestead animals.

Here is a link to the poll so you can vote on the new name! https://www.youtube.com/c/LivingTraditionsHomestead/community

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  • BanDana Gramma

    How about “Moses” for the new calf’s name? Moses was adopted by Pharoah’s daughter.

  • jvickie17

    AHHHH Hope is such a good Mama..one of God’s wonders. Does my heart good in these awful times.

  • Wanda Arganbright

    The more the new calf drinks Hope’s milk the more he will smell like her. Their odor is determined by the mother’s milk. He is smelling more like Hope and Henry! Hope can smell what you can’t. It’s one of the ways a cow can tell which is her calf. It’s the same with most mammals.

    • Hot Pocket52

      I’ve seen people use a cow or a horses urine on the calf or colt to speed up the scent and bonding process. Pretty neat.

    • Gene Fleming

      And the urine or milk changes the smell of the calf. It works!

    • Ana Larson

      Make sure they nurse at the,stall too when your milking, more is better with the smell from the milk. If Art & Bri can do this you all can too, you are so good with all on your farm. Blessings to the journey and good health for all

  • OR Scrub

    i bet there are many more “cubbies”! 🤣

  • Kathleen Conte

    Since Hope has let the new calf feed, he now smells like her own. Next time you need to wipe Hope’s dung on new calf this will speed up the process of acceptance.

    • Peekaboo Cockatiel

      Kathleen Conte not being a farm person…that sounds really gross to me.

    • Kathleen Conte

      @Peekaboo Cockatiel yup it is gross but very effective. Lucky Hope has a chilled personality. She could have kicked the little guy and put him off suckling and making him a bottle fed baby which would have been heaps of extra work.

    • Evelyn Goodling

      @Kathleen Conte well

  • utbsks

    The chickens with their little milk mustache reminds me of the cats in the barn begging for some hand milked lunch! So fun! Love seeing the animals-although I know you 2 are so busy! Take care.

  • Tbac

    You have got to love the chickens MILK BEARD. more like a GOATEE

    On that larger egg. I once saw one that size with my chickens some years ago. I never thought about it till about a year later when one of the chickens laid another one the same size.
    When we went to cook the eggs they was no yolk.
    About a year later I was out on the property doing some late night work and I saw a really bright light come out of the coop. I did not hear anything.
    I did not think about it too much and I went on and finished my chores.
    The next morning my mom told my brother to go collet the eggs. When he came back he had a large egg just like the last 2 years.
    I asked my mom if we could try to hatch it. My mom was like OK but there has never been a yolk but you can try. So I tried.
    About 3 weeks later I got home from school and all my brothers and my parents were gone and the only think on the property besides the animals was this 25 foot chicken. He looked at me and said “Thank you for hatching me and sorry for your family but I was hungry” and he flew away never to be seen again.

    Sorry I have to go now the nurse is calling my name. It is time for my meds.

  • shiela taylor

    It’s so heart warming to see Hope licking the little one. I love animals and wish everybody else loved them as much as I do. Regardless of what the animal is whether it be for meat, milk or a pet, it’s good to see how much you care for your animals.

  • michael

    First time I’ve seen a milk mustache or beard on a chicken.

  • rachel musgrove

    I can’t find the Survey. I wrote Hutson

  • Kate McWaters

    Absolutely love watching you two!! This very moment my family and I are in the Arkansas Osarks hunting for our very own homestead. We are leaving Goodyear AZ, the fastest growing city in America (west of Phoenix) … we grew up there and The population/city growth is nothing like we have ever seen. People are fleeing California and the eastern states. My husband and I call this “the great migration”. We are migrating too, I was born in Yellville Arkansas and my parents left the area because there wasn’t work opportunity… the sold their 40 acres 😭 and moved west. Well 40 years later I am officially getting back to my roots!
    Thanks for reading! Take care, stay safe, and God bless you all!

  • Tammy Brooks

    Absolutely loved this mornings video, it was so precious when Hope🐂 licked the new calf 🐄.
    I actually teared up. I felt the way Sara face looked such a precious moment.
    Thank you for sharing your lives with us. God bless your precious family.

  • Zara Knightley

    I’d out a fake egg in each of the nests and the hidden ones, it means they will continue to lay there and not find a new place

  • Kay Mack

    I used to have a hard time thinking about animals on a farm being processed, but now I think how wonderful that they really have a charmed life. It’s all good until one day it is quickly done with. You have healthy food and they were the lucky ones to not have lived in the factory farming system. Love your channel!

  • Donna B

    Awww… brought tears to my eyes when Hope was caressing the new calf. She’s such a good mom ~ protecting Henry from the new calf and now that Henry has bonded with NC ~ Hope has accepted him ~ a family affair. Awesome.

  • Jeanie Partridge

    Sarah I love the way you take things in stride and just climb the gate.

  • Shirley Wolford

    Sarah you had me in stitches when you said “ whoops I gotta lay an egg” LOL thought I’d break a rib laughing 😂

  • Scenie902-Frankie H-

    -Frankie Harvey-

    Ps) I’m a little bias.😉💕

  • Cityof Oaks

    Hope is like: well, if you’re going to stick around we might as well get you cleaned up. 😍

  • Deep South Homestead

    The farm is looking so good.

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