Suze Orman is an opportunist and would sell her soul for a dollar at the expense of her followers and integrity.

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  • JAZ Farm

    I was a Dave Ramsey type of financial planner for 30 years. I had plenty of clients bring up Suze. She is a snake oil salesperson.

    • Prepper Princess

      I agree. She changes her advice bi yearly and even the way she talks…she pauses her sentences a lot because she is unsure of the information she provides

    • JAZ Farm

      Prepper Princess I left my career, sold my practice, paid off everything and started homesteading full time because I couldn’t stand all the criminals and vermin in finance masquerading as authorities and caring “counselors”. I was constantly defending my clients from criminals and it really took it’s toll. Honestly, I got really tired of having mental breakdowns. 2008 was a fn nightmare. Financial “advisors” are salespeople cloaked in the guise of being professional experts. It is ALL about the fees and commissions. Most choose products based on the commission schedule or how high an annual fee they can get away with. Banks are the worst. If you are truly empathetic and caring in that field, your conscience will eventually win out. It really took a surreal turn after the Dot Com bubble and got way worse from there. The Big Short, Boiler Room, and all those movies are a far more accurate portrayal of what is really going on. From someone who has a Masters from an academic seminary (Think Harvard) and began a Phd, then had to leave and find a career that utilized my counseling skills, I can tell you from first hand experience, like Obiwan said, “You will never find a place with more scum and villainy.” It is disgusting, completely, dishonest, and if most of those people couldn’t do that job, they would be selling used cars or pouring Lattes. Most should be fined and barred. You ranted, I followed through with it! LOL. Best financial advice – Don’t swim with sharks.

    • Jumpoff A

      @Prepper Princess She had to change her spiel after 2015 when her tried and true advice failed to account current stock market situations.

  • Vicarious Drama

    I’ve never been a fan of Suze. She makes gross assumptions putting everyone in the same box and her advice is dated.

  • Rick DeSarle

    My Mom watched QVC. Suzy would prey on the elderly for Dollars.

  • dojo

    Don’t trust Suze and definitely don’t trust Oprah either. They are both just money-for-nothing vapor marketers.

  • Sis

    Susie is full of herself and I think a full blown narcissist.

  • Back40 Bandit

    You are NOT “A Nobody”. So, Stop calling yourself that.

  • LWCReaper

    2 types of people I hate 1. Scammers like orman 2. People that rub their wealth in your face

  • 80's Baby

    Well she’s been on Oprah Winfrey show that explains everything lol don’t trust anyone that goes on that show 😆

    • Bernadette Boyce

      You’re on to something there ….and after eating Oprah’s frozen pizza I trust her even less

    • suzannemomma

      Anyone who came from Oprah Winfrey loses credibility with me for that very reason. Oprah is not genuine, she does not care about us. She knows how to generate money, and she plays on people’s’ feelings of loneliness and need for belonging. I think she’s laughing about it behind our backs, too.

    • Karrie

      @Bernadette Boyce Hahaha! Oprah lost me with her silly selfie of a magazine. Good grief woman, get over yourself already.

    • Lynn Peart

      No doute… oprah hell no..

    • Jumpoff A

      @Bernadette Boyce you should try watching her TV broadcast – it sucks rocks!!! And why would I want to get her magazine with her face on it since it’s conception in 2000 year. 20 years of her opinion. You would think you were married to the woman! time for a DIVORCE!!!

  • Richard Allen

    She does and says nothing that doesn’t put money in her pocket.

  • Diane Ryals

    I don’t consider you a no-body. I have more money in savings now than I have ever had in my whole life because I have listened to you. I have become a prepper because of you and when the pandemic hit I had everything I needed to be able to stay at home for 2 months, one exception was for pet food. I now have enough pet food for 6 months. Thank you!

  • Beth C

    Suze should be in prison for what she did to people with her approved card scam.

  • Fred Webster

    dave ramsey does a good job teaching people how to get control of their money….but…he is way to optomistic on mutual fund returns… 12% year in and year out very optimistic.

  • w2k

    She is a con artist. Look up the video “how Suzie orman scammed the world’

  • halfanewfie2

    You’re not a nobody. Oprah isn’t trustworthy either.

  • Granny Prepper

    Well Miss Nobody LOL, years ago I was one of those people that followed Ms Orman , bought books and such and NEVER could figure out what she was talking about. Call the 1-800 number provided for help and couldn’t get ahold of a person. When I moved to Arizona, I gave them to the thrift store. I followed Oprah too and realized years later she’s a pitch man. Almost everyone on her show was “ pitching” something, a book they wrote, weight loss, medical advice, a movie that was coming out…something. We wouldn’t have the Dr Phil or Dr Oz show if it wasn’t for Oprah. They get rich from the BS fed to the people and sadly I WAS one of those people. I wish I had spent that money on preps instead of on their crap.

  • Kathy Felton

    I don’t trust her or Oprah. They are millionaires and disingenuous!

    • Brian Parent

      SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder a Q anon conspiracy theory. Just like Ellen and Celine Dion perform rituals with babies and eat them. You know because someone said and I heard makes it real! Oh and the FBI has a video of Clinton performing a blood ritual on a baby, allegedly! Q is a dangerous cult like group starting conspiracy theories against folks they deem too far left! Just as dangerous as Antifa if you ask me.

    • D O

      Oprah lost my vote in the early 80’s when she said it was OK for Blacks to say the “n” word, but not Whites. Really? If a word offends, it offends. Also, Oprah takes VERY little of her billions, and then concentrates her efforts to help people in South Africa. No loyalty to the US whatsoever. Charity begins at home. How can you see your own brothers and sisters starving and not help them first?

    • D O

      @Steve Slade I don’t read where she made that leap. She gave two 2 descriptions that both applied to both people.

    • Steve Slade

      @D O you could read either way I suppose. She did use the connector word “and”.
      Still, no sin, harm or foul in being a millionaire.

    • D O

      @Steve Slade I guess. It was a true statement for both of them, and no other millionaire/billionaire was mentioned.

  • Blue Rose Ramblings

    Dave Ramsey is good with numbers. I have had good results, but I don’t follow every thing he suggests.

  • Solar Wind

    Work. Pay off debts. Save money. There. You’ve been financially advised.

  • Tammy Villanueva

    And don’t trust Dr Oz or Dr Phil Oprah made them big as well!

    • Prepper Princess

      I tried to listen to an audio book by Dr Phil on a road trip. I do t think he ever got to the point and I turned it off

    • taoist40

      Tammy Villanueva Dr. Oz is a Doctor, but more than likely he will quit his medical practice. He makes grande amounts of money from his show. Dr. Phil lost his license several years ago. They all make money instead of helping people.

    • J. M. Johnson

      That is right. I never trust anyone that Oprah introduces. She is the first Billionaire talk show host. A little impossible. Oprah has a good personality, but not worth a Billion. What else was she doing?

    • CrystalLeigh 864

      Agree @ Tammy

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