Why Soros is Using Money to Attack Pro-Life Ireland

source: Breitbart

It’s not surprising that billionaire George Soros is contributing money to interfere with the ban on abortion in Ireland. As with many leftist and SJW strategies, the idea is to identify a target that if defeated, could result in a domino effect on others adhering to the same worldview or beliefs.

Irish-based Life Institute spokeswoman Niamh Ui Bhriain agrees, saying that pro-abortion supporters see Ireland as “the jewel in the crown of the pro-life movement.”

The reason behind that is because it is one of the safest countries in the world for a woman to give birth. That fact that it’s done without abortion is an assault on the false narrative the baby killers assert, that abortion protects women.

Ui Bhriain added that Ireland reinforces the fact “you don’t need abortion to protect women or to make them safe in pregnancy.”

“Ireland is proof that we can best serve mother and baby without abortion, and that a compassionate and truly progressive nation rejects the violence of abortion.”

After Soros-funded Open Society Foundation donated $160,964 to Amnesty International in Ireland for its so-called “My Body My Rights” campaign, the Irish Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) demanded it return it to the Foundation.

The finance laws of Ireland don’t allow foreign entities to donate to groups for the purpose of changing public policy or influencing elections.

According to Colm O’Gorman, the executive director of Amnesty International, the organization “will consider every opportunity to challenge this decision.”

O’Gorman went on to regurgitate the typical lie asserted by pro-abortion supporters, saying the existing law “violates human rights, and we can’t do that.” As usual, there is no mention of the human rights of the unborn babies.

The goal of O’Gorman and others like him is to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Republic of Ireland’s constitution, which acknowledges “the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother.”

What Ireland should do is aggressively enforce its laws and arrest O’Gorman and bring him to trial for refusing to obey its ruling and for supporting the murder of the unborn.

If it doesn’t take steps to defend its institutions and laws, then it’s only a matter of a short period of time before supporters of abortion prevail in Ireland.

If the country had strong leadership, it would also call for the arrest of Soros for his interference in the governance of the country by illegally sending money to domestic organizations for the purpose of undermining its laws.

We once again need to seriously reinforce the rule of law, especially those that are based upon Biblical principles. This is what the New Creation Civilization calls for, and what all Christians need to stand up for.

Christians must once again seriously laws of God and apply them to all areas of life. This isn’t for the purpose of justification or getting saved, but as a guide to how we are to respond to and deal with the various issues of life that arise out of human interaction.

As for Soros, he’s an international criminal supporting globalism and the New World Order, for the purpose of undermining national sovereignty. The example of his interference in Ireland sheds light on how he works and his disdain for sovereign laws of any nation.

For those reasons and others, it’s my hope and prayer he’s arrested, tried, and judgement brought upon him before he leaves this world. If not, I take solace in the fact he will face God Almighty at the judgement seat concerning his eternal punishment for the evil he has wrought upon the world.


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