Where Many Dark Futurists Are Headed – They Will Be Defeated

futurists dark vision for AI

There are an almost unlimited number of categories futurists can interact with where they attempt to project what they think the future holds. In this article I want to focus on AI (artificial intelligence), and why they’re going to be proven wrong.

One of the assertions they make is that in a few short decades a single computer will have more capacity than all human brains alive. That has emboldened futurists to declare that these computers will be human, or even surpass humans.

Some may already see the issue here, and that is that these futurists are making their predictions and assertions based upon the computational skills computers have, as if that is all there is to humanity.

In other words, they have to lower the definition of humanity to being nothing more than a high-end machine in order to make their thesis seem plausible.

What they obviously ignore or probably don’t even believe in is, human beings are made in the image of God, and God is far more than a rational or logical being, as measured by human understanding.

Over time, what these humanists are doing is degrading human beings, and in doing so, are engaging in various experiments involving genes, chimeras, and many other experimental abominations that are being performed in order to attack the image-bearers of God Almighty.

There is an increasing devaluing of human life, confirmed by the ongoing murder of babies in and out of the womb, and euthanasia, where people are considered not worthy of taking up planetary space.

The good news is we’re starting to push back hard against these things. What we need to do is have many more Christians take up specific things that are happening and become experts on them. We need that so we can remain informed on where we need to focus our attention and resources to battle the enemies of God and His people.


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