What’s on Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell’? with Chanel Rion

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  • Billy Bob Thornskin

    The Bidens are Criminals!!!

    • 2A

      @Karl Kamp so when they get caught it won’t be a big deal

    • 2A

      Never mind YouTube is censoring me, they won’t let me post my comment

    • 2A

      I’m doing this as a test to see if YouTube will censor it……….. if you notice they have been coming out with a lot of interesting movies and shows that normalize perverts, for example the movie “cuties” and many more. Well they are doing this to make you think that behavior is normal so when they get caught it won’t be a big deal.

    • 2A

      I find it interesting that YouTube feels the need to censor people’s thoughts. It’s totally wrong. Freedom of expression does not exist on this platform. It’s a shame. They feel they are in charge of what information you are allowed to see. Having that kind of power is a sickness as well

    • Rob O

      @Redwoodimage clown

  • David Adrian

    Biden Family needs to be in prison

    • Precision Guesswork

      @Sue Potter Sorry Tommy, but Sue is right. This election is about how I interact with America and not your feelings. I find the tree acceptable and the fruit better than I’ve ever known.

    • Sue Potter

      @Precision Guesswork THANK YOU for that! ❤🇺🇸🙏

    • William Munny

      *_John 10.11 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep. 12 But a hireling, he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them. 13 The hireling flees because he is a hireling and does not care about the sheep. 14 I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own. 15 As the Father knows Me, even so I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep. 16 And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd. 17 “Therefore My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life that I may take it again. 18 No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This command I have received from My Father.”_*
      _Jesus Christ loves you. Repent and be saved. Only Jesus Christ saves. God bless you, and peace be upon you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ_

    • June Duffy

      Along with the CLINTONS, FBI – COMEY, PETER & LISA, CLAPPER, BRENNEN, SCHIFF, PELOSI, etc. etc. need I go on and of course some REPUBLICANS TOO. When will the American People get JUSTICE? Oh and FIRE WRAY!!

    • youtoo youtoo

      Redwoodimage vote Biden and bring your kids !!!!

  • heterodyne1

    the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Itzahk Pearlman

    The Bidens are corrupt
    Democrats are corrupt

    • SomeGoodStuff

      Such a shame that the demonic party got so much help from the many rinos over the years. 1950’s Senator McCarthy is correct.

    • Itzahk Pearlman

      You have TDS.
      Palestine had their opportunities and blew them.

    • crisb8713

      @Itzahk Pearlman Did u just say Palestine had their opportunity n blew it ? .. YOUR DISGUSTING ..
      93% of palestine land has been stolen by Israel who refuses to return the land …That’s the whole reason for this war so WHAT OPPORTUNITY are you talking about You uneducated goose ..

    • Itzahk Pearlman


      May 04
      Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat sign accord for Palestinian self-rule

      The Gaza-Jericho agreement signed on this day in history addressed four main issues: security arrangements, civil affairs, legal matters and economic relations. It included an Israeli military withdrawal from about 60 percent of the Gaza Strip (Jewish settlements and their environs excluded) and the West Bank town of Jericho, land CAPTURED by Israel during the SIX-DAY WAR of 1967. The Palestinians agreed to combat terror and prevent violence in the famous “land for peace” bargain. The document also included an agreement to a transfer of authority from the Israeli Civil Administration to the newly created Palestinian Authority, its jurisdiction and legislative powers, a Palestinian police force and relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.The Israeli Defense Forces WITHDREW from Jericho on May 13 and from most of the Gaza Strip on May 18-19, 1994. Palestinian Authority police and officials immediately took control. During the first few days there was a spate of ATTACKS ON ISRAELI TROOPS and CIVILIANS in and near the Strip. Arafat himself arrived in Gaza to a tumultuous, chaotic welcome on July 1. As time went on, timetables stipulated in the deal were not met, Israel’s re-deployments were slowed and new agreements were negotiated. Israeli critics of the deal claimed “Land for Peace” was in reality “Land for NOTHING. ”The momentum toward peaceful relations between Israel and the Palestinians was seriously jolted by the outbreak of the 2000 PALESTINIAN uprising, known as “SECOND INTIFADA.” Further strain was put on the process after Hamas came into power in the 2006 Palestinian elections.

    • crisb8713

      @Itzahk Pearlman So 50 years of Jewish colonization in Palestine then they finally try to offer peace deals to allow them to take justify the takeover/ annexation ? 50 years of complete integration into the Palestine system/nation —> turned a house covered with 1 type of vines into a house covered/tangled with 2 types of vines.. —> how could you view this as Palestine’s fault ? Do you know how complex and oppressive it is for Palestine to agree to a peace deal ? …..

  • The Minas Parable

    Good reporting OAN! The authorities need to be involved, justice needs to be served publicly, no more under the rug and hidden closets

  • Noble man Raised in a better time

    The fact that the FBI had all of this and kept it secret preventing pres Trump from presenting evidence in his favor and prevent impeachment is absolutely Criminal!!! I want the fbi personnel involved prosecuted and jailed!!!

    • Skrimpish

      FBI should be dismantled

    • Robert Tibbetts

      Nothing will be done, the corruption runs to deep, barr, wray and the entire fbi, cia need to be dismantled! Problem, half the kids coming up are snowflakes

    • Chupa Cabra

      FBI stands for Fugged up Beyond Imagination. The FBi and CIA (Cocaine in America) and the rest of the deep state has a lot of dirty laundry to hide from the American people! Like Operation Monarch….etc! Read Cathy O’Brien’s book: Trance Formation of America.

    • William Terivani-Lincoln MD


    • Debbie Witt

      And Schiff , Schumer and all democrats involved in the lies doing the fake impeachment in the basement and Wray, Comey, Brennen, Clapper and it would not surprise me in the least if it went straight to Obama!

  • Vladimir Bash

    The whole family is screwup.

  • Susan Moore

    Like father like son. Groping Joe and Hunter…

    • Marco Deo

      @Debra Bertelli The Bible says you can marry you brothers widow try reading it. It also say take care of brothers kids, Not sexually .Yibbum is the form of levirate marriage found in Deuteronomy 25:5–10 of the Jewish  (Torah), under which the of a man who dies is permitted and encouraged to marry the widow.

    • Marco Deo

      @Ritz C i agree underaged ,but they said nothing in the video on what he did. If she is avoiding pertinent details to protect the neice ,why even do the story. This story of the niece has little to do with Joe, Bribery does. The bribes were initiated by Joe, they hide the trail of money by depositing money into family members bank accounts.

    • Debra Bertelli

      @Marco Deo youre right.

    • Ritz C

      @Marco Deo I’m not a lawyer but I guess that in the course of investigating one crime (Biden’s bribery), other crimes may have been exposed as well.
      I do have a problem with the journalist naming the possible victim, whose privacy should have been protected unless the victim herself gave consent. But this video only talked about potential crime against Natalie and nothing about bribery. It does mention Joe but only in light of the text message re psychologist’s “concern about Hunter’s presence in Natalie’s life.”

    • Truth Ninja

      Exactly what I was thinking…

  • Jon Evans

    BLM…Biden’s Laptop Matters!😉😏

  • Andrea Lindley

    Can we all just STOP and THANK THE HEAVENS for OAN??!! SERIOUSLY! THANK YOU!!

    • Andrea Lindley

      @Chupa Cabra unless you’ve tried it you have no idea what it can do. Laugh if you want, kinda like Christian’s laughing at at an atheist for not believing in anything, but you sound very angry and very unbalanced. Maybe its time to grow past blaming and arguing and focus inward. Js

    • Alex T.

      @Chupa Cabra You truly are an ignorant useless troll and yes that’s all you’re doing right now is trying to troll people. For your info I do not follow a religion or do I go to church so you’re long dragged out comment was pointless, now do everybody a favor and go find a free way to play on.

    • Chupa Cabra

      ​@Andrea Lindley The only thing I am a bit angry at are all of the idiot thumpers who are persistently trying to proselytize their superstitions on social forums! And, if those goobers can express their beliefs in ridiculous, superstitious, nonsense then I can express my views on the subject that they brought up to begin with. They proselytize….I push back!

    • Chupa Cabra

      @Alex T. The people who are truly ignorant are the Bible thumper trolls who are constantly trying to proselytize their stupid, superstitious nonsense on social forums. Whether or not you go to church of follow a religion, and obviously, you don’t have the nerve to stand up to those that do proselytize, that’s your business! What’s the matter? Are you afraid that you will be shunned or burned to the stake by those lunatics?

    • MC Trucker

      @trujello Fox is owned by Disney.. we can’t depend on Fox News unfortunately.

  • Raider 707

    Like father like son, both are attracted to under age children.

  • Toter Drache

    FBI/DOJ sitting on this since December 2019?

    • Wild Weasel F4 Phantom

      Of course, how do you think these corrupt bastards have gotten away with their disgusting behavior for decades? The corruption is everywhere & when DOJ is just as guilty & corrupt as the rest, you’ll never see justice for the victims…at least, not until the White Throne Judgement …

    • No Name

      The publicly reported account is that the FBI has sat on this evidence for almost a year and was in possession of this exculpatory evidence during the impeachment trial, which would have exonerated Trump completely. However I don’t buy the computer repair shop story at all and I believe one of our intelligence agencies was made aware of these email exchanges and briefed the president which is why he asked the Ukrainians to look into it. The timeline fits and the FBI and DOJ we’re prosecuting Hunter Biden business partners at the time, which is likely how they were made aware of some of these email exchanges by one of Hunter Bidens partners making a deal and turning over evidence. If the FBI was in possession of this evidence during the impeachment and chose not to tell Trump, the Senate, Congress or do any investigative work whatsoever Trump would be putting Christopher Wray on blast all over Twitter and he’d be fired. Trump hasn’t said anything about the FBI basically betraying their duty to the executive branch and the American people, which tells me he was aware of this laptops existence or he’d rightly be throwing a fit. Plus the timing of the laptop landing in Guiliani’s lap (which was a few days before the New York Post broke the story), fact witnesses coming forward with hard evidence, already convicted associates corroborating and providing evidence (they are already in jail they have nothing to gain by providing hard evidence to Peter Schweizer) the unbelievable serendipitous timing of these events points to someone with a lot of power and influence working behind the scenes to bring all of this to light in a way that does maximum kinetic damage to Bidens reputation and it’s most likely an intelligence agency.

  • George21113

    The FBI failed to notify Natalie Biden’s mother in a timely fashion.

  • Justin Gilbert

    Why do you think Obama picked him . come on man. You know the thing.

  • Jenny

    Hunter learned everything from his father!! I’m disgusted

  • 55645 76251

    The fact that biden has been in politics for 47 years is exactly what’s wrong with the system. TRUMP needs to win
    So he can finish draining the swamp!!

  • Godbless you

    I’d paint my entire house inside and out with a Q-Tip, before I’d ever vote for Kamala Biden.

  • Francis C DeVito

    Why would we as Americans even consider Biden and his clan totally disrupt our country and let them rob us?

    • claudia harlow

      @J Del81 He never said that he said she was beautiful and if she were not his daughter he would have dated a girl like her. He was paying her a compliment. He at the same time remarked how she was a terrific mom and worked so hard for women’s causes. My father would say the same of me. It just shows pride in having a child that turns out right. He also praises his sons. You twisted his words to suit your hate.

    • aleta hancock

      @marc allen I recognize your name for being called out on o/channels…

    • A T

      @claudia harlow Tell me then:
      – did Mexico pay for the wall?
      – did Trump’s administration separate immigrant kids from their parents and put them in cages, and have to this day, been unable to reunite families?
      – has Trump tried to repeal Obamacare without an alternative?
      – has Trump once condemned Putin for putting bounties on US troops in the Middle East?
      Nothing ‘brainwashed’ about what I said. Just focusing on facts.

    • J Del81

      @claudia harlow what! He said it! Are you kidding me? There’s 3 videos of him saying it, the view, Howard stern, he discussed how she’s a nice piece of a.. with stern

    • J Del81

      @claudia harlow so again your perfectly fine with it when it suits your interest but when it doesnt you go into conspiracy mode? Would you hold a conversation with anyone saying your son looks like he can f a horse? Would you then reply on how he does doesn’t he and it’s all his, I weren’t his mother id f him!? Your ok with that?

  • nelson myers

    I’m wondering if Hunter was sexually abused as a child by someone close, possibly family member? The drug use and behavior patterns seem to point that direction.


    President Trump was investigated for what Hillary did, impeached for what Biden did, blamed for what China did and now being attacked for mentioning what Hunter did.

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