We are all feeling it. Is it a gut feeling? Premonition? Intuition?

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  • Daniel Lelievre

    What a woman ! 6 years after world ended, she’d be walking her dog and watch re-runs on a thrift store dvd player plugged on a DIY wind generator with population count sign of her city set to 1 by her. Oh and part time writing a book titled: Told You So.

  • Paper Junking

    My husband and I have had the sense of dread for a couple of years, since we’ve been awake.
    We finally took the leap and moved out of the big city last year with the impending doom…we are living off grid.. we are in our 60s..what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger lol.

    • Maury Hill

      MB I hear you! Mine failed horribly too!

    • Julie Dauler

      @Re L Make your wish a reality….don’t wait for your boyfriend to get with it….if he’s meant to come along…he will follow if meant to be…

    • CM Sag

      @Re L Thanks for the tip. Appreciate it. We are in FL, so quite a challenge for us, since we are from the midwest. Again, thank you. God Bless.

    • K. Heck

      Paper Junking I’ve went on gut feelings for my entire life and to this day have hated cities and everything associated with them. Why because they are societal death traps and always have been. They will be the first without, food, water and fuel which basically means they are stuck in a crisis. They have no ability to self sustain. No ability to escape in a major crisis. Within 3 days places like NYC or even Chicago will be starving because their is no food to buy.

    • Sherry Lee

      Us too. I knew 2020 was going to be bad. We bought a house last year in the country. That was a God thing. He planned it out. It’s not anything we saw coming. But I feel very strong that something serious is going to happen. God is in control so I BELIEVE He will take care of us! God bless.

  • Glockman 155

    If you’re still employed, know the Lord has Blessed you and your family.

  • Peter Briganti

    I’ve been stockpiling McDonald’s Quarter Pounders. Those things last forever.

    • Mariah Quarles


    • Marilyn Grass

      If you do the burger,what if electric goes out than what???? I think canned meats be better.

    • Marilyn Grass

      @Theo Bradley how do you preserve them???

    • Theo Bradley

      @Marilyn Grass oh Marilyn, quarter pounders are full of vitamins and preservatives. they are the perfect prepper survival food. I suggest that you bury them beneath the ground about 30 centimeters. I always place a sheet of aluminum foil over them to stop the worms from eating them. Be careful not to bury them all in the same place just incase someone discovers your stash. I now have 145 scattered, just in case there is a food shortage. The burgers tend to shrivel after a period of time, to bring them back to life just heat them in a microwave for 2 minutes. One burger a day will keep you well nourished. I hope this helps you in your quest for knowledge. God bless America and Ronald McDonald for inventing the perfect survival food, please stay safe in these trying times. ps dont forget to throw away the gherkin as they tend to rot in a few weeks. Kind regards Theo

    • Liz Tallent

      Peter Briganti Hahaha funny but true!

  • outbackeddie

    This has been the crappiest year of my life. But I’m still alive and kicking and I’m not going down without a fight.

  • Island Homesteader

    I was just talking to my husband about this feeling that something is wrong, something is coming.

  • K Kennedy

    Your feelings are NOT crazy. There are lots of us with this feeling of impending doom.

    • Donald Anglin

      You people in government you represent america . And you are doing a piss poor job . At it ..
      But hey when you people stand before your God for judgement . Where do you think you gonna land heres a hint bet it’s gonna be hot huh .

    • Donald Anglin

      Trump atleast you trying brother all you got to do is rally Americadudevyoud have so many red blooded americans that would stand with you . If only you would show us that you’re who though you were .
      Dam son you were hope . An answer to all the bad things of this country. But dammit you’re dropping the ball brother . You are letting these radical demonic idoits just destroy our lands . Why brother dam just unite us . Call upon your people . Those of us who can see the man you could be . So what is stopping you Washington. Went to war with his . Teddy . Xcom on brother for months they have ravuged our home burned people’s lives lives you swore to protect . So why man why the hell are you just watching brother . You brought us from a crippled nation to glory and honor again jobs good wages and your people lived you for it so why have you forsaken us those who would shed there blood for you and this country .. why brother . Man up cuz . Cause right now we’re on the brink of destruction . Are you gonna watch this country crumble brother . Yes I’m blowing steam venting . Anyone in there right mind . Would . Yes you’re gonna win the election .
      But ask yourself this do you deserve it mr Trump . Biden sure as hell don’t non of the Dems . Deserve it .
      Cause y’all know as well as we do the election that’s nothing .
      Food stores that’s the problem . Cause when it runs out what then this blm antiffa crap doesn’t even come close to what’s coming . We know it and you know it . But it don’t matter huh cause the rich and powerful will just jet under a mountian and ride it out in safety were we on the other hand will have to kill to stay alive . And after we’ve about killed one another off guess what bet y’all resurface then huh. So how about y’all stop acting like we’re just dumb animals and can think for our selves we see we know and we won’t forget etheir. Yhea probably get ban from utube oh well if this is all I can expect to see from it is utter injustice then shut me out . Then I dont

    • Felicia Simpson

      @Donald Anglin right on.

    • Melody Dawn

      Something very big is coming , I’ve felt this feeling starting 2018 .

    • Sunflower Eloquence

      Melody Dawn agreed, started for me September 2017

  • Doves of Peace

    There is no hope in the world, there’s only hope in Jesus. It’s my prayer that those who are not saved become saved. Amen & God bless! 🙏🕊

  • Brenda Peeples

    Listen God is large and still on his throne he created everyone he loves everyone we had paradise until Adam and Eve had to listen to the serpent and eat from the one tree God said not to so we live in a fallen world we as a whole have turned out backs on the father God who created us he sent his son so that he would make sure we go to heaven forever we are stubborn and said no we don’t need you God we are rebels that can make it without you we cannot make it without God !!. If you want to be given peace of mind and external life in heaven repent and give your life to Christ today!! Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous do not be terrified or discouraged For the Lord God will be with you wherever you go. If you are already born again of the spirit read Psalms 91 it explains how God handles pandemucs accept Jesus today he’s coming back soon be ready so you can go to heaven God loves you ❤️🙏 he forgives all sin

    • Truth in Love Mama

      Thank you for this confirmation. Just read Psalm 91 this evening with family. I have been feeling this dread for months… I feel far from God and numb. I will be rereading Psalm 91 🙏🏻

    • Amazing Baby

      @Truth in Love Mama That chapter always makes me feel so loved! I think I’ll read that today. 🙂

    • bjcoggy

      The feeling of dread you feel, Christians are feeling excitement. We know our savior is returning very soon. The Bible says he will come like a thief in the night, but it also says we will know the season. We are feeling a sense of urgency. Salvation is easy, ABC. A…Accept that you are a sinner. B…Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. C…Confess that Jesus is Lord. If you would like a clear explanation, watch J.D Farag or Jack Hobbs on YouTube. Excellent teachers.

    • Amazing Baby

      @bjcoggy I sure hope it’s soon. But it might not be. I read Matthew 24 differently. But then again, I hope you prove me wrong. So….be ready. No matter what, he is with us.

    • J L


  • Karyn M

    If anyone wants to eliminate the feelings of “gloom and doom” stay off social media, stop listening and watching the news! Once I eliminated those things I feel GREAT!! 😁😁

    • Kim Andrew

      Karyn M my faith in God and relationship with Jesus gives me direction and balance.
      Knowing the truth sets you free.The MSM is propaganda now.Our country is in a battle
      between good and evil and everyone needs to choose.I feel great doing my best to make
      the world around me a better place.

    • bdaina

      I cannot agree more! If the world is ending I want to be caught completely by surprise by the end. But, for now I just want to be happy in the present moment. Maybe if a person is always feeling that the world is doomed they should take a break from the news or take an antidepressant. We cannot control the horrors in life but we can just enjoy the moment—-right?

    • Theo Bradley

      Karyn M After viewing your comment and then viewing your anjelic smile all my negative emotions are no longer with me. Please keep smiling!

    • okechukwu onyeri

      I’m two weeks off the news and twitter, couldn’t feel happier and more at peace!

  • Crusty Rusty

    I think it became real when the looters and rioters went nuts and the .gov didn’t do $h*t about it

  • Latricia Cagle

    2020 brought to you by the letter”D”
    Dread. Destruction. Deceit. Disease. Disruption. Dystopian. Decay. Despair. Depression. The list is endless. Hope for the best but prepare for worst.

  • jam

    I want to run, but there’s nowhere to hide. Whatever is coming…. it is coming for us all… attendance is mandatory.

  • Jay Gill

    I can honestly say at this point, nothing would surprise me….nothing.

  • Vonnie Burt

    We just sold our condo in CND and are headed home to Idaho to live near family. It closes in four days. Our son will be living with us. He is 46 and he can help us. We need a yard to grow food! At 79 and 91 we can’t do it ourselves. My biggest fear is medical supplies I can’t live without. We have been storing what we need, but it won’t last more than 8 months. (food) We eat twice a day now to conserve. Oatmeal every morning, or noon, and small suppers.

  • Rebeca Muñoz

    You’re right, but all of this you’re feeling you can find it in the Bible. Jesus is coming soon. It will not be aliens, it will be the rapture of the church. They’ll try to cover it as an alien abduction. But it’s not. This feeling is coming from God, trying to reach out. Seek Him. He’s amazing and loves us all.

    • Rebeca Muñoz

      @Anita M well you can find these books now and read them for yourself, they were also left out for valid reasons, some of them weren’t known, others were written too late, others didn’t have anything in common with the other books, also you can look at 2 Esdras 14:46 and kinda see there was already instructions which ones to keep. But these books aren’t hidden anymore, also the book of Enoch explains a lot about many different things. The knowledge is there.

    • A_Gentleman_AND_a_Scholar 1

      We have literally been seeing the last days prophecies come to pass. The final bricks are being laid for the Antichrist and the beast system. There is no shortage of evidence. I fully expect rapture or very perilous times to kickoff very soon. No matter what, as long as you put your faith and trust in the blood of Jesus, that’s what matters. We do our best to make reasonable, prudent choices and make preparations for anything. Not be ignorant of the times we live in.
      In 2019 I started preparing cause I had the ominous feelings something was coming. 2020 didn’t disappoint.
      Still have that feeling and it’s a race against time now to get whatever else together.

    • FloridakidActor

      Yes!!!!!! You hit the nail on the head! It will be the rapture of the church😃😃😃😃😃all of this is in Revelations!!!!! Were going home soon guy’s!!!!

    • Peggy Soltermack

      @Anita M all things shall be revealed

    • Linda Jones

      “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

  • Tami From Virginia

    I watch Ice Age Farmer, everyone needs to get prepared for the winter. The NWO wants to destroy life as we know it. Please vote in person, so much voter fraud going on.

    • Tracy K

      Tami From Virginia -There is ZERO “voter fraud”, moron. ZERO PROVED voter fraud. Election fraud…yes. But no voter fraud. Our veterans have been voting by mail for decades, are you saying it was pointless?? Go vote in person if you want, but know that Covid sucks. And stop telling people voter fraud exists.

    • dawn houghton

      If voting worked they wouldn’t let us do it

    • K Kennedy

      dawn houghton dang girl, I never thought of it that way!!! You are on point!!!

    • Kris H

      Christian at Ice Age Farmer is fantastic! Been watching since before this plandemic hit. Great content! 👍🏼

  • Karen19820

    Prayer helps me get through this feeling. I repeat over and over “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come”. It’s found in the Bible in Revelation 4:8. No matter what comes God is in control and I can trust him. I have admitted to God I am a sinner. I believe Jesus died and rose from the dead to pay the penalty I deserve for my sins. I commit and confess my faith in Jesus as my Savior and Lord. He will take care of us and be with us through whatever may come. We are secure in him. 🌹


    My gut tells me 2021 is going to be worse then 2020

  • debbie gang

    It is time for everyone to turn to GOD that is the number one prep

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