What is Really Going On? Its WORSE Than You Think

What is really going on right now? It can be difficult to sift through all the information, some tips on thinking critically about the goings on of our times.

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  • Alicia Bowman

    The “bit of over reach” in Alberta now means it is legal for our “medical officers” and rcmp to enter our homes, take us out and detain us anywhere, for however long they like, no bail, they can legally take our kids, from home or school, force vaccines and other medical procedures. I met with a lawyer from Justice Center to explain how and why this is possible. Bill 10, bill 24 and Alberta health act. This is not about a virus.

    • Dale H

      @SpicySalsa King “Certificate Of Vaccination 2019” aka covid 19 and they want more data and knowing ones vitals and such is the next wave of big data

    • Magic MonkeyLOVE

      @Tim Burke I hear ya✊🏻❤️🙏🏻

    • Magic MonkeyLOVE

      @Dale H the 19= AI Artificial intelligence.

    • Jamie Brandon

      chris scott trump knows his q base are not taking the vaccine. He said what he did to have an excuse to have the military in place. He’s the only one on our side.

    • Jamie Brandon

      Ricardo Montana I believe it is one of the vaccines. There is one that alters your RNA and has a luciferase substance that will create an invisible tatoo you wont be able to buy or sell without it.

  • Smith Wesson

    2020, what an insane year…so far. I have a bad feeling that the insanity is just getting started.

  • S. ṚåJɪḥ βåṛys

    The anti-thesis should be questioned JUST as rigorously as the thesis. Always.

  • Charis Barks

    Having previously lived under tyrannical dictators in 3 different countries, I can say America is not prepared for life with shortages, anarchy and loss of freedoms.

    • Emma Goldman

      @The 6th mass extinction is long overdue emma goldman knew about anarchy. She tried to enlighten and teach on the matter and not many people listened.

    • Magic MonkeyLOVE

      @Emma Goldman←was awesome.

    • Something Is Wrong

      geeze… pick better places to move to. lol

    • Charis Barks

      @Something Is Wrong I did. I came to America. So let’s not allow it to replicate here 😀

    • Abram Carroll

      @Charis Barks Anarchy works just fine in a close knit community. I lived in a place with no police, and there was no crime. The issue comes in that anarchy as a reaction to tyranny doesn’t work. In fact anarchy only works when everybody is calm, and there is very low wealth inequality, and a strong agreement on how people are to act. Large groups of people in mass act different, then individuals in interactions. When you get anarchy is generally when people can’t at all handle anarchy.
      There is a spring effect when people throw off tyranny, as they were acting right because of a boot, not because there was a social contract on how people are to act.
      We only had police since Capitalism and industry began to dissolve society.
      Is it an accident that you lived under tyrannical dictators in 3 different countries? You talk like a NAZI.
      “Anarchic groups like Antifa”
      ANTIFA isn’t a group in the USA. People simply knew their history and raised the flag. ANTIFA fought against the NAZI brown shirts.

  • The Burbinski

    Fact checkers didnt exist until the truth started to get out

    • Abram Carroll

      The truth is not profitable, so it is quiet. The truth is still putting its shoes as lies travel around the world, because truth requires investigation. Liars call themselves the truth, and say that they are fact checkers. Truth simply points to facts and explains how it came to its conclusion, as the facts determine the truth. Truth doesn’t call itself an expert or tell you to have trust or faith in it. The truth is the truth, and those willing to look will find it. Truth doesn’t however chase you, as there is no money in truth.

    • paul christiansen

      @Abram Carroll government is not the truth, they are lieing

    • Nimbus Nimbus

      @Rapid Geek that’s funny, I posted two articles from top scientists saying COVID19 is man made and FB told me it was “misinformation”. I read what they had to say, it wasnt a scientist but rather a reporter, one who had retired after 26 years with CNN. Who are you going to believe- the doctor that discovered HIV or the guy that worked for mainstream media? https://youtu.be/usyQgPU-VrI

    • Alex Trainor

      Fact checking came about after trump was getting caught lying 20 times a day.

    • paul christiansen

      @Nimbus Nimbus HIV was made by a group of scientists and Dr.fauci stoled the glory and discredit the head scientist..so yes covit.19 is man made for bill gates and his agenda of vaccines

  • Chris Storch

    People don’t trust the main stream media because epstein did’t kill himself.

  • Mike Nettles

    A cop once told me, there are three sides to every story. Your story, his story, and the truth.

    • Kuro Hikes

      I’m inclined to believe that.

    • tjslooking

      Cops believe the Truth is what “they” say it is, and the Just-Us-System backs them 100%.

    • John Ellis

      Whoever is crying most is the victim,

    • Ki777UMiNATii

      @David Reads ive never required their protection or service that i didn’t have covered myself.. the ruling of the case which 2 officers didn’t intervene in an active knife attack doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of thousands of officers that would have.. those 2 cowards brought that ruling about.. why was a case even brought against them..? I personally carry a 19 with another mag, have a 1.2 draw from concealed cold, majority A zone, along with tq and the training to use it. im comfortable in my capabilities to defend against some toothless methhead wielding cutlery. Did they not overwhelmingly vote gun control into existence? Are they not subject to the consequences of their actions? Do i carry in all kinds of places that i shouldn’t due to these very reasons? Id rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6..

    • Donna Adams

      @Kuro Hikes me too

  • Full Spectrum Survival

    The truth is in the middle – Great point on a person not taking on the side of disbelief of everything just for the sake of distrust. That is something that is going to harm a lot of people in this crisis and in the future. I keep discussing a nuclear event with people who go the opposite way of science or the media no matter what it says. If the government says xyz is off limits, there will be people who run into that hot zone just because the government said not to. People’s groups will be put into danger from this type of forced distrust. I hope everyone takes your advice here.

    • silverbladeTE

      @Samsung McKone and I dearly wish folk would debate more, “jaw jaw, not war war” 🙂

      social media has made this much much worse by moving away from long slow debates that enlighten, to shorter and nastier harangues 🙁

    • JRobs 318

      Samsung McKone this type of banter about right and left is the perfect example of this. It a MASSIVE distraction.


      WAKE UP.

    • silverbladeTE

      @JRobs 318 True, but, as usual the Right gets used by those in power, because conservative views are always linked to the “establishment”
      and the Elite begin crackdowns, that’s how you got the Okranah in Russia pre-Soviet era and THEY began the horrors the later OGPU/NKVD/KGB would carry on

      Like the USA, “champion of freedom!” began the concentration/torture camps” in Iran, that the Mullahs carried on with later…

      Western conservatism has been horrendously corrupted from Maggie Thatcher’s era onwards, for a variety of reasons, so it’s currently by far the most extreme, dangerous and frankly, insane of the “sides”!
      Once it goes too far, and begins blatant tyranny and mass murder, which it’s on the way towards without doubt…then all hell will break loose 🙁

      Such things give rise to monsters on all sides, because it goes so far, you get the likes of Hitler or Stalin coming to power when that would normally never happen, and it snowballs into horror.

    • JRobs 318

      silverbladeTE there you go again with the left/right , conservative speak. These labels are a DISTRACTION that breed hate.

      I’ll say it one more time…it is…

      THEM – (left/right) the world system run by Satan and his army.


      US – Followers of our Father in heaven and His Son, Jesus the Christ.

      The winning side has been determined, time to choose.

    • BabeOfBlasphemy

      ​@Toxic_Razz Go read Brzezinski’s grand chess board written 25 years ago. China did NOT plan a war against us – instead, we have been planning one against them for a VERY long time, all this is no surprise to those who do thorough academic homework.

  • Fire of Evender

    My grandparents lived in Paradise. They had a beautiful home, a ton of nice clothing, etc.

    They barely escaped the fire with the clothes on their backs and their vehicle.

    We CAN become homeless in moments.

    Pack your GO bags! You have 4 minutes to evacuate.

    • Stephanie Kerr

      I lost my home in Paradise too. I hope your grandparents are doing better now. A lot of us left with just our clothes on our backs. I was lucky. I have a big grey bin with survival stuff inside packed in the trunk of my SUV at all times. That bin came in handy at the bottom of the hill, in the college parking lot. Many frightened folks with burns, cuts, scrapes, thirst, melted tires and hungry children benefited from that bin. It was a godsend

  • Armando Avila

    Weather you believe it or not!
    It’s All leading to The Mark If the Beast… Dude

    • Daniel Penny

      Amando Avila, I believe what the Globalists are trying to use COVID as the pretext to chip citizens while delivering vaccinations. At first, it may not be mandatory, but there is a possibility they may try to hinder people from normal activities such as shopping, amusement parks, etc. unless you have proof of being vaccinated. I find it disturbing that they are trying to prioritize vaccinating minorities with the elderly first.

    • James aullis

      According prophecy, the first Beast destroys America with God’s help. Probably for trying to push this mark of the beast vax.
      Rev 18.
      Yes, this vax is the Mark from my research and divination with the creator. But it’s likely getting delayed after the Creator ends this Harlot and her Pharmakeia cult.

    • Abram Carroll

      A beast is marked with a ‘brand’, and we already wear those on our heads and hands. We already have a brand required to buy goods that we hold in our hands. “What is in your wallet”?
      Sadly you don’t know how deceived you are. Did you know that the bible says that a fetus isn’t yet a human life? That is because Christians believed that life begins and ends with breath, and a fetus has not yet breathed and they don’t yet have their soul.
      Are you aware that the author of the Satanic bible credited conservatism, an inversion of Christianity?

    • James aullis

      @Abram Carroll Beast = Kingdom. Mark of the Beast = Mark you cannot buy or sell without.
      This Kingdom/Government forces to people to worship it.
      But the first Beasts comes before, and it helps destroy the Harlot of Babylon(USA).

    • jbbolts

      why are all these responses incomplete?

  • Rocky B

    People left unchecked can do terrible things, and the government is compromised of people who are left unchecked.

  • Cogzed

    I would advise everyone to be prepared. Better to be well prepared than underprepared!

    • Cognitive Dissonance

      The Scamdemic hasn’t even warmed up yet

    • ALI YO

      what if you’re a 13-year-old teen who is fit enough to carry 16 kg of wait for a 10km walk or if
      i carry more then that i will lose a lot of energy and my back will kill me the next day and I’m skinny so 1 botel of water and 3 cans of tuna is enough for me daily but if i did not waste any energy 1 can is enough

    • Cogzed

      ALI YO I’d advice you to keep preparing and saving as much food and water as possible. Also it’s better to stay indoors somewhere than out on the open road unless you absolutely had to! In that case a water filtration device is extremely valuable! Prep for both scenarios. Start to train your body now and start hiking with some weight.

    • ALI YO

      @Cogzed like i said I’m 13 so I cant go hiking the nearest mountain is hours away we have a lot of noodles
      about 80 packs and 150 kg of flour 50 kg of rice and water but

      1 as you know the water in Australia has been contaminated and it has been 4 weeks and still, the government did nothing
      2 my water filtration device broke both of them broke and we’re low on water
      3 my parents still go to buy food even when we have a lot and we even got an oven that works on wood i keep warning them to not go buy food still they do it
      4 im training a lot but I’m low on energy

      things I like to do and I will do in the future and info about me

      1 I play conflict of nations if you like strategy games check it out my name in the game is eneeeeee and I have 3 years of experience in strategy games

      2 I’m going to the Australian royal military college when I’m 17 and I want to be one out of the 3
      1 join the commandos
      2 be an officer who leads 10 soldiers and work my way up
      3 be an airfield defense guard

      im born in Australia and my homeland is iraq

    • Cogzed

      ALI YO hang in there. Best wishes.

  • axe609

    Imagine a pandemic so deadly you have to be tested to know if you have it. COVID is a scam.

  • Rick Forse

    “Bread and circuses” …it’s all a distraction.

    • Something Is Wrong

      I can confirm. I’ve played the video game. When I use bread and circuses, it’s always when I am raising taxes.

    • Samsung McKone

      I just wish we could get people to truly understand this. Internalize it and realize that YOU, ME, AND EVERYONE ELSE will never know which if any of the conspiracy theories are true. You can have whatever beliefs you want, makes no difference, you will never know what is truly happening in the halls of power. You are completely and utterly OUT OF THE LOOP. So am I.
      So what can you do?
      It is pretty simple really. Deal with things you can control.
      Create a food stash. Minimum 1-2 months. Preferably 6.
      Get a gun. Even if you despise guns. Get one. Take a training course and hit the range as often as you can stand.
      Think about what to do in various situations.
      But DO NOT. Obsess. That’s gonna destroy your mental health.
      I think we all feel it even if we are trying to ignore it. Interesting times are approaching. The fear and stress we are under right now is extreme. Don’t make it worse.
      Bottom line is to look after yourself and your loved ones. Maintain your courage and Honor and do what you can. That is literally all anyone can do.

  • Dan Miller

    Greetings from rural Tennessee.
    I drive a rig locally, and my travels take me to Nashville a couple times a week. Foot traffic is down 70 percent in Nashville. The car traffic is down quite a lot as well.
    The interesting thing for me is that we are 8 months into this pandemic, and I personally know three people who have had this. All are back at work. Something is quite fishy indeed.

  • Psychic Reverend Donna Seraphina

    Flat out Agenda 21 in play. That’s how I feel

  • Jason Tomporowski

    “Listen to all”
    “Question Everything”
    “Discount Nothing”

  • Brett Steinmann

    Buddy, you’re over simplifying TNWO. There is nothing simple about it. Look deeper.
    Forget the illuminati, there is a NWO, without a doubt. It’s a term often used by world leaders.

  • ronbo36316 Veteran

    Canadiens have already given up their rights the moment they allowed their guns confiscated without a fight!!!

    • ap0lmc

      @ronbo36316 Veteran I know about that but these Chinese soldiers have no experience in battle they going to find out what happens when you try to take away Canadian Patriots freedom. The Indian army killed a lot of the Chinese Army soldiers in their border squimish and videos of Chinese Soldiers crying getting shipped to the Indian border.

    • ap0lmc

      @ronbo36316 Veteran Chinese soldiers have bases in Mexico too so buckle up. Trump built the southern wall to mostly stop Chinese Tanks

    • ronbo36316 Veteran

      @ap0lmc oh yeah.. the Mexicans are wanting the U.S. to fall also, they are clueless of what that would mean to them.. China probably promised them Texas, Commiefornia, New Mexico and Arizona

    • ap0lmc

      @ronbo36316 Veteran you need to know the UN army has equipment stored in shipping containers all over North America and other Western Countries

    • ronbo36316 Veteran

      @ap0lmc and that last is because some damn fool thinks he will be able to live off sprouts.

  • california 619

    Im 24 years old. All my friends around my age are calling me dumb and paranoid investing my tax return (2300$) and another 700$ in prepping supplies like food, water, and ammo. I think im making the right decision

    • Thomas von Aquin

      We are controlled with panem et circences. (Bread and games)

    • Old Navajo Tricks

      Being ready is never the wrong decision, and as mentioned, keep it shush.

    • S Jordan

      They will think you are doing the right thing too, when they foolishly end up hungry!

    • Terri Lynn Shoemaker

      better to be prepared for the worst & be thought of as a dummy than be the fool who knows the train is coming but didnt pack for it!
      get prayfully prepared so you know the voice that leads to safety!

    • Ondřej Bordovský

      Just wait few years and you can call them dumb when they will be dying in collabs of society or something, if your friends are toxic like this, they aren’t true friends

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