We Had to PICK THEM ALL…Now What?

The final harvest from the garden brought 4 baskets of peppers! Today, Sarah is making 2 versions of Sriracha sauce…fermented sriracha and standard sriracha.

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  • Miriam Cooper

    I got to help a friend of mine with harvesting their chickens yesterday. It is always so fun to help someone harvest their food. Plus a day on the farm is always so good for my stress level.

  • Nico Loubser

    Greetings from South Africa. Have a joyful day.

  • Sandra Welsh

    I am in Missouri as well, just a bit more northern than you. Getting ready to go pick everything as soon as the sun comes up.

    You and your cute baskets! I have Tidy Cat buckets. You are classier than I.

  • Dana Green

    Im a garden nerd its why i watch u nobody close to me is so i got to get my garden fix online b4 i go out and garden lol i also learn a bunch thanks so much ❤❤❤❤💯👍

  • Lanie Rodriguez

    I know I’ve been watching your YouTube Channel for a long time, when I see your year end pepper harvest and the Tomatoe Harvest. Or what’s left of the tomatoes after Kevin eats them straight out of the Garden.
    Thanks Sarah and Kevin for another year of great videos. Here’s to another winter planting and Harvest .

  • BadAssMommy

    I make cowboy candy then blend that into a sauce. We use it over cream cheese on crackers. So good!

    • Sabrina Qualley

      That’s a great idea! I found mine to be a bit too spicy for me and I dislike the seeds. If I blend it, I can run it through the food mill to get the seeds out and probably reduce the spice level.

    • A Colley

      She has a video on cowboy candy already!

    • BadAssMommy

      Basically you just cook sliced jalapeños in a vinegar/sugar syrup. There are many variations. You can add garlic, onions, some people add chilly powder to make it really spicy. You can use half hot peppers and half sweet peppers especially if you are blending down to reduce the heat. I’ve even made this with all sweet peppers and its amazing! In mine I use lots of garlic and those little pearl onions. You can water bath for longer storage or keep in the fridge for a few months.

    • Teresa Rogers

      @BadAssMommy Thank you for sharing. Will be doing that. Sounds good when you add onions and garlic to it.

    • Debbie Jackson

      I made her cowboy candy recipe and it is fantastic! So good with cream cheese and crackers. Also gives the jalapeños a little bit of crunch. delicious

  • OR Scrub

    Absolutely no “nerd” thoughts here!!! 🤣. I share in your enthusiasm!! They sound sooo yummy! Thank you for sharing!

  • Deep South Homestead

    That looks wonderful.

  • eleanor bacosa

    Amazing clean, additives free….i love it….

  • Jeanette Wilkinson

    I’m keen to see what you do with the rest of your bell peppers

  • SaraPfeffer

    I made 3 double batches of candied jalapenos, one sliced on the round, one slice lengthwise, and one like relish. We are set for spicy sweet stuff for the year😊

  • Donett Murphy

    Holy HOT Sauce. You really like your peppers. I love your enthusiasm.

  • Leo Cobb

    You tickle me you get excited you start talking fast you are a very smart woman I love watching you and your husband love you and your husband

  • Sharon

    Nerdy Pepper Sarah…..love that you always scape everything out…drives me nuts when I see people not clean out a pan….

  • Gillie Gilbert

    If you never tried Hot Pepper Jelly it’s super good and is great with crackers and cream cheese 💜😊💗

  • Pamela Chambers

    I love the saying on your top. Where did you find it?

  • Juli Caru

    Holy moly! That’s one heck of a harvest ! lol love your excitement ! I never get tired of your passion and commitment to providing for your family,
    All the best Jules

  • Anne MG

    It’s OK if you think I’m a nerd omg I love you!! ❤️ I get excited like that about making fresh pasta and limoncello so I totally get it!! Love your enthusiasm 😊👍

  • Heidi Hanning

    I received my lids and weights yesterday. Amazon sent me the traditional weights instead of the grip weights. I emailed year of plenty and told them I got the wrong weights and within 2 hours they emailed me back and said they would send me the right ones and I could keep the traditional one. Then about a half an hour later they emailed me again and said they were in the mail and gave me the tracking number! That is some great customer service! Thanks Sarah for sharing the products you love with us!

    • Heidi Hanning

      I got my weights on Monday! I made your fermented carrots Yesterday! I am so excited, they started bubbling today!! I also did broccoli but that hasn’t started bubbling out yet!? I hope I did them right! Any suggestions?

  • Lisa Tesch

    I love watching you on the farm. I miss the farm I grew up on and miss all of the animals the Lord had shared with our large family of ten kids who are now much older. We always had huge gardens, and I miss the smell, taste and the foods that were grown. Often when I watch you both, I cannot help to wish to be with you all. The one thing we really did not do very much of was raising animals for food. Very rarely did we do that. A thousand acres of land to always work on made it pretty hard. We grew hundreds of Holstein cows, and on a Grade A dairy farm, you cannot have pigs anywhere around. So many stories I wish I could share as to what we did then and now. God Bless each of you as well. Lisa <3 <3 <3 <3

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