Today we share updates on our cows, and our plans for the herd next year.
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  • Hidden Cove Farms - Ky Farm Life

    We named our doeling Luna after your sweet cow.

  • Kay Coaching LLC

    Lol the black bull face, that is my baby guys

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    He’s like a fish – the right angle and he looks MASSIVE! 😆
    He’s handsome, and has great condition!! 🙌

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    Love a good football reference! Haha so many potential references when talking breeding, too! 🤣

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    Dang! Pro-sticker over here!! You’re getting these pregnancy tests down!!

  • Genevieve Greene

    Oh wow last time I watched they were tiny and now they are going to be mothers

  • Robin C

    I can not wait for my homestead. We have decided to sell our house of 26 years, and get some land in the agriculture area. Our goal is to unclutter and sell late spring or early summer. Seeing your channel and others inspire us to keep going to accomplish our dreams.

    • Homesteady

      Awesome Robin! Keep us posted! Did you take my start homesteading video course? It’s free, just sign up to our email list here http://www.thisishomesteady.com it will help you buy the right land!

    • Hidden Cove Farms - Ky Farm Life

      So happy for you. The very best of wishes.

    • Robin C

      @Homesteady I have watched the chicken video. My first batch of meat birds helped feed 5 families during the pandemic. Tail end of another batch coming soon. Doubled the amount to help more family and friends. I really want to expand on our self reliance. We even tripled the size of our garden spring of 2020. Even did some canning and fermenting. Fermenting was absoluting new for me. I did promise my husband, no new animals until infrastructure is in place. I learned that from you.

    • Robin C

      @Hidden Cove Farms – Ky Farm Life thank you. I would love to move south, but both our parents are elderly so have to stay close.

  • Joanne Ganon

    Do you two know that when your consentrating, you both drop your jaws open LMBO xx z! Good luck , that went really smooth👍.
    When does your oldest Boys Hunt start?
    JO JO IN VT 💕😄

  • Mallory Turner

    My husband and I love your channel. We have 6 kids and homeschool on 2 acres now. But we are hoping to move to a much larger homestead in the next few years. Mini jerseys are on our list so it’s great to learn more!

  • Cindy DeMarche

    I’ve missed seeing the cows! Everyone is looking good! Kay, love you new haircut! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ben Rogers

    Way to go Kay. Great info.

  • JB Brown

    The Highlander validated my comment. He looked too young to be able to breed.
    This guy looks bready to go.
    Pity you can’t breed within the breed.

  • JB Brown

    I’ve never had or seen anyone have a problem drawing a blood sample. Thank you for showing this on YouTube.

  • Where Hope Gathers

    Great to see you guys! Been missing ya! 🙃

  • B and L J

    What you guys need is a Belted Galloway!!! Bonus points…they also come in “mini” sized. They’re a heritage breed that would fit right in with you guys…docile, hardy (even in our Canadian winters) the meat is lower in saturated fat, higher in Omega 6 and 3. I could go on all day about my love of Belties. LOL.

  • Trixie Belton

    Plan C has that Mohawk thing going on. Cute!

  • Kaylynne

    I think it’s really funny, but your cows look feminine. Am I crazy? I could see a cartoon version of them with long eye lashes.

  • keith weedt

    Yea you got to be pretty well versed in the art of AI. Skills

  • hillock farm

    I had an already bred ewe in with the ram last year, ewe aborted and was bred by the ram that ran with the flock to breed the others. Just as going into breeding cycle off rythm when a new male joins the herd/flock this happens fairly often. It is a protective behaviour of the females to do so. That means your cows may very well have been pregnant by the AI or the highland bull and aborted due to the new bull arriving rather than either of the first 2 not taking. I knew about the phenomenon already in horses, sheep now and cows also fit the list with herd/harem type social structure.

  • Kade 1108

    I just got my little 5 acre homestead in Northern AZ, near the border of Nevada, and I’m so excited to get started! Currently I’ve only got horses and chickens and a dog, but in the near future ill be buying the five acre plot to my right and getting milk/wool sheep! 🙂 very excited. You guys have been a great source of information and inspiration, and I’d love to get a jersey milk cow, I think I’ve already got a little calf picked out 👀 we’ll see

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