We Failed Our Inspection

We Failed Our Inspection

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I was born and raised 20 minutes from Boston, MA. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Anxiety. My personal experience with the prescribed medication was NOT POSITIVE. So I decided to find better way. I didn't know it at the time but, that was the BEGINNING for me! I have been “FINDING A BETTER WAY” in all areas in my life ever since. Better ways of how to create a modern homestead affordably, and a better way to provide my family with healthy foods, and so….. much MORE!

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  • B. Wooten

    Good morning !! My heart sank when I read the title at 4:58am,and then I got mad cause I could not fathom the barn failing!! Very relieved it was the car😃, I guess I’m use to vehicles not passing inspections- if one passed I’d probably faint!!😁😂❤️❤️

  • P Pulambe

    Shoulda painted it with 2000 degree bbq paint… salty streets will bring you back in 4 more years

    • Norma JeanNotbaker

      I’m excited !!!!

    • Gunga Dinn

      It won’t take 4 years for a replacement exhaust system to sir come to rust out. The reason that they rot out so quickly is that the pipes used are annealed dead soft to allow for easier bending. The bend process work hardens them, but that doesn’t change the metallurgical properties to reincorporate the carbon that comes to the surface. Same goes for stainless steel mufflers. Once you weld it without fully re-heat treating, they will rot right along the weld line.

    • Altair Ibn-La Ahad

      Wont matter, exhaust rusts from condensation. The hot exhaust gets exposed to ambient air once shut off and causes water droplets to form on the inside of the exhaust system, not the outside. They rust from the inside out in most places. Paint won’t help you.

    • Henry Potter

      I’ve always washed my vehicles more frequently in the winters to get all the salt off. Never tried any special high temp paint though, closest I’ve gotten to that is the undercoating that was already on it…. But yes, I’ve seen people’s vehicles rust out super quick before with salt.

  • Meta Morphea

    Wow. This is so weird. We got our car inspections at the same time. I have just had my car standing outside my house for over a year. Recharged the battery over a few hours, drove it about 6-7 miles and it went straight through inspections. I have a Skoda Octavia 1,6 2008 with 39’000 miles on it. I think a lot of the rust on it could be from road salt. I live in UK now but in Sweden they throw down a lot of salt. Usually a coating of oil before they start throwing salt protects the car underside somewhat from rusting too bad.

    • flick22601

      That works pretty well Meta on the frame and body underside but, the exhaust system gets too hot and the oil will either boil off or get so thin that it just drips off.

  • Jerry Pelletier

    The ramps are a “write-off” for you, needed for your YouTube video business. Almost any prop you use.

  • Roxann Johnson

    Curious if New Yolk City will be moved before it gets frozen in like last year.

  • Rickster 1234

    Be careful with them ramps on a slick concrete floor. Don’t let anyone stand on the end of the car you’re driving up the ramp. I seen a guy get his leg broke when the ramp fired out from under the car as it was almost all the way up the ramp. Four good jack stands are far better than the ramps.

  • Scott Gebel

    Goood morning! Gotta love the salt on the roads here in the North East. The short trips we make don’t heat up the exhaust enough to get the moisture out of the exhaust. That’s why the piping further from the engine generally rusts out first. Also, make sure you get the tires all the way into the ramps. It’s very unlikely you will drive off them, if anything the ramps will skid on the floor a little.

  • Ray Tower

    New movie coming out called Escape From New Yolk”. Starring: The Chickens.

  • Jim Halliwell

    Here in UK vehicles have an inspection after three years it’s called an M O T (Ministry of Transport) and they are quite keen, it is an annual check costs 54 British pounds (70.11 US Dollar). We have problems here with catalytic converters being stolen from vehicle exhaust systems in broad daylight. If this happens it’s very expensive to get the system repaired. We call your shrimps King Prawns. Delicious however you call them. Great video as always.

  • Angels Arrived

    Hi guys. I have to laugh. This is a 2 nd vedio of Gina’s 🎂 BIRTHDAY, as the 1st one Olivia made dinner. LOL Its nice to see the 2 group’s of chickens getting along right away. Very cute the chicken skip over the other chicken. LOL Glad you replayed that one. I would have gone back to watch that one. As a older woman, I would have never tried to fix a muffler system. But that looks simple. Thanks. But not now. I have long road to recovery. I fell down flight of stairs. I have vertigo. Dislocated my shoulder, hit my head, cracked a rib, did my knees and other injuries. Lucky I didn’t kick the bucket. My Angels and G-D saved me. I’ve got important things still to do in this life time. I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon. LOL G-D Bless and Stay Safe. Snow and high winds coming your way. Zeta heading up north.

    • Sam Val

      Your guardian angel took care of you and made sure you were around to make this post to the rest of us. Sorry you fell. I also liked the instant replay at 6:41

    • Angels Arrived

      @Sam Val Yes, they did. And it’s not the first time either. LOL. My security camera’s photographed 3 different Angels, 3 different times in front of my home when I was ill in 2014. I gave the photos to cancer patient’s to give them strength, hope and faith. And to others who are going thru hard times, or non believers who need to know G-D is real. 😃 If you would like to see them. Send me e mail, as I have not finished the book I am writing with the photos included.
      Angels . Arrived at aol. Blessing to all.

    • Audrey Abdo

      @Angels Arrived , God bless you and stay safe.

  • Angela Herremans

    Sorry I had to fast forward while you were going under the car we just had a friend get crushed under his car 4 days ago on his way home from a rally race he got a problem under the 4WD and the jacks dropped so seeing you going under the car kind of freaked me out just a little too much this time glad you got it sorted. Me Dad jacks up the 4WD and puts tree stumps at 4 points of the 4WD before he goes in under it we got the stumps from the tree we cut down 6 years ago 😹😹😹😹 I was saving them for my wood turning project but now have to get some new stumps as he won’t give them back to me now😹😹😹

    • Jona Briggs

      Prayer’s for you and his family, that is so sad, many Condolences ….

    • Cheryl Fraunhofer

      I agree, Angela, and am so sorry for the loss of your friend. We had a dear friend die when he was under his pickup truck to change the oil and it fell off the jacks. I was very nervous for Al when he was under that car!

    • Mme Popova

      And under the car, running the engine with the garage door closed. Ay Yai Yai!

    • Cheryl Helm

      Sorry for your loss

    • Angela Herremans

      Thank you for the condolences ☺️
      Yes the tree stumps work really really well and they don’t move when bumped a little going under the vehicle all the time unlike the jacks can. The number of times Dad has bumped into the tree stumps I really am thankful he stopped using the jacks and switched to the stumps.
      And what’s with running the car with the doors closed man that was nuts I did not even see that because I had fast forward 😹😹
      After the nail gun shooting Al you really need to take extra care as anything can happen at the strangest of times…
      Keep safe and have a great weekend 🤗🤗🤗

  • Kip Russell

    Crazy how fast it rusted out. We don’t have a vehicle inspection system in Alabama probably half the cars on the road would not pass.
    Enjoy your videos keep up the good work and God bless you all

  • jacquie moppett

    When we use ramps we always make sure all the wheel is on the flat off the ramp and we then choc the wheels on the ramp so that they cannot roll back. NOT A GOOD THING TO WORK ALONE UNDER A CAR. Gena should have at least checked in on you regularly.
    We like roast mackerel with boiled potatoes peas and parsley sauce.

    • Øyvind Ascanius

      @Jessica Ferry They didn’t sound like plastic when they scraped along the concrete floor, and btw plastic would be an illegal material for those stands and that use. I’m sure they are made from good solid steel. They will hold!

    • Chris Norton

      I still use the stacked wood ramps my Dad made in the 1970s. They’re just stacked wide boards. Much safer than those metal ones. Wider and longer.

    • Jessica Ferry

      @Øyvind Ascanius if plastic is actually illegal for ramps then I’ve seen far more illegal ones that not oof 💀

    • Øyvind Ascanius

      @Jessica Ferry Oh dear!

    • waryr11711 -Michelle M Losey

      I was thinking the exact same thing! I kept yelling at the screen “Block those wheels! Wheres your buddy system!?” OMG ! We used concrete big bricks and or giant wood stumps/ logs under the frame too at 4 points.

  • Susie collette

    you must of read in the cards someone needed help in muffins lol my SUV needs a muffin replacement o m g i used to do it but im to old to get under there now did something a couple months back and was off my feet for a couple weeks so i guess i will suck it up and pay a person to do it i miss those days lol now i just watch the young ones to did lol lol

  • J Federle

    I LOVE the sequence leading into Gina cooking! The camera angles, the lighting, the soothing music with just captioning for ingredients… really relaxing and chill. Great editing!

    • Sam Val

      Agreed! Quality work that’s really appreciated. Thank you, Lumnah Family!

    • KlazyY

      @Sam Val Yup, I was good and tired to the ending ‘song’ in the former vids—this new music fits the bill! Much appreciated, for sure.

    • Robin Thingvold

      I agree. It was a refreshing change, but regardless, I always look forward to Gina’s cooking. Yummy!

    • Gary S

      @KlazyY You are sooooo right, the music he’s been using is VERY tiresome. The music when Gina started cooking today is really nice and a super change. I didn’t even mute my sound when it came on.

  • Brenda J

    Al, that is so dangerous going up under that car with it on those cheap ramps, and then your trusting your life on those two jacks, your life is worth more than the money it would have took to take it to a muffler shop and let them installed it. To many people die doing what you just did. Gina, don’t let him do that again, we don’t want anything to happen to you Al….if Gina had come into the Barn and seen you squashed under there what then? I’m a nervous wreck seeing this…your smarter that this Al….way to dangerous. This is the Grandmother and Mother in me talking to you….

    • Gary Price

      Very good points. You shot yourself in the leg with the nail gun. That was an accident. The next accident could be a car falling on you.. Maybe try this: in your new building that does not have a concrete floor yet, dig a trench like the oil lube places have then build forms for the trench to walk under the car. Stairs included. Also put conduit in place for future lighting. Also put pipe in the floor area in between the tires so two rails can be put in to prevent accidental driving into the hole. When not using have a plate made to go over the hole so no one falls in from everyday use.

    • Gary Price

      The two rails for tire guides would be removable when not in use.

    • B. W. Starkey

      Yes I agree with you 100 % ! Al should have rented a Lift System like Professional Car Repair Garages & Muffler Repair Shops use

    • Gary S

      @Gary Price In many places what you propose has been outlawed because exhaust gases gather in that pit and are dangerous to work in because of that.

    • Gary Price

      Gary S you have a very valid point that I should have mentioned. In the examples I have seen they have always been adequately ventilated by gravity along with blowers. I fell far short on my description. Thank you for pointing out the problem!

  • Sherry 2

    I thought for sure something on the homestead failed Inspector Figaro’s inspection!

  • Nancy Litton

    WOW! Al, you brought back memoirs!!!
    My Dad was a “Body man” and did car repair too. He did have his own ahop.
    Dinner looked so good!!!!!! Next time make enough for everyone (all of us. Subscribers) Hahaha!!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your journey and God bless you and your family.

  • Brian Miller

    I think dual exhaust stacks sticking 3” out of the hood would have looked and sounded better but that’s just me

  • Best of IT'all

    Short drives are your likely a big cause. When we lived in town and only had short little drives our exhausts rusted out quickly, but with longer drives you get more heat in the system and that burns off the water inside the pipes and results in longer life.

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