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    • SKM 94

      What a good boi!

      Hahaha, I love it man.

    • Patricia Pierce

      Thank y’all for this opportunity i just finished registration and will be sharing your videos on our Facebook page 😁🙏🙏🙌🙌 blessing to you both Doug and Stacey and congratulations on your new grandbabies 💕 .. We love your videos we live in North central Arkansas not too far from y’all 😂😂 in Heber Springs i will get caught up more on the rest of your videos. I just told my husband how interesting it was i had just commented on your previous video about how we would love to have a log home on one level due to our back injuies and then when i went to register i see this is a two bedroom on one level wow !!! 😁😁 have a beautiful day 😁..

    • Patricia Pierce

      Oh i almost forgot we completely agree with y’all never put your loved ones in a nursing home situation cuz nobody will love your family or take care of them like you would yourself.. In our family we all have this agreement. I’m the oldest of 12 children we are a blended family.. And are working on bringing everyone into the same property my dad is working on buying 19 acers he will give us 2 acers once it’s in his name power water and septic system is already set up 😁

    • Christina Green

      I agree with you about the nursing home!! They are not safe at all!!! We need to care for our parents always!!!!❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

    • Christina Green

      I just registered!!! I’m so looking forward to watching your videos! All of them!!! I am ready to homestead! It is my dream!🌸💫🌸💫🌸💫

  • Y F

    Definition- nursing home = death camp

    • Sandi Spyres

      After working over 40 years in nursing homes this statements not true. I’ve had the pleasure of assisting people with their daily needs all with dignity and respect I’ve witnessed people who were receiving hospise care get better and no longer needed hospise. Nursing homes are highly regulated and have been for many years. Inspections are very thorough.Anyone calling nursing homes death traps need to educate themselves. Ask Stacy she works with elderly. All the negative comments about working with the elderly is a slap in the face to Stacy. People please educate yourself before you make negative comments on any subject

    • CACT Pena

      Sandi Spyres that has not been my experience. Against my wishes, they moved my dad into another room with a high risk individual who had a reputation for being violent. I found this out on a Friday afternoon where conveniently the powers that be would not make a decision until the following Monday. There is no proof but my dad died that weekend. They called it natural causes.

    • Y F

      @Sandi Spyres that may be true in your PERSONAL experience.
      Anyone with even a bit of discernment realizes that post covid bs, they absolutely are being used to murder people.
      My experience with homes is that they are milking parlors for humans.

    • Ms Pat

      @CACT Pena, I’m terribly sorry to hear of your loss & the helplessness you must have felt.

      You’ve brought up 1 of the many reasons against signing over the life of a loved one. Once they have power, they do things like mandatory vaccines. The flu vaccine has 4 times the strength for the elderly.
      Perhaps the vaccine contributes with 4 times the live virus & needed a cover story . . . . . ?

      PS I’m a retired Private Caregiver (as if we ever stop caring 😘), not as a profession, in answer to being called.

    • Y F

      @Ms Pat in case you’re not aware, vaccines are a weapon.
      Not to kill all, except the weak and ill, rather to cause chronic illness, to force reliance on the pharmaceutical cartel for life.

  • Wendy Peckinpaugh

    The nuclear family has always been over-rated. I have always envied the Waltons multi-generational lifestyle. I’m looking forward to watching the new cabin come together. Love your channel and watching the two of you live my dream. Continued blessings!

  • Pamela A

    I’m with you Doug – “NO WAY” on the nursing home issue! Congratulations to your Mom. I look forward to you & Stacy building this log home. Great changes coming for the homestead

  • Opy Brook

    I was a nurse for over 20 years in intensive care wings in nursing homes. I saw 1st hand how horribly they treat the residents especially on the grave yard shift. I some times took one of my children to work with me so each of them could understand just what “mom” did to provide for them (single mom, widowed) but I told each of them I would haunt them if they ever thought to put me in one of those. People go in but usually are carried out to a pine box. People are put in nursing homes to die. I figure each of my children can have the “honor” 😍 of having me “visit” for 3 months a year. No burden on any one child and their family that way🤗💖.
    So I could not be more in total agreement with you about your mom, Doug.
    I trust I can remain independent in my own home for at least 20 more years (85 by then😉)
    Shalom & Blessings

    • Opy Brook

      @Vickie Turner
      💜 Vickie you sound like a mirror image of myself! I asked my chiropractor for a medical exemption against the mask but do not pull it out because the brain dead people that ask to see it are Not my doctor and there is a pt/dr information rule/law. No one can insist you tell them why you won’t wear a mask either. Usually I just ignore them, walk into store and go about my business😉.

    • James Thompson

      @Vytania I suspect you are right. My grand father was almost 90 when my aunt put him in a nursing home for 3 weeks while she took a trip with friends (had lived with her for 6 month maybe more after giving up his own house) I was suppose to be temp. he never made it out. 3 weeks! They took his big pocket knife away from him. His mind was clear but was getting frail. We believe his just gave up if he had to live like that!

    • James Thompson

      @Karyn Roeseler Sounds like some folks are just living too long if you can call that living. I have no desire to get to that point before I die.

    • Vickie Turner

      @Opy Brook I’ve been accused of being as stubborn as an old mule. I just say, ‘Thanks for the compliment!’ If I wasn’t, I’d likely not still be among the living. I went through a period 6 years ago when I’d lost most of my memory/brain function and other physical stuff, which lasted 3 years. NONE of the Docs have yet to figure out what happened to me. My sons could have legally put me away somewhere. I thank God that they loved me enough NOT to do that!

      I started a healthy Keto diet and fasted. Eventually I was able to teach myself how to count and spell again, which is ongoing. My determination to get well made all the difference! Even my kids say so! All those VA doctors weren’t interested in HOW I was able to improve my lot, since I take NO meds whatsoever! It’s a MIRACLE!

      NO mask for me, either! I don’t have a note from a Dr. saying I should be exempt from wearing a stupid mask. I’m saying I’m exempt, due to the issues that I truly do have. I believe extended mask wearing is dangerous for everyone. A lack of oxygen messes with the brain and body, decreasing brain function and the immune system, making it easier for viruses and other invaders to take hold.

      Keep on kicking, Opy Brooks! We have to do what we believe is best for us. I believe that our gut feelings have a lot of truthful things to say to us. I’ll follow that, above what most doctors would say. I’m winning and so are you! God bless ya!

    • Vickie Turner

      @Opy Brook I should have mentioned that the Americans for Disability Act doesn’t require that we show or tell anyone why we should be exempt. It’s none of their business and against the law for them to ask. In Indiana, stores are allowed to have a company policy that require ALL people in their business/store to have a mask on. I’ve yet to have an issue, but I HATE to shop with a passion, so avoid it as long as I possibly can. Once a month or so works.

  • Aoife A

    And that’s why I moved in to my grandparents’ home to help care for them. They refuse to leave their home and I don’t blame them. I consider it an honor. They helped raise me so it only seems fair.

    • Alana Walk

      God bless you

    • Kevin Roberts

      My grandparents died on their property right where they wanted to be. My grandfather died at 85 years old and my grandmother died when she was 90, mowing grass with a push lawn mower is when she died. They lived their whole life as Baptist preacher and wife. They didn’t want to ever leave their property after they retired. She wouldn’t let anybody mow their property, she said it was her exercise to keep her young. That’s where we found her on the ground behind a lawn mower and the lawn mower was out of gas. She finally joined my grandfather in heaven. When we used to go visit her she would cook enough for ten people and there was only three of us, it was always the best day

  • Cheryl Parks

    I had promised my mom no nursing home. And I cared for my mom till the end. At 88 my mom passed 9.11.2013.
    Miss and love her dearly. She was only sick for seven months.
    I know your mom will do so much better to be close to you.

    • Dansk DNA

      Please be careful with those promises, folks. Happened mom made that promise, then never forgave herself when she had zero option other than to break her promise. Long story, but point is, you do not know 100% you will be able to keep that type of promise. An example…you are too sick, injured, broke, forced to work for survival food and shelter, so can’t stay home.

  • Wes

    The thing is Doug we have followed you when you had 100 subs then 1000 then 100000 and to have a person who finally sub at 999,999 and win is hard to take. im not sure how to make it fair but at this point it seams it is not. Yet the family that needs the home, receives the cabin no matter when they sub. God Bless all.

  • Susan Schneider-Baker

    Living it with Mr. B currently. As you know he has Parkinson’s with Dementia on the backside.
    His choice is to Exit Stage Left from The Farm like the generations before him. It’s hard, but Love, Honor and Compassion for the our Elders is a Gift from God.

    • it`s me again

      Another gift from God is naturally harvested CBD oil. If you don`t already please have Mr B try it.

    • ItsMyLife Tx

      @it`s me again CBD has so many healing properties, our friend actually vaped it. She had stage 4 lung cancer and went into remission. The cancer has never come back and it’s been 8 years now. She’s a walking miracle.

  • Sofia Bryan

    Maybe you should title this video “We CAN’T GIVEAWAY a LOG HOME, UNLESS YOU DO THIS!” I think it’s awesome that you all have generous hearts to impact generations.

  • Mel

    The plan for my mom is exactly the same. I will do anything to keep her or my dad out of nursing homes. Good luck!!

  • Sherrie Miller

    Nursing homes are turning out to be prison for our elders.

  • Judy A. Shroads

    Your Mom will live even longer, now that she will be living close to you, Stacy and all the animals. She will enjoy her life so much better.

  • Whispering Eagle Landers

    This is why I am still here after 10 years…taking care of my Mother. Over my dead body would I ever put her in a home, covid or no covid! I may never be able to live off grid. But that’s ok, she is my best friend!❤

  • Spotted Dog Homestead

    My mom had been diagnosed with Alzheimers and we kept her with us till the end. Someone had to be with her 24/7 in the later stages so my husband left his job as well. Its what you do. Yes we gave up a lot and made sacrifices but thats what you do and if we had to do it again we would. 💞

  • Mary Anne Folk

    A nursing home is a tough decision. When you have to work to make ends meet, it’s hard to have an ailing parent that needs 24/7 care living with you. So glad you have the means to take care of your mom.

  • Karyn Roeseler

    My 90 year old mom lives in nursing home dementia unit outside of St louis. She receives excellent care. Her unit has 17 people plus staff. NO ONE has contracted Covid

    • Joanne Cordone

      Dementia is hard on everyone as they slowly lose who they were. Sometimes you have to know when it is time to get help. Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Royale Clay

      That’s great that she’s safe. Not every one is able to keep their parents at home with them. I’m sure you’ve done your best.

    • Rita McCartt-Kordon

      @sandy smith Might I add that when they intubate a person, keep them on it for a long time, & the drugs to make them sleep, when they take a person off of THAT, they never recover.
      The testing method is suspicious to me. They keep multiplying their tests until they get a positive.
      Then the Hospital gets $29,000 per COVID death. Even Funeral homes are in on the deal. I know a family who were contacted by the Funeral home, and if they said that the death was COVID, the Funeral would be paid for!! How much the Funeral Homes get, I don’t know! It’s all about the MONEY!

    • Rayne Chantel

      @John in Okla Yep! SCAMDEMIC!!

    • wytwabit

      @sandy smith Sandy, did you know that all caps in texting is viewed as shouting? I hope you didn’t really feel like shouting 😊 What to do when our aged or disabled parents need more care than we can give can be a difficult decision. My five kids have already talked about that. I’m happy in my home, and I hope that Home Health nurses can assist (along with occasional help from my two daughters) if I have problems. I’ve worked as a nurse aide and dietary aide in nursing homes, and if able, I’d rather be with family.

  • Meli A

    As a cna for 22 years, I said the same thing “I’ll never put my mom in a nursing home” until dementia set in. Seeing your parent go through that is way too much for your heart to handle. I know it sounds easy, but it’s not. You may be thinking to yourself she takes care of people like her mother as a job, why couldn’t she? When you go through it yourself, it literally breaks your heart. I’ve always known mom to be my mom, one day she just wasn’t. It’s the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It wasn’t that I could, it was that my heart couldn’t. Being in the field I know what to look for, I know the area and which options were the best. Thankfully, I still get to take care of her, but its at work, and she just knows me as that nice lady that brings her snacks all the time. Some days are worse then others. Way worse. I guess I’m trying to say that its for the medical care she needed, not what I could give.
    Btw, 401k and social security aren’t going anywhere and medical prices are already starting to go down. Don’t let msm lie to you for a vote.

    • Sunny Deise

      I read an article not long ago talking about social security and how that fund has been all but exhausted. The people paying into SS right now are paying for the people who are receiving their monthly checks now already. The article claimed it will be totally defunct by 2035 I’m thinking. They claimed it was because of inflation but there were some other things like politicians using that fund for “loans” and a few other things that seemed very strange to me…

    • Tip Giles

      @Sunny Deise Don’t forget you have to pay taxes on a 401 when you take it out, if I am not mistaken, if it wasn’t pretaxed when you invested it. J. Giles

    • Monica Beck

      Only if you’re younger than 59.5 years old do you have to pay tax on your withdrawal. If you’re over that age, no taxes.

    • diane hall

      Mel A- I have great compassion and empathy for your situation. We home cared our mom, for three years, until she was no longer safe at home.
      We had to work on the outside and mom in her mental state, would not allow anyone else in the house, even her best friend, who was a nurse. It was heart breaking to watch my mother slip away. The doctors recommended a small unit in a nursing home that specialized in her condition. The first year I refused and they said she may not be able to get a room, if I refused a second time. Mom had grown worse and her physical heath was affected. It was a wonderful, caring place that my sister and I visited every day for mom’s remaining years. Sometimes she knew me. Other times not. I would be upbeat with her and then cry on the 25 miles to my house. Mom was receiving excellent care, but we were a wreck! Sis and I were in our 50s. I agree to keep your parents and grand parents home if it is all possible, but it needs to be for THEM, not you. My sister and I were both medical, but it reached a point where it went beyond us. Once the nurses were able to give Mom hers meds without a fight and get her to eat proper food for her diabetes, physically, she did wonderfully. Initially we were able to take mom shopping, but then that soon became too anxious for her to leave her new home. Then we filled in the social and craft times to be with her as much as possible. You have to try to do the best you can and be grateful there is help along the way…

    • Sunny Deise

      @Tip Giles Its all just a racket if you’re under 50…

  • Lyn R

    Not everyone is physically able to care for a loved one. I had my father live with us for six months with advanced Alzheimer’s before Doctors insisted he needed to go into a nursing home. Plus my mother lived with us for five years, nursing her through a malignant facial cancer, again until Doctors said she needed to go into a nursing home full time.

    In many cases as much as we love our parents and want to care for them, it isn’t always possible due to our own medical issues. As long as you are physically capable of doing so, that’s fine. For some of us it is medically impossible with musculoskeletal issues in my knees, shoulders and back.

    Everytime this comes up I feel as though we are being shamed for not being able to nurse our parents to the end. If Doctors hadn’t insisted she would be better off in a nursing home, I seriously doubt she would have had the same level of care she has now and she has been in her nursing home for nearly ten years. Up until June, I visited her every week with many weeks being up to 3/4 times a week, ensuring she had the best medical care by taking her to medical appointments. Normally that doesn’t happen in care.

    Unfortunately my health took a really bad turn for the worse in June. Currently at 67 I am having difficulties just walking having had total knee replacements in both knees at the age of 46. Next week will be the second visit in a hospital for me, for treatment in a surgical theatre for pain treatments on my spine and one shoulder.

    I had the last one in July to microwave the nerve ends in my lumbar spine, to kill the nerve ends until they regenerate. I need another session which is happening next Tuesday, this time to put pain blocks in my Sacrailiac joints, which is on either side of the sacrum at the base of the spine. This is all because normal pain medications no longer help.

    So as you can see, not everyone has the capability of caring for their parents until the end. Especially when there is only a twenty years age gap.

    Good luck to everyone who is able to care for their loved ones until the end but those of us who can’t, it isn’t always through personal choice.

    • Ms Pat

      With sincere respect, young man or lady, would you continue taking your car to a mechanic who never fixed it, only caused more problems?

      I’m 72 with no health issues & I have yet been sick in almost 50 years.
      Find yourself a Naturopathic Practitioner & start on the slow but actual path to health.
      PS we are created from the earth . . . . . our prevention & cure also comes from the earth.

    • Lyn R

      @Ms Pat Your very fortunate, thank your blessings but don’t put others down who have worked hard. There are many of us who’s bodies actually have worn down from continuous, heavy manual work. Not all of us were blessed with shiny bum jobs where the most physical part of one’s day was to lift a book, pen or use their brain.

      Many in the population are required to not only do physical work but engage their brain at the same time. My body deterioration commenced from the age of ten while working and slipped on wet concrete. At a time when medicine and technology was in its infancy. I had began working after school delivering groceries and 4 gallon drums of kerosene to folks who couldn’t carry for themselves. Then I was forced to up end up to empty and sort about 20 plus bags a day with an unlimited weight in them, if I wanted to keep my job. With two days a week being 12 hour days with 6.00am starts the following day.

    • Ms Pat

      @Lyn R , LOL, you have no idea!

      First of all, I never put anyone down & gave you great advice to help you.

      I started working at a “job” at 12 & as a single Mother I worked 100 hours a week doing quite physical labor for many years.

      Never could just sit.

  • 628DirtRooster Bees

    Early happy birthday in case I miss it.

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