Wall to Wall: Better Business Bureau Grant Program

The Better Business Bureau launches a new grant program meant to help small businesses struggling amid the pandemic. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke to Kryistyna Hook, who works at the bureau, to learn more about the program.
To apply for the programs discussed in this interview visit mainstmatters.bbbcommunity.org

Visit us at:

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  • Michael Patterson

    Can we report, ‘YELP’, for bad business practices?

  • GDPops

    Mr Biden and Ms Harris say anything now to get elected. THEN – Forget About It. *Democrats Lie & The Leftist Media Swears To It. Anti-Business democrats will raise taxes and over regulate small businesses resulting in killing jobs & the economy. They’ll strip the military and defend law enforcement. Re-Elect President Trump & vote ALL democrats out of the House, Senate & Governors*

  • kim odom

    Hmmmm S Ca. and Az. – BOTH heavily pro sanctuary locations … imagine that ! AND CA. IS BURNING …. So riddle me how the BBB sets up a special program just for them ?

  • Scott Will

    I thought it was Abby Martin, glad its not

  • Tora Black

    red 2020

  • jason kite

    How do I apply

  • l trembath

    Severe censorship on, by google and utube. Againist patroits.

  • Red Pill TAKEN

    Go to gateway pundit website interesting video hunter 😳

  • C P

    Why is this only for Pacific Southwest. Doesn’t seem like Better Buisiness 🤔

  • ROMANS CHAPTER 13 READ the Bible

    The BBB should get their CRAP together a do SOMETHING with the complaints on robo CALLS and scams phone companies ALLOW

  • James Bond

    How convenient ,the two biggest agitators of this racial war get the BBB going , Oregon and Washington State.

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  • Nagy Erno

    This pandemic causes economic crisis all over the world, close businesses, restaurants, schools causing other troubles etc. but Biden uses it for his advantage telling that Trump failed but if Biden was under the same circumstances he couldn`t handle this pandemic situation so well like Trump does.

  • Topspeed350

    Awesome as brunette and excellent anchor👍🏻

  • Jeremy Childrey

    You all would believe anything these yellow journalism and propaganda networks in favor of The Demented Trust Fund Bunker Inspector Donnie Boy🤣

  • Anon_ Studio

    ONE AMERICA news network


  • Anon_ Studio

    The way TO CHECK IF YOUR comment was. Censored is to log out. And see the same page. Then see if your comment is there.

  • Anon_ Studio

    Run businesses with. Volunteers.
    Running things. So. Business can save money
    From employees pay check.
    Volunteers can help

  • Daniel Orr

    wow, only in the region of the country with the largest number of immigrants, how about help for the rest of the country? I own a business in NC, still in the USA, right?

  • International Harvester

    Borat 2 deleted scene shows Borat’s daughter getting into the White House


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