Voters Across America Rally Against Election Fraud – Epoch News

The 2020 presidential election is not over yet. Many voters took to the streets across the United States to protest election fraud. They believe that to uphold the rule of law, the legal system, rather than the media, should decide who is the next President.

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  • PJ

    Dem’s H.R.6666 plan is Communism.

  • Wild and Wonderful

    Tthanks, I didn’t know this was happening. I’ll join a protest this weekend.

  • Timea Biro

    Where can I go to protest in NJ?

  • bigbear00 fuzzums

    Bidens a fraud and has who has won nothing

  • Gerald Preston

    Utube isn’t measuring you thumbs up counts….refused to registered my vote

  • SDZ

    Democrats “Believe” in science.
    Also Democrats – “Btw the dead can vote.”

    • Simon Chang

      @Xiaomi Hongmi

      Thank you Chanah woman. You sent it to us. It kills less than SARS or Common Flu. Stop being a Tape Recorder for CCP.

    • Xiaomi Hongmi

      @Simon Chang Triggered?
      Ironically enough, I’m neither Chinese nor a woman. But if we’re making assumptions based on names then….

    • rainy day

      @Xiaomi Hongmi Believing in Science is an oxymoron. Science is a process. Not a label to slap willy nilly on whatever it is people want to sanctify. I hate the way the word, “science” is thrown around because ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the people throwing it around don’t know what the hell it is.

    • rainy day

      @Xiaomi Hongmi As for the President, “denying science,” what the propagandized generally assert is Trump denies climate change, and thinks covid is a hoax. I don’t know ANYBODY who denies climate change. George Washington knew about climate change – little ice age, anyone? There was climate change before the Industrial Revolution. Scientists were predicting a warming period over a hundred years ago. That’s not the debate. The debate is over identifying all of the factors driving it, how serious it actually is, and what steps can be taken to address it. The problem is the far more important conversations about ecologically sound practices, proper waste management, renewable energy, and fossil fuels have been hijacked by leftists who see the topic of climate change as an opportunity to amass power, wealth, and influence. By the time they were done with it, they’d kicked science to the curb and it became an ideological movement.

      The other assertion has to do with covid-19, but that’s another one that’s been politicized by the left. You notice it was – mask up stay home! Social Distance! Except when they needed a riot. Except when they needed to have their hair done, or go out to eat. Except when they needed to celebrate. Except when they needed to go to Biden’s party. The president has had a far more realistic approach to it. Did he say strange things about bleach and sanitation and injecting light subcutaneously – yeah that entire paragraph of his remarks was a weird rambling rabbit warren of words, but he’s actually been pretty on point with the pandemic I think.

      What other “science” has he “denied”?

    • Xiaomi Hongmi

      @rainy day
      As a scientist (well, quasi-scientist since I more so teach it than practice) I have to take issue with that. You’re arguing semantics and I think you’re off the mark. Science is the study of our natural world and the body of knowledge acquired through consistent, persistent application of observations and experiments. In other words, science is a body of empirical knowlegde that is continuously built upon, fine-tuned, and tweaked with processes (or methodologies). You can choose to believe in that body of knowledge or not. Plenty of…too many religious people opt to believe in their faith over the knowledge gained from science. I think your issue is, or should be, with the word “believe”. Do we mean “trust” instead? Are the two synonymous here? Either way it’s unfortunate science isn’t ‘believed’ or ‘trusted’ more.

  • J A C

    WOW Blaze TV “Did Joe Biden Just Admit to Organizing Voter Fraud?”
    aired Oct 26, 2020. Why haven’t Mainstream Media shone you this?

  • Ava Yu

    Not if the Supreme Court can intervene and investigate!

    MAGA Trump 2020!

  • Mike Marley

    Trump just won PA and Alaska as of 11 /11/2020.More to come .Arizona next.

  • Who Dat

    Bruh they don’t think the media shouldn’t call the election they know they don’t since when has the media called the election. They call it in a way and as long as the other drops out they are right when the other don’t drop out then they shouldn’t call it especially when there is law suits

  • Sunset Grace

    Everything the Democrats do is a publicity stunt.

    • Xiaomi Hongmi

      Wasn’t Trump a reality TV star? Didn’t he stage a publicity stunt using a Bible as a prop just a few months ago?

    • Jonathan Diaz

      And you say your not trolling this is the second video I saw you do this

    • Xiaomi Hongmi

      @Jonathan Diaz
      I’m not trolling. I’ll tell you this though. I abhor hypocrisy, anti-rational thinkers, and people who spread lies and other falsehoods. There’s enough room for people to disagree without stooping to those levels. 99% of the comments I make are to fact check people or to at least cause them to pause and reflect on their own analysis.

    • Mike

      @Xiaomi Hongmi Your from China I can’t take your political views seriously. Your not even from here. Didn’t know I can look up IP’s> did ya? Yea your not that smart :ID

    • SCDHL

      @Xiaomi Hongmi

  • Mr. Prado

    Would be surprised if the people that died from COVID voted for Biden.

  • Bernadette Almeida

    God bless the American people and America ✊🇺🇸😎 President Trump has the right , we have right to ask for recount✊🇺🇸😎

  • Thunder

    Richard Hopkins is a HERO and very brave – God bless him.

  • Connecting The Dots


  • Leena Michaels

    Wow they cut the video
    Unavailable ?
    Is this interference by utube.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Talk with Steven crowder. YouTube is algorithm blocking you. Get lawyers involved. They are also bandwidth limiting your videos. Spinning wheel. Any other video works fine.

  • Outa ThisWorld

    YouTube wont let this load! Here we go again censoring America.

  • loboalamo

    Wow. This isn’t loading either buffering. *Censoring* How many of you saw this?

    • Leena Michaels

      Yep my feed won’t show but that’s ok we can get it other forums. Just join parlour utube and tweeter now defunct.

  • Joab thirty-nine

    Dead people vote for Biden because they want his health plan, it is really good obviously….

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