Voter Fraud Allegations Run Rampant in Georgia

Charlie joins 'The Story' with Martha MacCallum to talk the absolute necessity of waging a two-front war—fighting for Trump and sending Senators Perdue and Loeffler back to the United States Senate.



  • Paulo Ramirez

    It’s so insane that Biden is stealing the election literally right in front of our eyes.

    • Peter pan

      No what’s insane is you’re stupid enough to believe what some con artist is telling you, he collects over 200 million since the election & these people want a taste of that con money

    • Stacy Lincoln


    • Paulo Ramirez

      @Peter pan LMAO let me guess you voted for Biden the 47 year established politician that has been conning the taxpayers for all those years and you’re calling me stupid? GTFO, you need to try better.

    • Peter pan

      @Stacy Lincoln trumps super pac is collecting the money, which he controls he gives 25% to republicans which buys him protection he spend a few Hundred thousand dollars on these fake court cases to keep the con running but as you can see if you do the math this is highly profitable

    • Peter pan

      @Paulo Ramirez No I voted against trump, Millions of Americans that are suffering owing to the negligence and incompetence of President Donald Trump who had turned his back on the middle class well before the COVID-19 threat emerged. Mr. Trump cut taxes for big corporations and the richest Americans instead of investing in the middle class, diverting money meant for small businesses to big corporations and his wealthy donors, and presiding over the largest corporate bailouts in American history with no strings attached, and little oversight,

  • Rick Odell

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. An old World war II slogan, reminds us to get busy and also to keep praying

  • tlraffaele

    The video has NOT been debunked. The fraud is obvious.

    • Jason Smith

      @Nk m there is nothing to debunk. Theyre trying to dish out BS excuses as a way to debunk. Its impossible to debunk tabulating ballots with no oversight lol. You just can’t. It’s impossible

    • here we go again

      My thoughts exactly! Also, trump and his team have 3 cases! Not 40+! Fake news and propaganda!

    • Chuck

      @here we go again whether you want to believe it or not courts have thrown out over 30 cases that Trump’s lawyers had brought to the courts…an they did win 1 case

    • Peter pan

      Yeah there’s fraud, here are three con artist committing fraud because they think you’re stupid are you?

    • here we go again

      Chuck proof? I have countless videos of Giuliani saying they have only three filings. The media has been trying to spin this narrative for a while…

  • Belt loops Matter

    Why hasnt the Signature audit started ?

  • Judy Sundstrom

    Jessica is so wrong!!!!! Democrats stole the election!!!!!

    • Hansel Baptista

      Funny how no fraud was against biden all against Trump

    • Cats

      when I think of “wrong”, I think of someone who is deceived to believe something that is false but that is not the case with Jessica. That crazy Jessica woman knows she is flat out lying to the public on purpose. That to me is far worse than just being wrong about something. Deceiving the public on purpose is her whole goal. Some may wonder why she would do that but that doesn’t even matter. The only thing that matters is she is one worthless human to do such evil and thinks nothing of herself. Thank her for showing us her true colors so that we cannot be deceived by her. Its how we learn who is part of the swamp and who isn’t.

    • Shiko Fuji

      Jessica is part of the swamp!

    • Cats

      @Shiko Fuji yes! without a doubt.

    • Peter pan

      No you’re wrong Trump is lost 41 cases because he has no evidence or proof and he’s just scamming you

  • Skip Canevit

    Biden did NOT WIN GEORGIA! It would take a blathering idiot to not realize the fraud was more than enough destroy Biden win.

  • This Guy

    That lady is nuts.. no fraud and Biden won 🤦🏼‍♂️ keep telling the lies and force feeding false narratives…

  • Shasha8674

    Trump did win Georgia. Corruption was major.

    • raymond nichols

      He also won Arizona..PA..South will all come out. Biden wont win from cheating.

    • Peter pan

      @raymond nichols No he didn’t win Arizona as a matter fact to get left out a car dude you aren’t that stupid just read the court case

    • Peter pan

      They counted it three times so Trump last four times in Georgia what the hell is wrong with you

    • Shasha8674

      @Peter pan Talk right. They recounted fraud votes…sad. Trump won America and the corrupt will also hurt all including you. Trump is ethical and wants to help all people in America. God bless Trump!

  • Myk Albizu

    Ugh I can’t stand tarlov, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard

  • powrbook17

    Biden is not alone on attempting to steal this election and I hope all involved are arrested and imprisoned.

    • Mahmoud Bin Garad

      @powrbook17 Yeah basically. The system overall wants Trump out of the White House even though it is supposed to the people who decide that.

      If Biden gets in, USA is clearly no longer a democracy.

    • Nk m

      @Mahmoud Bin Garad Biden has probably 30 million fake votes..half the country DOES NOT support Biden, more like 20%.

    • Mahmoud Bin Garad

      @Nk m But the problem is the system wants Biden to win and they are stealing the election.

    • Nk m

      @Mahmoud Bin Garad that’s why Trump needs to win, if the crooks get back into power they will make massive changes to ensure someone like Trump can never even run for president and our country will be over.

    • Mahmoud Bin Garad

      @Nk m I agree. As he said. they are not coming for Trump, they are coming for us. Trump is just standing in their way.


    How stupid you need to be to believe this was a fair election? 😂 How stupid you gotta be to believe Biden got 80 million votes? 🤣😂

  • M D

    I can’t stand Jessica! Basically she is saying move on

    • Chris S

      She is an Agent or 🇨🇳 China

    • kshuf

      She is basically a mouthpiece for the left. Her points are typical liberal democrat: no evidence, the election is over, even if there was evidence it’s not enough to change the election, Trump should concede. None of this is true but it’s quintessential liberal gas lighting.

  • Suzette Spencer-Jones

    Absolutely you should vote for Perdue and Loeffler. Good grief, they sure need their Senate salary

  • Jeremy Costen

    That democrat is so arrogant it’s sickening. They stole this election in front of everyone. When you kick out republican observers you have to throw out the election.

  • Heather -_-

    Biden did not probably win Georgia. Trump won Georgia!!

  • Jason Smith

    Jessica – democrat strategist. All you need to know folks. Move along

  • Dawne Williams

    Non stop lies and deceit from the MSM & dems is fueling us headlong toward discovering truth and the liars will be remembered. Treason should never be shrugged off as no big deal.

  • Jeff Jenner

    Alicia Krauss – Biden Probably won Georgia! Wow, what a statement after all the evidence! If they’re so sure Alicia, why not verify signatures?

  • Jeffrey B

    Once again gets away with the “they’ve lost 40 court cases” lie.

  • Jonny Baze

    That’s a Karen if I ever seen one. That voice😣

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