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A year ago we released a video called…


That video got a lot of angry comments. Shocker.
People were so mad that I thought I knew more about farming than Joel Salatin. Those people also didn't watch the video, they just got mad about the title. You see, the video wasn't about how I know a better way to farm than Joel.

The video was about how hard farming like Joel is, and how it takes years to learn and master, and it pointed out that I am far from a farming Jedi master.
Today I released an update to that video.

After 2 years on our new farm, we finally are starting to farm more like Joel Salatin!

Let me be clear. I still am no Joel Salatin. The guy has not only mastered the pastured poultry, beef, lamb, rabbit, pork, and just about any other animal you can pasture, world, but he has made it profitable. I aint' there yet.

I am, However, one step closer, and that is something to be happy about.



  • AndyPorterMusic

    I feel like a magnet of ladybugs face would be cool because then you can put it in a lot of different places.

  • Dorin Finn

    This has opened my eyes with Ladybug..now to look into our herd of jerseys..#forladybug

  • Joanne Ganon

    Nice set up Aust, you’ve done a great job!
    JO JO IN VT 💕😄

  • Frances Bolen

    Great video! Heart breaks for you’ll about Lady Bug! Such a beautiful cow!

  • Susan Ayers

    lady bug will live on in me through your videos of her and her cutness! give her a hug for me and tell her good bye! she wont suffer now through her illness! its just sad

  • MeowMeow789

    I saw another youtuber who put a wooden rod a foot or so before the back of the chicken tractor going from one side to the other that kept him from running over chicks as it would hit the chickens and they would have to run in front of it. Not sure it would work on yours as you have a lot of tall grass but it might. Also I’ve always told my kids; “It’s a work in progress” on everything i grow.

  • Samuel W. Ferguson II

    The ring on the tarps are called Grommets

  • Tina Thevarge

    Great set up. I can’t wait to buy meat birds. But infrastructure first. Fence and chicken tractors need to be fixed and made before we care for more than my dog. But every year we make more progress.

  • Farmer Brad

    Having pickup points for feed reminds me of the Georgia Peach Truck Tour

  • Sharon Spurlock

    A snapshot of ladybug witha background of field and flowers from your farm… A graphic designer can put a pic together and make a ceramic decal and put on a ceramic background . Make it a fridge magnet… I have the capabilities to do this..very reasonable. And take care of. All processing. I can send you a sample… This would be a great memory and a new way to generate some farm Income. 💜 I live in Colorado and everything is made in USA

  • Candice Christensen

    This was a really good video 👌!!! Can we get a diagram of the fence set up? I know 🤦 “it’s never enough for you people!” Hahaha 😅

  • Kathy Kaylor

    That’s why naming farm animals is an ify thing to do, naming a dog is hard , when you start naming your farm animals,,, it gets to hard at least for me. She’s a beautiful cow. Have you thought about maybe changing your logo to include her she is very pretty? It would be a nice commemorative?

  • ubetchya78

    #forladybug She, more than any other “homestead jersey” reminds me of the Jersey (family milk) cows we had as a child, and through my 20’s. When Kay would hand milk Ladybug I could practically feel my hands milking, too, and taste the fresh raw milk once again… Sadly I don’t see myself ever having acreage or my own cow, ever again, due to my age and infirmities, so I was so enjoying watching Ladybug’s journey.

  • Stoned Ape Farmer

    So far I only have chickens, and I’m running then in a deep litter system so I can capture an the manure/compost for the garden. When I do get larger animals, like goats, I do want to figure out a rotational grazing system. It’s going to be challenging in our property though, because it’s very hilly.

  • Sleight Blade

    this has helped me a lot! i would love to run a homestead like this!!!

  • Cynthia Borntrager

    You’re Camel’s milk with all those good Amazons you don’t think that would help ladybugs stomach

  • Linda Kurtz

    Re: Joel Salatin- we all need to farm like ourselves because we each have our own set of circumstances we must work within. But, it’s very freeing to realize all the other folks who homestead (including the very successful farmers) can contribute to our context as long as we’re willing to modify ideas to our own context, right? Good job even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

  • VioletButterfly

    How wonderful! We live in NW PA. Have my whole 44 yrs of life. It’s great to see homesteaders ‘close’ by. You don’t find any homestead videos from PA on youtube really. We were thinking of giving a channel a try but we live in town on a small plot of land.

  • Choose_ Joy7

    Plant a tree in her honor

  • Andy Andy

    #askhomesteady I’m curious how you keep your water tank from filling with algae. Any standing water that gets sunlight around here turns green in a week, even if it’s refilled regularly.

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