Understanding, Resisting and Helping Others Clear Out the Clutter of SJW-Induced Lies

The overall goal of SJWs is to force people to think and act like their general narrative demands. This is why they have bounced from subject to subject throughout the years. The reason for that is it’s not necessarily the specific issue that they primarily care about in the short term, rather it’s the manipulating and overwhelming people that don’t agree with them to the point they surrender to their pressure, or collapse in confusion.

Afterwards, whatever is put forth by the people of the lie is embraced as truth, even if it’s against observable reality.



Going back and forth between hideous alternative worldviews and practices keeps many Christians off balance and unsure of what the truth is in various matters because they don’t have time to digest one thing before the next thing is thrown at them. From there our enemies then go back and forth between various extremes, making it hard to combat them because they no longer stay with one thing long enough to deal with and eradicate it; at least that’s part of their strategy.

It also makes it hard for Christian leaders to help others because it’s a seemingly endless stream of falsehoods that are like the hydra, where one head is cut off and two more grow in place of it.

The problem for our enemies is people, even if they don’t understand fully what is happening, are starting to rise up in resistance to the totalitarianism of the left. Since the SJWs refuse to stop, it’s going to be very difficult for it to end in peace without surrendering our freedoms.

For Christians, it’s not an option to surrender to this evil. We must understand that this is the world and enemies we now live in and face, and decide before things get worse, or even erupt, how we’re going to respond to it.

To me, the bottom line is we must demand their unconditional surrender. History has proven that real Christians will rarely if ever abandon their faith in order to align with that which is an abomination to Jesus Christ. It has also proven that the enemies of Christ and His people are those that go down into defeat. It’s only a matter of time, not if it’s going to happen.

Another thing they’ll learn one way or the other, is this isn’t a war against Christian believers or other seekers of the truth, it’s a war against Jesus Christ Himself. For that reason, Jesus Christ will respond to their defiance and abominable attempts to silence and control His followers that have put faith in Him. He’ll either do it directly, or indirectly through us – probably both. Either way, it’s not our end that is coming, but theirs. Remember what happened to Egypt when God commanded Pharaoh to let His people go.

Tip on handling confusion

One way to deal with the confusion of their endless assault on reality is to focus on the basic truth underlying the facts. For example, they assert and live out all sorts of sexual deviancy, while attempting to not only influence and brainwash our children or grandchildren to draw them into the lie, but even many of our peers as well.

But to deal with in order to keep from being overwhelmed or confused, think of it in terms of God’s revelation and specific command that marriage and sexual relations are only to be between a married man and a woman. Anything else is not permissible. What that does is clear out the debris of the ongoing assault on truth that can be temporarily clouded because of lack of knowledge about these things.

There’s a reason most Christians don’t have knowledge of these things. It’s because we know we aren’t to participate in or think upon those types of sexually deviant behaviors. So when our senses and mind are assaulted on a consistent, daily basis, uncertainty arises to the point it can paralyze us into inaction.

In the case of the sexual parameters God has revealed to us, it’s easy to remind ourselves and the young people whose lives we have a voice in, that marriage is the boundaries of sexuality, and it’s only legitimate if it’s between one man and one woman. That helps to clear out the SJW clutter that is imposed upon us daily, and allows us to be at peace with God in our opposition to that which He says is false and wrong to engage in.

Whenever various lies and falsehoods are thrust upon by SJWs in various digital formats or in the real world, remember that truth is the truth, and nothing people creatively devise can change it.

Bear in mind that even though we can have common sense, it can be twisted by an endless stream of suggestive thoughts that infiltrate our thoughts and feelings day after day. For that reason, even though God does give us a general grace and the Holy Spirit to lead us into the truth, we still must confirm it with the final standard, which is the Bible itself. That’s the final arbiter of truth, and whatever it says at the foundational level, is what the mind of God is.

I say that because even with the Holy Scriptures there are evil men and women that twist them for the purpose of attempting to confuse God’s people. Don’t believe things that go against the obvious foundational truths God has given us.

The point is we must first know and embrace the basic tenets of the faith as revealed in the Bible so that that we can help others that are under attack in so many ways. From there we are to learn walk in obedience to the moral commands of God revealed throughout all of the Scriptures, and teach, admonish and encourage others to do the same.


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