UK police face off with anti-COVID-measures protesters on Westminster Bridge

The Metropolitan Police has formed a line across the Westminster bridge leading to Parliament, in an attempt to remove anti-lockdown protesters from the area. Several arrests were made on the bridge itself, and earlier on Trafalgar Square.

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  • Bill Barnden

    Funny how they can find all them police for anti lockdown demo’s but haven’t got enough to fight real crime..

    • Sheep Slayer

      @Mark Evans You say the same response on every post. You sound like a bit or a racist…

    • EyesOpened

      Or stop blm destroying monuments!

    • BLaZeY

      The word crime is actually more state opinion. What makes it more morally valid than a citizens opinion? Wanting them to fight what you call real crime, when the word crime is a government opinion and is only sometimes morally jusitified is actually suggestive that you agree that tyranny should exist.

      Supporting one form of tyranny over another, the only real crimes are murder, rape, attacking people, ie; imposing on another persons freedom.

      Anything else that doesn’t have an actual victim isn’t morally justifiable as a crime.

    • Dark Orchid

      ✨🤔✨🤣🤣🤣✨fighting students and stopping them from rioting is what is called for you whopper. This is just people jumping on the bandwagon trying to gain self glorification and they know absolutely sweet F A about the virus 🦠

    • clips

      Much easier to bully you peasants than fight real crime 🤪

  • Tom Ashe

    Hows those knife crime statistics going ?

  • Dhen Phu

    Corruption, dictatorship, that’s what I see here.

    • Ziggi Mon

      Left pushes Europe into civil war. Islamists rejoice.

    • Dark Orchid

      Nah students who know sweet F A trying to get some self glorification they know nothing about the virus 🦠.. and each wants to be the leader of the New student Army ✨🤔✨🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✨

    • Martin Kubiš

      @Mark Evans I read that book

    • Martin Kubiš

      @Mark Evans In my country the prime minister order 12 millions of test and he wants to test the whole nation.. He said we will beat the corona and our small country Slovakia with 5 million people will be an example to the world !! lol…

    • Mark Evans

      @Martin Kubiš stay strong & resist the con job-19 plannedemic my friend!

  • steve ed

    Shame that they can’t find enough police to combat grooming scandal but can roll out 5000 corrupt police to stop people who believe in democracy and freedom. Police are fighting a loosing battle as people are waking up

    • Chris Campabello

      BLaZeY You have no clue where their coming from.

    • The truth hurts

      @Mark Evans I’ve seen the vidios the police started the trouble how comes they don’t do anything with blm or Muslim marches in London you snowflakes believe anything the msm feed you.

    • Andelske souzneni

      @TheRandyNinja there is scientific study proving that one of 5g frequencies stops ability of human body to absorbs oxygen so basically u cant breath that’s why Boris canceled Huawei deal for 5g he didnt want them to have back door to remotely murder uk population maybe do some research be4 u attack other people opinions 😎

    • TheRandyNinja

      @Andelske souzneni I’m sure you’ll be fine walking around in that tin foil hat..

    • Andelske souzneni

      @TheRandyNinja no man we use orgonite mostly..much more elegant and efficient especially if u mix it with right crystals 🤗😎as.i said u lack some fundamental.knowledge of the topic that u trying to discredit making uself looking fool😷

  • Kevin Hullinger

    Globalist agenda for the great reset. Start small with compliance………

  • Jane Winkles

    I’m truly ashamed of the police

    • Dark Orchid

      @Jane Winkles Good luck with your mine and the boy you thinks he’s George Orwell got that saucy saying from a dvd 📀 cover he’s never read 1984 or even watched the narcissistic egotistical delusional whopper ✨🤣🤣✨🌼🌞🌼✨

    • Gavin Claassen

      Don’t be afraid to kill them if you have to .

    • Gavin Claassen

      @milkinaction arm up with what ever you can even if it’s baseball bats and bolases and knives !!

    • Gavin Claassen

      @Jane Winkles they all take orders from Rotheschild and Rockefeller .

  • kary channon

    That which is unlawful cannot be made legal…..

  • sean sullivan

    the police represent a clear and present danger to the citizens in all country’s across the world it is time to lock them down

    • EyesOpened

      They are holding back the militarisation and vehicle mounted weapons until the people wake up in massive numbers and take on the police for the streets. All part of the plan.

    • dunno y

      Crowd fund your own missile program idiot or get used to it.

    • dunno y

      @EyesOpened that will never happen get real. French security forces have already proven they can cowboy thousands of protesters exactly where they want them. No extensive hardware needed because you gotta face it, eurangloland is a soft Richard cranium.

    • sean sullivan

      @EyesOpened I fear you are correct

  • NowisEvollovetion

    The British Police having now been ‘entirely politicised’ are now nothing more than Government Thugs. ‘SHAME ON THEM’.

    • Dark Orchid

      Funny thing is if you house or mrs got turned over by thugs .You would call the police or are you Dead 💀 Hard like Bruce Willis ✨🤔✨🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✨🌼🌞🌼✨🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✨

    • Dark Orchid

      Shame on you for calling the police thugs need to call the Wig police 👮‍♂️ because who ever sold you that hair piece well over charged you for fitting ✨🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✨

    • dunno y

      Same, Shame on you for letting it get this far in your apathy.

    • NowisEvollovetion

      @dunno y Listen numb nuts. If there is one individual who is not apathetic it is ME.
      I mean, if you had anything about you, which you ‘quite clearly’ do not. You would have checked my many hundreds of video’s. Many of which point out the evils associated with government. So please, go and bother someone else. Someone who more matches your level of intelligence. Andrew.

    • NowisEvollovetion

      @Dark Orchid I will say it again, just for you.

      Our Police having been ‘completely politicised’ are now little more than an army of ‘hired thugs’ who are in the employ of our rottenly corrupt government.

      You see, unlike you . I understand that by far the ‘biggest enemy’ of any government are in fact those who it is actually meant to be serving.

      As of course, they are the ‘only group’ who are able to hold that said government responsible for its failures and its wrongdoings.

      Now. The reason our government has worked as ‘tirelessly’ as it has to condition our Police to treat the British public as if they are ‘public enemy number one’.

      Is because, to our rottenly corrupt government, the British public are ‘PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE’.

      The truth is, they are actually scared sh1tless of us. Because they know that we are the only ones who can hold them responsible for their many ‘crimes’ against not only us, but all of those others who they have ‘wronged’ in an effort to line their own pockets.

      And, that yes. When we do finally begin to turn on them looking for justice. They will need some ‘MAJOR’ protection from the ‘wrath’ of We The People.

      Oh! And as for the hair thing. I need this mop to keep my brains warm. A problem that you ‘quite clearly’ do not have.


  • Jill Clarke

    Uniformed thugs, carrying out the orders of our globalist leaders.

  • Godfrey

    wake up! say NO the vaccine! cohnvid=lies/media/multi/hoax/soros/who/ngo/elite

  • Jesus is the answer

    This is tyranny!

  • Tom Bennett

    Government and Police are now our Enemy.

    • dunno y

      You better learn negotiations then son and PDQ at that.

    • dunno y

      @Linny Crisp are you really that asinine. Many can testify that covid has improved their lives. To call government an enemy while you have already gained and benefited from the system is the height of hypocrisy. Makes you no better in management than gov. Good luck with that.

    • pluto1165

      @dunno y improved lives, must be nice to be stupid and not see what’s going on.

    • pluto1165

      @Dark Orchid government troll.

    • Jack Banjo

      Society has always been it’s own greatest enemy. Governance reflects and reacts to society, not the other way around. If we really want to change society we need to figure out what is important to us as individuals and set about achieving our goals. The rest, in time, evolves naturally. Sometimes however, we just have to do as we are told. Covid restrictions won’t be here forever. These people could be putting many others at risk. A chance I’d rather not take if I care about society as I claim.

  • Elizabeth Francis

    The people with jobs telling Everyone else to eat cake

  • James Devine

    The police and media are the enemy of the uk people

    • dunno y

      It has always been the people are their own worst enemy.

    • Dark Orchid

      @dunno y well said.theres far too many lazy students who know sweet F A about the virus 🦠 jumping on the bandwagon wanting to be the next new leader of the New student Army..its all about self glorification and trying to be a celebrity that’s why they are really there to be seen and nothing else ✨🌼🌞🌼✨

  • John Higson

    They bent the knee to BLM, danced with Extinction Rebellion and bring out the riot police for ordinary citizens peacefully protesting against draconian lockdowns. Go figure!

    • Kenny Michael Alanya

      Yup. Theres nothing we can do about COVID because the virus is airborne plus shutting down the economy was a terrible idea. And now 40 million to 80 million people will be homeless and jobless in USA.
      Instead of the virus affecting 1% of the population, the Lockdowns have been affecting 100% of the population- minus the globalist

  • Mark Evans

    “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever.” — George Orwell

    Make that stamping on a masked face 😷

    • Dark Orchid

      ✨🤔✨🤣🤣🤣🤣✨yes but George was only talking about stupid students jumping on the bandwagon trying to gain self glorification. And not about the real people who can make sense of things and don’t need to be the celebrity of the moment. Ps I used to drink occasionally in a pub called the George Orwell but it’s a half way house 🏡 for refugees now.🤔✨🤣🤣🤣🤣✨🕊🕊🕊✨🇸🇨🇬🇧🇸🇨✨

    • Mark Evans

      @Dark Orchid refugees brought in by rich whites to eventually replace poor whites. 

      Try to keep up.

    • John Bold

      Life already did that to me. I don’t need more “help” from Big Brother’s Doc Martens.

  • Twisted Sister

    Never seen as many police on the streets. Try and get one when your car has been stolen or your house burgled and they aren’t interested.

  • rational mind

    Tyranny has come to the World. People must stand up and reclaim their freedom.

    • novadomenavedomia

      It must start somewhere….then it will go as avalanche, i feel US as it has weaponry and numbers and sense for freedom, despite fact majority is already “brainwashed” to obedience, there is critical mass to start this process. Must be!

    • laser325

      Most deaths by gunshot in the US are suicides.
      If the 2nd amendment pistol-polishers haven’t made a stand by now, they never will.

    • Gavin Claassen

      Yup don’t rely on politicians , presidents , Prime ministers, cops , army or other branches of the military, we are all as ” the people” on our own and up against all the above and the Zionists globalists Banksters and Bill Zionist Gates !

    • Gavin Claassen

      Hear hear ! With you all the way !

    • laser325

      @Gavin Claassen
      But the government keep ‘We The People’ divided and arguing amongst themselves.

  • ValtonikOдин

    All over the world- state and police against the People!

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