Two Very Young Kids Attempt A Robbery

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  • Scott Hollis

    I wish this was unbelievable, but I’m just not that surprised.

    • Safia Zad

      kids these days want to become Fortnite and PUBG players in real life lol

    • Juan Carlos Paz

      Doesn’t surprise me either! I heard worst things and seen worst things kids have done to people even their own siblings. Evil is everywhere and affects everybody.

    • AJ

      it’s not kids these days there have been children that have killed before. look up Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. Also Brenda Spencer there’s alot more from back then.

    • B0rikua45

      Doesn’t surprise kids in school here where i live would walk around with pocket knifes and guns in there bags and tucked under there waist. Funny thing is you never hear about kids shooting up schools, beef was settled with fists and the only shoots you heard were outside school grounds.

  • Boothy Badazz

    kid pulls a gun he can take the room temperature challenge just like an adult

  • Doggem

    if kids wanna do bad adult things they gonna get bad adult punishments.

    • Danger Russ

      @Hellraiser 5/11 Have you ever tried to de-escalate ANYTHING with children? Good luck.

    • GameFuMaster

      @Hellraiser 5/11 no moral aspect when the kid is using a gun. You can handle it however you want. Your own life, your own stupidity. Just don’t make it law.

    • Pitt Bron

      @GameFuMaster By reading Hellraiser’s comments I bet that he’s a father ’cause he speaks like one. I know that because I’m a father too and I totally get his point. By reading the rest of the comments, and especially the more aggressive ones, like yours, I easily bet that you’re not far from a kid’s age, or you do not have children.

    • Pitt Bron

      @Danger Russ The same applies to you. My friend Danger Russ, as a father I’ve de-escalated many times situations with children. If you feel unable to do the same, PLEASE DO NOT BECOME A FATHER…….. EVER!!!!

    • Hellraiser 5/11

      @Pitt Bron You would win that bet I assure you. I am a father… thank you

  • Tom Hines

    What we didn’t see is the wife was coming out with a flip-flop.

  • Sean Hall

    I respond with lethal force. Not gonna gamble with a gun pointed at me.

  • DeadPixel

    I’m sorry but I would defend myself any means necessary.


    This bullet knows no age

  • Ransom Howard

    If they are doing this at this age, then they will be killers by adults. Best to take them out of the gene pool now.

    • Okay Tyler

      When I was young, I’d steal a couple things. Small things like chocolate and gum; things kids would want. I was never once caught or reprimanded but I quickly made the decision that it was an error of ways.

      The point is that it doesn’t take a lot to make a bad decision but it also doesn’t take a lot to learn from it. These kids are dumb but they have some time to be fixed and I hope that they can become respectable people, however likely that may be.

      Just like anybody, who hasn’t dug their own grave yet, can turn their lives around. It just asks you to take some initiative and put some effort into the positive momentum. I can tell you positively that I have made the realization alone and that I am not a thief.

      I know using firearms is a more drastic thing than petty thievery alone and I’m not trying to downplay the weight of it but I’d like you to keep in mind that not everyone is inherently bad.

    • commanderclaude

      @Okay Tyler so if a kid pulls a gun on you .. your gonna do this little speech to him?

    • Ray Wolf

      @commanderclaude : that’s funny, thanks for the laugh.

    • Okay Tyler

      @commanderclaude Thanks for missing the point

    • RandomVideos

      this is the result of bad parenting, for example divorce, child abuse, physical fights between parents…..etc can have bad effect on the children so stop saying best to take them out of the gene pool, you are so ignorant, it’s all depend how you raise the child.
      the Bible says: Proverbs 22:6
      Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

  • Chevy Mustang

    A gun is a gun,doesn’t matter who is pointing it .

  • Anticom Militia

    I would pop them. Even a kid can pull a trigger.

  • Josphelli hsilak

    Budding future murderers. The sad reality is, their death that day would probably save people in the future. This is why the most important thing in life is strong moral families. Very sad to see this.

    • Ronniedaking

      @Josphelli hsilak okay You deal with the consequences then

    • Josphelli hsilak

      @Ronniedaking care to elaborate? My post by no means is suggesting those kids should be killed, or I wish death on them, I dont in any way shape or form. Im simply pointing out that if we can judge future actions by current behaviors, those kids suffering the ramifications of their actions that day, may impact an innocent person in the future. I sincerely hope they somehow are saved from the life they are choosing. I also hope this isn’t a prophecy for their future. Or we can pretend like this doesn’t matter, which seems to be your approach. Maybe if we think act like these kids are modern day peterpan, using violent action to get rolling papers for the downtrodden, itll make it so.

    • s g

      @Ronniedaking I don’t believe it is murder fantasy. Moral judgement ability exists in all individuals. It is all about choices and awareness.

    • Franco Petre

      This happened in Rosario, Santa Fe. Things went to hell when mexican cartels infiltrated many parts of Argentina since 2003 forward particularly Rosario with the complicity of the Kirchner administration and created local drug trades that have reeked havoc on the country with situations like this being far too common since legally anyone under the age of 18 cannot face prosecution no matter what the crime (murder, rape, robbery, you name it) so the adult criminals arm the minors to commit the crimes, not to mention the social ramifications this implies as a whole. Added to the rampant corruption in all branches of government including police forces and the legal system and not to mention the fact that although it isn’t impossible to obtain a legal firearm the personal defense laws make its use so limited and stringent it doesn’t apply to most possible real life situations, for example shooting a threat who has a knife is considered an “unequal” use of force and would likely result in a conviction for the defender. Unfortunately Argentina has many ills among them crime and insecurity. 😔

    • D BX

      @Ronniedaking Stop being a fool, FOOL!

  • kilo

    If little homie thinks he a big man n pull a gun hes getting shot

  • Dr. Mymomdrinks pee

    If a kid that young pulled that on me, I’d have to aim a little lower.

    • kevin webster

      If a kid that young pulled a gun on me, I would have to put my hands up and say take whatever you want just don’t hurt me.

  • Lee Hanson

    Baby venomous snakes are deadly, and more likely to strike.

  • Ron Pleake

    Doesn’t matter who it is. If they pull a weapon then you have to defend yourself. Sad but necessary.

  • CRC178

    I’m a parent and have a hard time saying this, but I’d probably defend myself. Their youth and immaturity actually make them more dangerous in my judgement. Kids are inherently unpredictable.

  • Hugo Lopez

    Gun is a gun don’t matter who’s holding it temperature challenge 100%

    • Jason Shepard

      @Troy Plus, can you explain to me how my mind set would land me in prison ? I’m not sure you know the law but we are allowed to defend ourselves with deadly force if deadly force is presented to us. If that clerk had pulled a gun and shot those kids he would have been 100% justified.

    • Troy

      @Jason Shepard What does politics have to do with this. Just because some disgruntle Republican tries to turn this political I’m supposed to answer him. I believe in the 2nd amendment. Go have fun killing kids.

    • Jason Shepard

      @Troy Lol, still avoiding the question !!!

    • Jesus Quibrera

      @Chris Deleon lmao

    • Everything4K

      Troy guys I wish I had troy’s advice earlier in life!!! If you are young kid you can point guns at the vape store guy and get free juice!!! You are kid so you should be ok to do it!!!! 😃😃😃

  • William Tripp

    Age doesn’t matter, shoot too stop the threat.

  • Dan W

    Scariest part is the younger they are the less likely they understand the implications in shooting someone.

  • Justin Marloo

    This turned into a table ladders and chairs match real fast

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