Trump Team Reports Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Court Order

In a few battleground states all across the nation, the President’s team continues to fight to ensure a fair counting of the remaining ballots. One America’s Chanel Rion has more from Washington.




  • RnK All Day

    Fix is in big time

    • What If?

      @laberlaban Yea – did you forget more recent events where it turned out that Hillary bought and paid for the dossier? The dems set that up – remember – whatever the left is claiming Trump did THEY in fact were or are doing. Even the supposed Quid pro quo – they said Trump did it and tried to impeach him – turns out Biden did it and it’s in video and now Hunter’s laptop. Actually, turns out Biden was taking cuts from China, Russia and somewhere else – I forgot where. So you got your guilty person(s) mixed up.

    • What If?

      @laberlaban we would only not survive if the lefties have more temper tantrums instead of working with the President. You know when the “impeachment” farce happened – when the papers went to the senate my first gut reaction was “finally it goes to the adults” After I said that out loud I laughed – it just came out – no bitterness or anything – just finally the grown ups. 😂. I still laugh thinking about it.

    • Mike Sienicki

      So we’re to accept your definition of “decent” as treason, child trafficking, pedophilia, higher taxes, and oppressive government.

    • What If?

      @laberlaban actually my experience is that conservatives don’t put our faith and trust in a person – we keep researching and praying for truth. It has been coming very nicely too. I have no reason to believe anything will change. I did get upset but now I’m better – just had to be reminded that God is in charge – and He is – so all is well. He will not let us down –

    • Mike Sienicki

      Since you seem to know so much about our president please tell us what makes him so evil.

  • linda marie

    Who’s side is the police 👮🏻‍♀️ on????? So they don’t want to ensure the rights of the people

    • Renee V.

      @Paul Riebe You are on a public forum….we are simply replying to comments.

    • Paul Riebe

      What’s a public forum. All I see is home page with a house on it. People keep putting stuff about the Presley’s on here and I’m trying to forget Lisa Marie Presley and they keep doing it. Why?

    • Paul Riebe

      I have no idea how any of this works. People keep posting stuff I don’t say. Take things down that are helpful and it was happening on Facebook and Twitter so I closed them out at least I think I did.? People keep hacking into my phone, email account’s and yet I’m still the guilty of stuff I never even did?.! How am I supposed to know how you are on my home page. I subscribed to President Donald Trump’s page and told him what was happening to me. I tell the truth on what’s happening. I try to be friends with everyone. Even if they hate me. I’m fed up with it though. People keep telling me face to face that I inspire them and alot of other people. Why? All I do is give them advice on what to do. I don’t make the do anything. Is that why I’m hated. I had a 3.7 average in college when I first started when I finished it was a 3.1 average. Why do people hate me? Is it because I can love all of you and I’m smart?

    • Ryan Oxford

      The sheriff is an elected position as well. Philadelphia politics is the most corrupt

    • Barbara Mackey

      They do what George soreass bought City Council tells too.

  • linda marie

    Corruption of local government and civil officials.

  • Danny More

    I have one Question.
    Why did THE AMERICAN VOTERS, VOTE FOR Republicans in the Senate and the House but, VOTED FOR A DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT?
    Really Odd!

    • Yolanda G.

      I really would like to know how Biden got that many votes? He’s old, corrupted, his rallies were almost empty, the guy doesn’t give confidence. Anyway votes keep coming and coming.

    • Bo Lewis

      only shows you how stupid the democrats are. They put in Biden’s name or changed it to Biden but left everything else untouched. They don’t understand the check and balances of power. MINIONS FOR THE SWAMP. IT’S WHO COUNT THE VOTES THAT WOULD MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Only makes sense now that Biden and Harris never had the urgency to campaign cause they know about this plan of fraud in their favor.

    • pxgq55a

      @PROTOTYPE 444 It should be required that a ballot have all choices marked before being valid. For some reason, I always thought this was a requirement. But I guess not.

    • Steve H

      The answer is that they got so overwhelmed my how many fake Trump votes they had to focus on that they could not cheat enough with the Senate and House votes.

      They underestimated how much cheating they would have to do.

    • teamneverlost

      Smoking gun right there!

  • Cynthia Dean

    Listen it’s a wake up call for all USA American Citizens !

  • Grimm Light

    Do basically breaking federal law. Wow the stench really is potent.

  • Kelly Bridenstine

    That’s probably why Biden stayed in his basement for weeks and didn’t campaign. He already knew the fix was in.

  • Nanker Phelge

    Funny Dancing with the Stars can count a million votes in an hour.

  • Alex Gregis

    well folks,this is a first hand view of communism in action!

    • Alan Whiteside

      You got that right!

    • Bill Williams

      This morning they are saying they have discovered a computer glitch has been discovered in Michigan and several other states. A glitch that switched Trump votes to Biden votes. Anyone else heard anything on this?

    • Donald Hudson


    • Jay Barker

      “DEMOCRATIC COMMUNISM” ….. HITLER was ELECTED by POPULAR VOTE ( & he wasn’t even GERMAN!!) HITLER WAS A SOCIALIST!!! Just not an Internationale` one.

    • Bill Williams

      @Jay Barker Its not over by a longshot. They will have to recount every state that used that software. Software that was created by Clapper and Brennan. And Diane Feinstein husband.

  • DR. SOLO

    Who arrests the sheriff when the sheriff breaks the law and doesn’t enforce a judge’s order?

  • William Solomon

    Cancel Fox News – They sent out a signal to the Left Go Ahead and steal this election, we are om your side.

    • Ricben Winters

      Fox 🦊 is the wolf 🐺 Red Hood winked

    • Bo Lewis

      I LOST SO MUCH RESPECT FOR FOX. I knew the media had collaborated with the left when they called AZ too soon for biden and Trump had a huge lead. That’s when you knew they are up to no good

    • Ricben Winters

      @Bo Lewis yes if they get away with this the only truth in the world will be what you can confirm first hand

    • AJ

      Yeah I think we need to get rid of the George sorrows republicans democrats News organizations whoever you are you destroyer of America need to be caught and Justice served

    • Robert

      Fox news – owned by the very liberal minded Disney Corp. It took a while but they exposed themselves like Joe at a child care center.

  • Niecy Lebron

    “Voter Fraud Organization”

  • enuff2u

    So now everyone knows there is a dirty sheriff in Philadelphia who’s on the take and getting a lot of kickback money.

  • Michael Heineman

    DOJ needs to send federal agents to allow the judges order to be followed.

  • J E


    • Aprescienceofhumor

      Then go back, audit every state’s votes and imprison all these election fraudsters

    • Ťhě Řûbý

      @Adam Rasmussen recount the legal votes and put those who enter fraudulent one in jail for election meddling.

    • Ťhě Řûbý

      @Adam Rasmussen you wanna scream election meddling from Russia but the second it happens with the Democratic party nothing but crickets. And before you open your mouth and say there isn’t any. There are tons of videos online right now of it happening literally everywhere.

    • Kenneth Schauer

      Redo the election.?

    • pxgq55a

      Just re-do the entire election at this point. All in-person voting with required photo ID, except official absentee ballots. Verify every ballot with every voter. None of this mail in BS with so many loopholes. If they’re worried about social distancing, keep the polls open for a solid week and assign people certain time slots and places to vote in advance, with a roll call voting system once you arrive. No proof of ID, no entry. This is important enough that true US citizens shouldn’t mind a little extra inconvenience if it means their votes are being collected and recorded properly.

  • Daniel Parker

    Sheriff’s family was threatened or he was paid off.

    Either way, he compromised the Constitution so add his name to the “list.”

  • Texas Freedom Lover

    Arrest the sheriff for contempt of court.

    Stalin: “it’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

    Biden ten days before the election, “…we have built the most inclusive and extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    • Chris Bath

      @Yolanda G. he didn’t. Alot of those votes were fraudulent. His campaign was a joke so why would anyone vote for him.

    • Moon Watcher

      @Paul Riebe Alabama is trump country and he won it easy. Why would anyone there try to keep you from voting trump, you idiot! 😂

    • Moon Watcher

      @Derrell Self In the universe in which idiots like you decided to elect trump 4 yrs ago. What, have you really been living under the delusion that trump is favored by the majority of Americans?? Talk about an alternate universe. This is what happens when you get all your news from trump, Facebook, and fox. Must suck to be you right now. 🤣

    • Moon Watcher

      @Todd Stefl 🤣🤣 Just because he said it that means he meant it?? All you people have been saying from day one is how much Biden lies. Oh but when you knit pick and find something he said to suit your narrative then suddenly Biden speaks truth. And do you realize how many establishment dems feed out of the corporate trough of oil, gas, and big pharma donations?? Oh ya, and China…Isn’t that where trump and his demon seed have ALL their products made and where they have secured further multi million dollar business deals?? You lose, idiot, and so did trump! 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Yolanda G.

      @Chris Bath Biden’s voters apparently forgot to vote for the senate and the house.

  • Aragorn II

    If there is no foul play, they shouldn’t be afraid of transparency and accountability

  • Simple Iowan

    The ONLY reason to hide the counting is to cheat. Period.

  • John Doe

    Start arresting ppl. They will then crumble and start pointing fingers.

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