Top 10 SHTF Communications

Sensible Prepper Presents: Top 10 SHTF Communications. Comms are vital in an emergency situation and Cell phones could be shut down in certain situations.

1. Cell Phone
2. Multi-Band Scanner
3. AM/FM Radio
4. Weather Radio
5. Shortwave Radio
6. FRS Radios
7. GMRS Radios
8. CB Radios
9. Marine
10. Ham / Amateur Radio

A Big thanks to Day at MrHamAndPrepper Channel.
Thanks for watching! Sootch00



  • docoluv9

    Durring an shtf event do we still need an ameture radio liscence?

    • docoluv9

      +HoneyBadger367 for real tho lol i would imagine that that wouldn’t stop whatever govt. Would be left in trying to find and arrest the offenders.

    • Maverick44

      If there’s an emergency situation going on, I doubt the Government is going to be looking for people who are using a radio without a license (especially if they’re using it for a legitimate reason), let alone actually find you. I do not think you need a license to operate a short range CB or a similar handheld device. Long range Ham radios do require a license, though if your going to go through the trouble of bulling all the equipment, setting it up, and learning how to use it, you might as well get the license. It’s not hard to do.

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