Time for Christian War Lawyers to Rise Up and Go on the Offensive Against Our Enemies

source: wallpaper.com

There are a number of things Christians and others on the right can do to change the tide of the war of the left against us, and that is to inflict legal damage on them – both in relationship to charging them with crimes when they break the law, and seeking monetary damages for the many lies and verbal assaults they engage in through various media and online outlets.

There has been a little of this going on, and when it is engaged in, it puts our enemies on the defensive and causes them to have to do present a case in the public eye. Not only does it punish them for their illegal words and actions, but brings it to the light in a way that causes others to think twice about engaging in that type of activity.

What we need to do even more is raise capital and create organizations for the purpose of raising our legal resistance to a much higher level. We have to send a message to SJWs and radicals on the left that this war is going to cost them, and we’re willing to inflict justice on them as salt and light in the nation and world.

As the Bible states, we must count the cost before making a decision concerning entering into a war time legal battle strategy, as once it is launched, there is no going back. If it is started and lawyers and organizations retreat, it’ll be worse than doing nothing at all, as those watching and observing will be discouraged from the cowardice and surrender of those being counted on to lead the way to legal victory.

This is why I believe we need war lawyers to enter into this legal phase of the battle. The left has let it be known they will not back down until they subjugate us to their will. And even if we are to slow down their plan, it will leave our children and grandchildren to live in a world that they are manipulated or forced to participate in a life and culture foreign to God and His people. We can’t allow that to happen.

There should be no more idea, thought or posture of neutrality. There is only victory, and we need to, on the legal front, start to get much bolder and aggressive in our use of the judicial system to impose justice on our enemies.


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