This Could be Our Biggest GreenHouse Failure of 2020 First Time Winter Growing in a GreenHouse

This Could be Our Biggest GreenHouse Failure of 2020 First Time Winter Growing in a GreenHouse

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  • Jim Quinn

    Good morning everybody, I missed most vids this week, finally back to work since march 😎

  • Leslie Gray

    I love the sound of rain..

  • James Parker

    Al you said it was a learning experience and you didn’t know when to plant as our friend Justin Rhodes says just plant. I love you guys Channel and I’m excited to find out what the next big adventure is for you guys.

    • workingfolk

      “our friend Justin Rhodes says just plant,” but Justin Rhodes has no control over the temperatures in New England and, more importantly, over the length of the days. As the day length there will very soon reach the 10 hour/day point, plant growth will slow to a near halt. I would not expect anything that might sprout at this ;late date to produce anything edible until the day length starts to increase in the spring, if it can survive that long. When I lived just a short hop from there in Maine, my goal was to have everything in the hoop house that I wanted to harvest in late Fall and Winter to be mature by the first week in November. Then it’s a matter of keeping them alive when outdoor temps hit well below 0° through the use of layers of Agribon that were removed if the inside air warmed above fteezing and replaced before it dropped.

  • Diane Rayburn

    There’s a market gardener in the UK who has a compost heap inside his small greenhouse and he grows seeds in trays on it.

    • Rachael Shiell

      I guess it would help boost the warmth as well.

    • bigdaddy741098

      That’s a great idea, but didn’t Als compost freeze solid last winter? It would be another fantastic experiment for them tho, see if it stays warmer and more active inside plus see what the difference is with the ground underneath

    • lawrence willard

      With all the fallen leaves, would make a very good warm compost, I think. Living in a overseas subtropical state, this is but a thought.

    • marie lynne

      wow, what a great idea! Heat and compost nearby. Have to water it though.

  • Edgar Stihl

    You need a work bench inside the green house.


    I don’t mind the rain sound, but you music choice was cool, too.

  • M T

    Sorry Al. I’ve never ran into a Kale that I thought was edible. But one brassica that I like in the winter garden is kohlrabi.

    • Sam Val

      I know the feeling. I have to pick out the kale in the salads we get from Panera

    • Morten Solberg Jr

      I agree its just too bitter and kind of a cardboard texture to me.

    • Bear River Mama

      M T we love kohlrabi! I pickled some this year and it was quite good! Really crunchy and flavorful. Being it was a trial I only made 6 jars so….. next year I’ll add more 👍🏻. Nothing better than delicious kohlrabi!

    • jksatte

      Do you eat the leaves or just the bulb? Janice

    • Rob Westley

      Sandra Westley, try stripping the kale off the stems, chop, toss well in oil and bake in the oven for 10 mins plus keep watching it, because it cooks very quick this way, I just love it, in fact I do a tray of it in one go and could eat the lot, it’s lovely & crispy.

  • James T

    Don’t leave your garden tools on the floor, you will either step on them and spike your foot or it will flip up and smack your face. Build a rack by the main door so you can store and easily retrieve when required.

    • Ellen Dempster

      @LLjean 2857 a table would be great —- even a couple of old chairs so you can sit, work on seedlings. Enjoy 😊 a coffee in the shelter. For yourselves. I really like the boiler idea. Maybe you could divert the smoke/steam through your water pipes. Sounds cheeky I know. Sorry.

    • Tim Brown

      @marie lynne The pigmobile and New Yolk City already have water catchment systems.

    • Gail Elwood

      @Magda Rantanplan Do you really think he has the extra time to read every single one of almost 900 comments?

    • marie lynne

      @Tim Brown oh. I saw him filling the pig mobile system not long ago with water. Thought he didnt have one. Never mind.

    • Larry Desormier Jr

      @LLjean 2857 I was just thinking the same thing!

  • Clifton Pete

    My dad has a fire stove in his green house and loves it he plants al year long

  • Shawn Cockrell

    I love the rain sound……I live where it never rains. More rain sounds please !

  • Charles Wilson

    Al.,,, you are correct
    It’s the soil temp more than the air temp that keeps greenhouses flourishing all year round. At this point I would hook up some heat lamps about 12. Inches above the seed bed. Once the seeds are sprouted and about 2 inches high start raising the heat lamps and at 24 inches above the plants wean them. I have, in zone 5, raised green peas, sugar peas, cabbages, turnips, kale, broccoli and spinach. It was a treat having a serving of fresh veggies for February thru April. GRANTED the crops were not as prolific as summer will see them. When you finally get snow keep the top of the structure free of snow and allow it to build up as.walls. about 4 feet high for insulation.

  • Kay Reive

    You have the best carrots I have seen come out of the ground…

  • Deborah Crutchfield

    There is no better sound then the natural falling rain , It’s Beautiful .

  • Gina Cota

    Your greenhouse is producing such gorgeous veg! You’re doing a great job with it 👍 i’d love to see you put all those greens to good use. Carrot tops and beat leaves and spinach and all of that does great in the dehydrator and powdered as super greens! They will go great in smoothies and soups


    Don’t apologize for the sound of the rain. I live in AZ. The rain on the greenhouse is music to my ears.

  • Georgia Walter

    I’d rather listen to the rain.

  • Gus

    Howdy y’all, I would of rather listen to the rain instead of the music. I just usually mute the music out🙉🙉🙉🌧🌧🌧

  • Danny

    Being here in smokey dry California, I’d rather hear the rain.

  • Penny Baxter

    The sounds of the rain is lovely, I prefer it. When will you be harvesting the honey? Would love to see the full process.

  • Ellen Dempster

    Note to Al at his homestead call your rooster “Midnight” he is so dark.

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