Today we start a 3 part series on Homeschooling.
Now we are parents of 5 Homeschooled children, but it wasn't always our plan.
I (DAD, Aust) Didn't want to homeschool the kids!
Learn what kept me from wanting to homeschool them, and what changed my mind.

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  • di butler

    I can’t believe people don’t homeschool their kids in 2020, lol. My kids went to boarding school decades ago, but my grandkids are THANKFULLY in private school/homeschool. I don’t even like the fact that some of them go to very good private schools. Things aren’t the same as it was when you all were kids, people.

  • Sooze Kuzyk

    Dear lord, it’s like listening to myself on a tape recorder regarding the tests and what other people think about how my kids are doing. LOL Well done!

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    I know folks with different kids in different scenarios. Some of their kids do public school, some are home schooled, and they can provide extra schooling to their public school kids if it’s applicable – and all in one family.

    I myself skipped a grade, went to public school and my mom was a teacher, I took extra classes from her in the Summer to get extra credits towards graduating early. I think the diversity and exposure I got at public school fed my ability to be resilient, and taught me that all people are Different. My classes during the summers gave me independence and confidence.

    I truly think each kid can have different reactions with each scenario, and thusly, might benefit from either, or both.

  • Stephanie M

    Yes!! So many great points I’d never even thought about when making the decision to homeschool. I went to public school and I disagree with many things I was taught, and now they are going even further with things they teach that we don’t agree with. It’s not easy, but definitely worth it! We can now take a day to dive further into a lesson if my child needs a little more help, or take a day off for sick days/vacation/or just when we need a day off without them falling behind. Great video! Looking forward to the next ones in this series!

  • Erika Richardson

    Our sons are 10 & 12. They blossomed during the time school was shut down and switched to online learning this spring. We supplemented their lessons with activities here. We are starting online school full time for the first time this fall. The boys are excited!

  • Sarah Mann Luker

    I remember public school being a bit like Lord of the Flies. My now grown kids both have neurological disorders, while having high intellects. They were beyond miserable in public school with the bullyingby other students, teachers, and administrators. Not many were willing to research their disorders. We were all miserable. So very sad.

  • jennifer Boxx

    We’re making the jump to homeschool. We had a very bad experience with our elementary school for a few years and we said ENOUGH. A neighbor who homeschools her kids told me, like you, that I know what’s best for my kids because I’m their mom. That gave me the confidence to do what I felt was best for our family. So far we are doing great and the kids don’t even miss school at all. There are a LOT of options and many that are free. With the internet we can learn about anything. Back when my hubby and I were kids, the internet wasn’t even a thing. The homeschooled kids were labeled weird unsocial and only knew what their parents could teach them. I didn’t want that for my kids. We have joined clubs and go out hiking everyday For exercise and we learn every time we go out. We were so afraid to pull our kids out of public school but it’s the best thing we have done so far.

  • Angel Overturff

    Boys are hands on learners, they need activity, not a desk and loads of workbooks.

  • Kacky64

    They only “teach” to that standardized test. They don’t even teach kids cursive. I am so glad I homeschooled my now-adult kids. I could not be prouder of either of them.

    • Miranda Ley

      In Texas, cursive is part of the Elementary standards.

    • Sunflower Homestead

      @Miranda Ley not here in Kentucky. It should be mandatory for all..

    • Miranda Ley

      @Sunflower Homestead When I was in Kindergarten, I wanted to learn to “write like a grown up,” so my mom got me some cursive work books and taught me how. I think it’s a solid skill for kids to know and parents should encourage their kids to learn it if it is not taught.

  • Angel Overturff

    Currently, public school teaches to the test. They are only concerned about the kids passing the achievement tests so they get their funding. Parents are concerned about their children having an education.

  • K B

    I’ve home educated my 10 children since the eldest 2 were 8 and 6..they are now 30 and 28, my youngest child is 13 so still growing.. I would not change a thing. All my children are working who are old enough to work..

  • Gray Turner

    Studies show that Aust and Kay just increased homeschool sign-ups across the country.

  • Autumn Eidson

    We homeschool because public school failed my son horribly. He does not fit in their box so we busted it wide open. He has excelled and we will never look back.

  • d walsh

    My dtr home schooled all 4 of her children. When my oldest Granddaughter was in 3rd grade she was still in public school. I would volunteer as an aid in her classroom 1 day a week. She was a bright child and was always able to complete her work well. She was then put at a table with crayons and pictures to color sometimes for an hour at a time while the teacher tried to work 1:1 with the children who struggled. The classroom was chaos because the teacher could not be in every place at one time. I did that for 2 months and I suggested to my dtr that she try home schooling. She took the plunge and never looked back. Her kids did home school coops learning sign language, speech class, history class all with other home schooled children. We went to the children’s theater for plays and many 4 H projects. He children learned to cook, create a weekly menu and grocery list, shop, balance a check book. All things not taught in a public school. We gardened, raised our own meat, butchered chickens and so much more. They are wonderful adults now. Confident and very social with children all the way to adults. Very proud of my dtr and grandchildren. And now my 26 year old granddaughter is home schooling her 7 year old. He is not a morning learner. He wants a light breakfast then out to play. At 2 pm they come to the kitchen, while sissy is sleeping and do school. It is the best way to accommodate the way a he learns

  • Hold the Walnuts

    I was that kid that didn’t “fit in” in school. So much so that it almost drove me to suicide. I was very grateful for a teacher who stepped in to help me. So I am grateful for those teachers that really care and notice even those who aren’t. But I am now very much for homeschooling when our oldest gets there. I just feel like it’ll be a better life for them in general. Not only with the teasing, but the needless hours of just doing the same thing over and over and not really catering to what that child loves. Next year is when our oldest starts kindergarten so we have time but I’m still nervous! But we can get through it.

  • Nicole Pentland

    I loved that comment the government trying to make drones so true. Last year my little girl was in a Christian private school as a Kindergartner. We chose a Christian private school just so she would learn morales and not be picked on. She went to that school for preschool and pre-kindergarten before Kindergarten. The first two years were wonderful she went from being shy to opening up like a butterfly and spreading her wings. Last year though we noticed her receding into being shy and not confident. We found out one of the other girls in her class were picking on all the other girls and trying to start clicks. We expressed our concerns but were told they were taking care of it. We realized almost at the end of the school year they weren’t. Then COVID happened which was the best thing ever for our family because the school did distance learning from home. I basically became the teacher assistant over night. I found that I loved helping my little one learn. When school ended for summer I knew I didn’t want to put my little girl back into a bully environment. I didn’t know how to do Home school but I did know how to be a teacher assistant. So I did some research and there are distance education schools that are public that provide the learning materials and curriculum for free. You are essentially a learning coach that makes sure the little one is fallowing the schedule. I am at very excited to see how this works and hopefully it’s just as good as homeschooling. It’s also going to be a wonderful plus not spending $4000 on private schooling. We have seven packages coming this week and she starts school August 30. It was all free and I’m pretty sure one of those packages is a computer to do her Internet work on. This is another way you could start doing a homeschooling type education to get your feet wet. Thank you homesteady and I can’t wait for you to give me more ideas on groups to socialize her with.

  • alanasackett

    I’ve seen friends thrive in public school, but it destroyed me. At 28 I’m still trying to work through some of the destructive things I was taught about myself.
    A couple years ago a stranger in the grocery store asked my oldest about school and when I said we homeschool she looked at me and asked “Oh, do you have a teaching degree?” My answer was “No, but I know how to read and write, so I think we’ll make it through kindergarten.”

    • Garden Devotions

      Don’t ever let someone use that teaching degree line with you. All my teaching degree really taught me is that real teaching is a skill and that some who get that degree aren’t at all skilled but still have the degree. In other words, degrees no longer impress me. It’s skill that counts. Lots of natural-born teachers don’t have degrees. You find a lot of good teachers on YouTube, especially in craft videos…yet they don’t have degrees. They have an ability to explain in a way people can understand. That’s a true teacher.

    • Cherie Parsons

      This this this so much this. The beginning of this video brought me to tears. My son is your son. High energy. Very smart. Hands on learner. Lots of questions. We first did private school because we wanted the biblical application and smaller class. But even then it wasn’t working. He was getting labeled. Pulled out of class etc. so halfway through 1st grade we decided to pull him and homeschool. We are still figuring it all out together. What works for him and our other kids and family. But every single reason you listed. Is our why too. I want so much more for my kids than what conventional school can give. Also learning more and more about what public anything is “normalizing” that we don’t agree with at all. Thank you so much for sharing this. 💕

    • Nick Meersschaut

      @Garden Devotions I totally agree with you, I had teachers that didn’t have any patience with me, I had a tough youth and I lost my brother and my grandmother when I whas 10years old, my head whas full of questions about what happened, other kids where teasing me so that made it worse, also I am a high sensitive person. I didn’t feel like they didn’t clearly understood why I wasn’t interested in school on that moment or why I whas distracted and I got bad grades, I know I wasn’t stupid but I felted that way because School whas not uplifting for me, I did had one teacher dough that added up as a great teacher and I am thankful for his presence, I’ll never forget him, because it whas like he didn’t forget how it whas to be a kid, he teaches us things in a unique and playfull way, he didn’t expected us to be perfect. Thank God for people like that

  • Southern Frog

    “A teacher said..”. Former classroom teacher here. A very LARGE portion of teachers left the school system to homeschool their own kids. Because we know what actually happens in school. 🎤

  • Testing, testing...1,2,3...

    My kids were all Honor Roll students and are now all all accomplished/successful adults, but I remember one teacher who targetted one of my sons because he ended up kneeling in the chair when he would do his classroom work…I had to go up to a parent/teacher conference where I asked if he was on task in what they rest of the class was learning, my son was far ahead of the class…I asked if his buttocks touching the seat was integral to him learning, the teacher and principal were stumped…They didn’t have an answer…We agreed to disagree…Ugh…My son is now a medical first responder and during this pandemic, because of his medical expertise, he is earning “hazard pay” (it’s a thing, Google it)…He is an integral part of caring for Covid19 patients…


  • Cajun Living

    And your kids should get their social skills from church and family I will never send my kids to a government indoctrination center

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