The Motivation Behind a Permanent Lockdown and Why it Would Devastate America

Permenant lockdown could be coming


The idea is being pushed for there to be a lockdown until there is a vaccine for COVID-19. This would be destructive to the U.S. in the near and long term.

Among other things, this is an attempt to use the crisis as a back door to Universal Basic Income. The reason why is if they continue to extremely limit the operations of businesses, it would demand a form of income to be distributed to people who no longer have the ability to work because of government tyranny.

This is what the $2,000 a month proposal for each adult by Democrats is about. The terms as they stand now are for that money to be distributed until three months after the virus is dealt with.

Considering the fact some health professionals have said it’s likely to never to be totally removed from the population, it would suggest a permanent income stream to Americans, which would devastate the economy.

The reason for that devastation would be businesses wouldn’t be able to find many people willing to work. If you have couples getting $4,000 a month to live on, along with $500 per month for each child, it would means any business, in order to attract workers, would have to pay a lot over $48,000 in combined wages to make it worthwhile to employees. I understand that one person could work and the other stay at home, but businesses would have to offer a lot to individuals for that to happen.

Individuals would have to be paid a lot more than $24,000 a year to get them to work for a living. The loss in productivity to the nation would be incalculable if this is how it plays out. The reason for it being a lot more is people would have to be highly motivated to abandon getting $2,000 a month for doing nothing.

It is obvious this is what the Democrats are working toward, and why they want the lockdown to be permanent, or at least, very long term.

There is no doubt in my mind this is a Trojan Horse being used to implement a form of Universal Basic Income. After all, does anyone seriously think there will be much political will to take away the free money once it’s distributed to people? It it is allowed to go forward, it’ll be called something else, but it will without a doubt be a UBI.

This is nothing new; it’s simply a form of socialism under the guise of taking care of people during hard times, with the obvious purpose of never being abandoned if it is ever put in place.

We need to vigorously oppose this if it goes forward. My belief is this is why Democrats are pushing hard to slow down opening up the nation. The longer it takes to get businesses going, the worse it’s going to get for families and individuals, which will put pressure on lawmakers to pass the legislation.


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