The Elites and Their War on the Nations

Global elites and their war on the nations

By definition in the Bible, nations are essentially large, extended families (Genesis 10). Empires on the other hand, which Jesus Christ opposes and goes to war against, are powerful extended families (nations) that attempt to dominate weaker and smaller extended families (nations) by bringing them under their control.

Nationalism has never been the problem, it’s those attempting to go beyond their national boundaries to conquer others and build an empire, that have always been the problem; that’s not nationalism, that’s globalism.

Unaligned elites working behind the scenes to their own ends, are those that attempt to use the nations as pawns to build their utopian “paradise” on earth. The nations stand in the way of their ambitions, which is why they promote uninhibited migration and mixture in order to weaken ethnic groups in order to design a diverse, multicultural global society with little or no sense of ethnically belonging.

Christianity and Christian nationalism is all that stands in the way of these diabolical social engineers. Over time, Christianity will win this war by bringing the gospel to all cohesive ethnic groups (nations), teaching them to obey all the commands Jesus Christ taught.

We will win this war.



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