The Activist Mommy Takes Down the False Sexual Harassment “MeToo” Movement

Theactivistmommny Elizabeth Johnston blasts the fake part of the #Metoo movement that in numerous cases have attacked men for alleged sexual impropriety when there was in fact, no proof. Many times it has been decades later than the alleged conversations or actions took place.

Johnston states: Sexing your way up the corporate ladder isn’t victimhood, it’s prostitution.

Those women trading morals and sexual favors for fame and fortune are empowering those that actual do abuse women.

Feminists have reduced the term “sexual assault” to mean absolutely nothing.

The “MeToo” movement is a power grab, she says. It’s a radical assault on men and masculinity. It’s an assault on natural love between men and women.

Feminists won’t be happy until they’ve reduced men to being feminized lap dogs who crawl to women for crumbs. Of course afterwards the question will be asked about where the men are. The answer is: look at Judge Roy Moore and the lies he endured when running for political office.

Calls for America to stop allowing these Jezebels to take us for a ride.

The goal of the movement is to bring in a new regime of powerful, leftists feminists to be the leaders in entertainment, media, and politics.

There’s a reason for the statute of limitations. It’s for the purpose of not being able to ruin the reputation of a man over allegations, libel and defamation that aren’t provable.

The truth is those are crimes and victims should start to press charges against those making them.

Men are losing their jobs, political office and influence as a result of these unproven sexual allegations.

Many times the women are as guilty of, or the instigators of the sexual actions that they now assert were unwanted, making it appear they’re the victims.

We need to resist and reject the falsity of the Metoo movement that assigns victimhood to any woman that attempts to destroy a man without proof.



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