Temporal Success and Influence of the World is Diminishing

the world has run out of gas and doesn't know it

For Christians that understand the times we’re living in, there has arisen a tremendous opportunity in numerous areas of life to gain influence, as the world, which has attempted to decouple from Christianity, is experiencing the loss of sanity and meaning.

This is obvious in many areas of life, including media, entertainment, family, work, business, banking, economics, education, and even false Christianity and false churches.

It’s similar to a car that runs out of gas but continues to move forward on momentum. For a short time it appears the car is still heading for its destination, but the loss of fuel has made its progress slower and slower; eventually grinding to a complete stop.

Our culture is now experiencing this, as it continues to regress in alignment with throwing off the reality associated with the world God created; for the world is based upon the very essence of God, with mankind meant to bear His image.

The consequence of this is most people, institutions and businesses have stopped believing and doing the things that allow for making improvements, and instead base much of their creativity and actions on who or what they were in the past.

Some brands can do this for a while because the public has been slow to realize they’ve abandoned their purpose for existence, and have betrayed their customers or constituencies. For that reason, for a period of time they’re able to ride the branding of the past as they sneak in changes that their customers or friends are unaware of in relationship to the foundation being shifted, which will eventually result in them crumbling because of now being built on shifting sand.

Since the world, whether it want’s to admit it or not, operates under the truth as revealed in the Bible, when it abandons those truths and moves off the foundation, everything from that time forward is based upon a loss of reality or lie, which ultimately leads to incoherence at all levels.

For individuals, it’s so bad they can seriously assert, and believe, there is no such thing as gender, or that we can live in a world without boundaries. Central banks believe they can endlessly create money out of thin air without consequences to the spending power of the dollar, or to the unsustainable debt levels that will eventually crash the economy in an unprecedented way.

Fake churches allow homosexuals, and even recently, transgenders, to become leaders. They are going so far left there is little connection with the clear teachings of the Bible.

Everything is so inverted now that lies are now truth and truth is now lies because of the abandonment of truth.

All of this is to say that with the decline into falsehood, it provides an enormous opportunity for Christians to rise up and model, teach and bear the image of Jesus Christ before the world, as He is the truth and reality everything is predicated upon.

The key is being faithful in what we are called to do, to remain within the parameters of our calling, work on developing and improving our skills, and commit to the long term with long suffering and patience, knowing that in this life we’ll never see the full outcome of the years of planting and watering we engage in. Out job is to be faithful in the work we’re assigned to do, it’s God’s job to give the increase.

The point is to understand that, even with the collapse of those things built on shifting sand, the foundation of Jesus Christ remains unmovable, and those that use that foundation as the building block to work and live from, will be able to show forth that which is good and true, and will attract those people searching for truth that are starting to understand what they believe and their world view aren’t viable or workable in real life.

The world has run out of gas as it has tried to detach itself from the influence and truth of Christianity, and as a result is caught in a cycle of meaninglessness despair that only has a solution in the truth that is inherent in Jesus Christ.

Even though it appears our enemies are gaining ground, the reality is they are desperate because they know they have no real answers to the challenges of this life without the foundation Western civilization was built upon, which was Jesus Christ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

Their day is winding down and the new creation force of Jesus Christ continues to quietly and invisibly do its work until the time when the kingdom of God has spread across the world. That’s the heritage given to us by God Almighty.

For us, we’re to be faithful and disciplined at what is required of us in the moment, while looking toward the purpose and vision God has given us to accomplish over the duration of our lives on earth.


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