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Christina Bobb crushing corrupt Democrat narrative

Trump Won: Dark Democrat Corruption Being Brought to Light

Christina Bobb hammers the Democrats because of they’re continually trying to drag out counting votes in order to find more ways to give the illusion that Biden won the presidency; they’re almost certainly also trying to add more illegal votes to the total in order to give the appearance of an unquestionable victory for Biden.…

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It's not a surprise that Biden's alleged lead over President Trump is suddenly narrowing.

What a Surprise! – Biden’s Lead Narrows as Election Approaches

source: Investors Business Daily As I’ve been on the record for some time saying, as the U.S. presidential election approaches, we’d start seeing the alleged lead by Biden start to evaporate. A big part of the reason will be pollsters will have to get more honest with the results if they want to continue to…

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