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My Pillow Under Attack From Cancel Culture: Here’s How You Can Help Patriot Mike Lindell

My Pillow is under attack by cancel culture. The bots are busy getting My Pillow removed from retailers nationwide. Go to http://mypillow.com and use offer code "RSBN" to support both My Pillow and RSBN- plus save up to 66%! We will NEVER surrender to cancel culture! My Pillow Under Attack From Cancel Culture: Here's How…

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lin wood - what's he really up to?

Lin Wood: What’s He Really Up To?

Lin Wood has been on a media blitz lately, making numerous assertions that if true, would be explosive, as I recently wrote about, and if false, could point to some mental health issues. Another stronger probability is that he is a tool being used by the Democrats to smear the investigation into fraud, by making…

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lin wood in explosive interview

Lin Wood: Nuts or Crazy Like A Fox? – Explosive Interview

source: Citizens Journal Lin Wood has either engaged in a disinformation campaign for specific unknown reasons, or he’s privy to extraordinary information that could rock the U.S., and the world, if true. In a recent Twitter feed, he even claims that Jeffrey Epstein is alive, when talking about the attacks upon him as a result…

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Flynn Recounts Harrowing Experiences Of Last 4 Years; Insurrection Act Explained | NTD highlights

00:00 Flynn: Deep State Buried Me Six Feet Under In an interview with American Thought Leaders, General Michael Flynn gives his harrowing account of the last four years. Flynn says the American people saved him after he was targeted by the federal government. 01:49 Scholar Explains the Insurrection Act A constitution scholar explains the Insurrection…

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Is This The Charlie Brown GOP?? | Michelle Malkin

‘FOLD OR FIGHT’: Michelle Malkin says “for decades, grassroots Conservatives have voted the surrender caucus of the GOP back into office again and again while expecting different results” – while President Trump fights for his presidency and may not be getting the ‘support’ he could use from fellow Republicans. – via Michelle Malkin Sovereign Nation,…

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Sidney Powell At ‘Stop the Steal’: Massive Voter Fraud Exists, Money Traced Back To China

Sidney Powell said that massive voter fraud exists in the country, and it’s in the DNA of all software in voting systems used across America. She said some algorithms changed votes at a rate of 90% for Biden and 10% for Trump. She said a lot of the money behind the fraud is traced back…

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‘Biggest Fraud’ In US History—Up To 300,000 Fake People Voted In Arizona Election: Expert

Bobby Piton is a managing partner of Pre-Active Investments, LLC and an investment advisor representative of Total Clarity Wealth Management. He used Arizona’s official government data to run his analysis. After analyzing the data, he believes this is the “biggest fraud in the history of our constitutional republic is taking place right before our eyes.”…

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Sidney Powell Files ‘Massive Election Fraud’ Lawsuits In Georgia, Michigan; SCOTUS Blocks NY Order

NTD News Today—11/26/2020 01:16 Sidney Powell Files ‘Massive Election Fraud’ Case 02:43 Sidney Powell Files New Michigan Lawsuit 03:55 Milwaukee Election Turnout Unusually High 05:38 Big Tech Shifted 6M Votes Minimum: Report 07:09 Pennsylvania’s Public Hearing on Election 11:28 Trump Calls into Pennsylvania Election Hearing 13:23 Family of Michael Flynn Thanks Trump 14:13 Security Concerns…

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