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Emails Reveal Media Collusion in Steele Dossier Efforts | Truth Over News

⭕️Watch the full episode👉 https://ept.ms/TheMediaComplicity ⭕️ Watch in-depth videos based on Truth & Tradition at Epoch TV👉 https://ept.ms/3j1W0gX ⭕️Sign up for our NEWSLETTER and stay in touch👉 https://ept.ms/EpochTVNewsletter ⭕️ Subscribe to our unique new platform👉 https://www.epochtv.com Recent court filings have further exposed the depth of collusion between the media and Clinton campaign operatives in the…

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FLASH UPDATE: James O’ Keefe Speaks Out After Being Silenced by Twitter

On this extra, 'Flash' episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, the most dangerous man not on Twitter joins Charlie from an undisclosed location to talk about his team's efforts to expose the activists at CNN and, of course, unpacking the dangerous response from the Tech Tyrants of Silicon Valley. He walks through his fight against…

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