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A Borderless Nation, “This Is A Crisis” | Senator Marsha Blackburn

As President Joe Biden has reversed several immigration policies put in place by President Trump, Senator Marsha Blackburn responds to the moves, saying the nation will be “in a crisis”` if Biden’s plan for a ‘borderless’ nation comes to fruition. – via The Chris Salcedo Show, weekdays at 5PM ET on Newsmax TV Watch Newsmax…

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Charlie Kirk + Candace Owens Slam Open Borders | Does Illegal Immigration Hurt The Black Community?

Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens slam open border immigration policies, challenging a liberal student on how illegal immigration helps black Americans. Candace explains the facts about illegal immigration and how it doesn’t actually support the left-wing “diversity” ideal. Subscribe to the channel ►https://bit.ly/3gi53YK Shop Our Merch ► https://bit.ly/2OvdKme Join the movement ► https://bit.ly/392v4Io Donate to…

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