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Biden's recession redefined

Biden’s Recession and Voodoo Definitions

There is no doubt Biden’s economic policies have led us to this recession, so Wikipedia, unsurprisingly, went to bed with the Biden administration concerning redefining what a recession is, in an attempt to keep recession out of the media limelight. Not only that, once the redefinition was made, Wikipedia locked the page in order to…

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Louisiana AG Fights Corporate Gun Control

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has put JP Morgan bank on notice after their CEO issued an attack on the Second Amendment. Landry penned a letter telling the head of the major bank that it will not be eligible for a state infrastructure underwriter unless he pledges not to discriminate against the second amendment and…

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Facebook Announces Name Change; Democrats Propose New Taxes on Businesses | NTD Business

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America Descends into Tyranny

Authoritarianism is here and Americans are either asleep at the wheel or they just simply don’t care. Perhaps, the freedom that we’ve had for so long is now being taken for granted. The Democrats want all the power, all the control, and they will let nothing get in the way of that. Whether it’s tracking…

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Democrats demand communion while killing babies

The Democratic Party Demands Communion While Supporting Baby Killing

Catholic Democrats demand ongoing access to communion while continuing their support of baby murder. If the attempted intrusion by statist Democrats into the affairs of the Catholic Church isn’t a violation of the separation of church and state (based upon their assertions), than no such thing exists. This is a time when Catholic leadership could…

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Biden’s Vaccine Passport Proposal

Millions are going to ignore and resist the passport proposal abomination. @Dana Loesch lays out the reasoning behind why vaccine passports are a bad idea and how the Government is overstepping once again — Subscribe to The First: https://youtube.com/c/TheFirstonTV?sub_confirmation=1 Download Our FREE App: https://www.thefirsttv.com/app/ Sign Up for Our FREE Daily Newsletter: https://www.thefirsttv.com/email/ Watch Live NOW:…

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we know we know Him if we keep his commandments

How To Defeat The Merger Of Immorality And The State

I’m writing this on January 23, 2021, a couple of days after Joe Biden was officially declared the President of the United States. That’s significant to take into account because the stealing of the Presidency has placed a man in power that represents the interests of the lawless, immoral left, which thinks it has carte…

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Big Tech Censoring a Congresswoman

Newly elected Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene joins Buck to talk about her latest suspension from Twitter and why the GOP lost the two Senate races in Georgia.

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New York Considering FORCED Vaccination Bill

Can your state FORCE you to take the vaccine? The New York legislature is considering a bill to do just that, reports Bill O'Reilly. He reviews the three court cases which have set the precedent to answer that very pressing question.

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The War On Christmas Lights

@Dana Loesch rips into a Karen Christmas Grinch who says Christmas lights are racist

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