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WHY is Relaxing SO HARD? | Our Day at the OFF-GRID Cabin

Time for a much needed break from the homestead! The last couple of months have felt like total non-stop work. Between work, the homestead, and YouTube – we finally had enough. Time to take a break, and venture off to our off-grid cabin in the woods. Trout fishing, campfires, and relaxation under the trees. We'll…

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Mind-Blowing Modern Tiny Tree House Built with Reclaimed Materials – FULL TOUR

This epic 2-storey log tree house is built around 9 hemlock posts and salvaged and reclaimed materials that Mike, the builder, saved for years before starting this 3-year project. The upstairs is a complete living area with two sleeping spaces, a kitchen, living and dining room, and a small bathroom. Downstairs is an outdoor lounge…

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Viking Bushcraft Shelter Build in 4 Days – Full Build | Vikings

We build a viking bushcraft shelter in 4 days based on traditional Icelandic viking houses which were built from turf and sod. This camp is built slightly different, where we didn't use stone and turf for the walls, we built a timber frame construction in the shape of an a-frame where the rafters on one…

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