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Bitcoin is only temporarily correlated to high-growth tech stocks

Bitcoin: Its Temporary Correlation with High-Growth Tech Stocks

Investors should consider Bitcoin to be only temporarily correlated with high-growth tech stocks. The reason it’s moving in conjunction with the volatile tech sector is because wealthy individuals and institutional investors have entered the crypto market in recent years. Consequently, they have lumped Bitcoin and other cryptos in with tech in responding to the recent…

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investing and HIVE Blockchain as bitcoin company

Building Wealth: HIVE and Other Bitcoin Proxy Companies

The crash in Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and other cryptocurrency prices in January 2022 is providing another extraordinary opportunity to take a position. not only directly in cryptos themselves, but also in companies that are essentially proxies for the price of Bitcoin. I’ve provided some charts below to confirm that how the price of Bitcoin goes, so…

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How to Make Money with Bitcoin – [Rich Dad StockCast]

Turns out there are more ways to profit from Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies than we thought. A lot more. Some ways are on the stock market and some are not. Some are obvious and some are definitely not. So, if you would like to learn multiple ways to profit from Bitcoin, this is your show. As…

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Brink of Totalitarianism; Get Out of the Banks, Own Physical Warns Jekyll Author

Soon the Federal Reserve will manufacture a central bank digital currency that will be internationally sanctioned, different than Bitcoin and private cryptos, says G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island and founder of the Red Pill University. The Federal Reserve has become so powerful over the years that its originally intended roles have…

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Bitcoin price should be ‘much lower’, look for these ‘hot tokens’ instead – Clem Chambers

Current valuations for the major cryptos, including Bitcoin, are "miraculous" and prices should be much lower, said Clem Chambers of InvestorsHub.com. Chambers told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, that there are several other tokens to look at, and in particular, the DeFi space overall has more long-term potential. Follow Kitco News on Twitter: @KitcoNewsNOW…

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We’ve Hit a Scary Level of Systemic Risk, Banks Are Danger Zone for Your Money Says Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon, founder of Bank to the Future, an online investing platform, says that we are at a "scary level of systemic risk" and for that reason, is avoiding holding his money in banks at all costs. Dixon tells our Daniela Cambone why bitcoin is still his preferred investment vehicle and that the recent price…

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Why Elon Mush really attacked bitcoin.

The Selfish Motive Behind Elon Musk’s Attack on Bitcoin

A lot of people have been scratching their heads concerning the reason behind the attack on bitcoin by Elon Musk, which ended up crashing the crypto market. Musk did some virtue-signaling by suggesting bitcoin was bad for the environment, even though shortly before his bearish tweet he had acquired approximately $1.5 billion in bitcoin. So…

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Gold Price Getting Crushed, Here’s Why And Where It’s Headed Next – Gareth Soloway

Investors are dumping lower yielding assets like gold to buy higher volatility securities like Tesla shares and bitcoin, said Gareth Soloway, chief market strategist at In The Money Stocks, but Soloway is not selling his gold yet. Soloway’s comments come as Friday’s nonfarm payroll report showed a loss of 140,000 jobs in December, the most…

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Major Correction Looms for Stocks While Gold Price Will Easily Rise 20% | Frank Holmes

The winter 'Melt-Up' in stocks has many investors thinking we are in a for a great 2021, however, there are a few significant reasons we may not continue to see stock market euphoria in 2021, this according to the latest research report from Goldman Sachs. Daniela Cambone speaks with Frank Holmes, CEO of US Global…

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Raoul Pal Sold His Gold Because ‘Bitcoin Is Eating The World’; $300k Price In 18 Months (Pt. 2/2)

Watch part 1 of the interview. Bitcoin is like a call option to the emergence of cryptocurrencies in the world, said Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision. “I’ve never seen anything like what is going on right now. You have a limited supply asset that now is a globally recognized brand that everybody knows, but…

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