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Q&A: God’s law For Our Time?

Pastor Jeff Durbin sits down at the Equip + Go Conference and answers the audience questions. In this clip Pastor Jeff answers the question about the relevance and objectivity of God's Law. What is true Justice? Should we legislate Biblical Law? You can get more at http://apologiastudios.com. Be sure to like, share, and comment on…

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Big Corporations: One Of America’s Biggest Threats

Do Not Underestimate The Power & Danger Of Big Corporations On America's Culture! #GenFree #ThinkForYourself Subscribe to the channel ►https://bit.ly/3gi53YK ○ All Links ► http://bit.ly/TurningPointUSA • Shop ► https://bit.ly/2OvdKme • Join ► https://bit.ly/392v4Io • Donate ► https://bit.ly/2ZvWmDT #Conservative #TPUSA #TurningPointUSA #BigGovSucks

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