Staying active and going outdoors is a natural anti-depressant, leads to a longer healthier life, improves your skin and just walking gets rid of belly fat and dangerous fat surrounding your organs. Yet, 70% of Americans are overweight or obese…

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  • Davy Jones

    My doctor gave me some advice long time ago I live by to this day. Really simple and it works…. “Don’t smoke and don’t stop. You do those two things, you will not have to see me when you get older”.

  • Wayne Battersby

    I believe run if you can run can’t run walk can’t walk crawl, but move

  • A J

    Princess is one of the nicest and most sensible Youtubers out there. I’ll admit, I wish she did some more bikini try-outs, but that’s not really what I come here for; it’s the down to earth common sense wisdom that inspires. I’ve let the walking routine lapse for a few months but after watching this I’ve decided to go out for a daily walk tomorrow.

  • Kris H

    Rocky: “Life’s pretty good” 😉

  • Robin Meier

    I would watch out for Rattle Snakes where you are hanging out!!!

    • Prepper Princess

      I always do

    • Heidi Misfeldt

      @Prepper Princess
      Maybe look into owning some safety equipment, there is something you can get to help extract snake poison. Also the antidote, if that’s something you are able to buy and keep.
      Be ready for anything. Even more so living alone..

    • Goat Herder Extraodinaire

      Rattle snakes will give you a warning unless it has rained and the rattle has been soaked and unable to make the sound. I’ve hiked and ridden horses in rattlesnake country and i’ve encountered a lot of them without any issues.

    • Cougar Killer

      Lots of KING snakes slithering around there will be eating those Rattle snakes…

  • BCtruck, BC Blades

    I have that kind of quiet here except The cows moo all day everyday, the duck (the quackenator) quacks all day, everyday. The chicken (mary) clucks all day everyday, and then there is the @#$%^& train guy who honks at the one railroad crossing here. He starts honking in Dallas, and doesnt lay off the horn until Jackson Mississippi.

  • Temet Nosce

    9:09 new thumbnail!
    so true – just exercise and drinking a ton of water and a lot of people wouldn’t have to be on the big pharma subscription plan

  • CDTucker336

    Most of staying fit is your diet. Only a small part of it is exercise in my experience. When I start slacking and eat out and the little debbies will put the pounds on quickly.

  • Agoraphobic Adam

    Something else thats free is watching a Prepper Princess Marathon on a rainy day. 🙂

  • Jorg Schlagheck

    Boulder hopping sounds like fun. My secret to staying in shape is riding my bicycle. Bicycles are inexpensive and the technology is nothing short of miraculous. A quality bicycle from the 1980’s is super simple, cost next to nothing to overhaul and can get you anywhere.

  • Baker Farm Mama

    Girl I don’t know what you are doing lately but honestly you just look so vibrant first it was your hair now your skin looks super happy!! Idk what you’ve changed but you look so happy I love it 🥰 maybe it’s the back to working out I know that does it for me 😀!!!

  • Goat Herder Extraodinaire

    I stay fit by running with my dog from my house up to the Sangre de Cristo mountains and along the mountain trail ( Rainbow Trail) to a running Creek for a drink then back down the mountain. I’m 66 years old and a Marine.

  • The Pervy Prepper

    Wait. There’s something missing. Oh wait, I just realized what it is. There’s no chem-trails. Hmmm.
    I have to say this about the birds. Something is terribly Wrong. There should be birds all over the place. I’ve noticed it here in Los Angeles (my father has, too) and now I see it’s not just here. I’m actually worried. I fear “we” may have murdered countless birds thru atmospheric spraying of aerosolized heavy metals and who-the-hell-knows what else (chem-trails) over America.
    Where are the birds?
    I don’t see lots of pigeons, like I used to; I don’t see crows, doves, all the usual urban birds… missing. It should not be quiet like that. The quiet is disturbing. I hope you get to hear more birds when you’re out in the wilderness.
    I did notice this: When you stopped talking for a bit, that’s when the wild-life sounds began… so maybe they were just keeping hush out of respect for what you had to say. Shush, Prepper Princess is filming! I hope that was it.

    • My Old VHS Tapes

      I live in downtown L.A. I have been worried by the sudden lack of birds on my windowsills over the past month or two. Their singing always amused me. After weeks of silence, I finally heard one yesterday morning. As I walked over to watch, it took off and flew away. It was an unusually colourful specimen (had a red-orange head) of the little beige birds.
      I saw two pigeons inside a subway station yesterday. But those no longer coo at my window. The little beige birds were always the most common, living in loud colonies in the big, older trees on every block. I’d even get foot-high crows stopping by every now and then.
      The fake ‘cloud’ spraying was reduced by over 80% during the political shutdown, it’s still less than normal. So I don’t see how that would kill them now. ‘fhiv jeee’ is often suspected. But it’s already been turned on in this area for 1-2 years.
      I wonder if it was the smoke from the fires.This year was the first time that the smoke was unrelenting for weeks on end. There is ash on this apt. building. That’s never happened before.

  • Canadian Prepper

    Watch those ankles and cliffs or they may make a desert survival documentary about you someday! Good for you for promoting health and wellness even though the views on this topic are always abysmal!

    • J R

      Ps My Dad was in MI with lots of snow at times. He use to go to the mall to do his mandatory walking in the winter due to his heart attack at a young age – 43. I do believe it would b ed quite dismal and not condusive if he was still alive this yr due to store closings and masks.😒💜🙏

    • Youtube Viewer

      @Serjo777 I know, I was going to say oh geez lol

    • Serjo777

      @Youtube Viewer Though now that it’s been more than just a day, I see that the statement was correct xD

    • Youtube Viewer

      @Serjo777 Well it’s not like she does frequent videos on this topic so… Looks like a good amount of views to me.

    • Serjo777

      @Youtube Viewer Look at the 3 videos she uploaded days _after_ this one though. They have double to more than triple the amount of views, and they came way later.

  • Thinking of Others

    ~~~ Dear friend you uplift me and give me hope. Everyday I just keep going and I’m trying to eat and take care of myself. I visit my doctor and I’m helping others. I enjoy seeing you and your dog . I just want to say politely thank you so much my friend.

  • Karrie

    Living in New England, we’re going into the opposite: people tending to hole up for winter, so good reminder all around especially with all of the additional stresses of 2020.

  • vanessa m.

    When you said Boulder hopping it made me think of the film Tremors. It’s a corny film but I love it.

  • Gramma Kiki

    FYI those of us in rural America don’t have access to internet. I’m scheduled to get it in the next several months but there’s thousands in TN that have the same struggle.

  • Rickie R

    Yoga with Adrienne on youtube is great. She has stuff for everyone

  • Andrew Rockwell

    Stock up on Cayenne Pepper, folks. If you have a wound that is bleeding badly or if you get shot… slap the cayenne pepper to the wound and it will stop the bleeding. It coagulates the blood. I know because I’ve used it several times. And no, it doesn’t burn.

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