Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 9mm Review

The Springfield Armory 1911 EMP in 9mm is based on the 1911 design but re-engineered for the 9mm Caliber. Thinner Grip with all the bells of whistles of your premium 1911. ***All shooting was performed at a professional range following all safety protocols

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  • Junior Clarke

    Love this platform!

  • Amirabas rashvandi

    Please make more education videos
    Love you from iran🇮🇷✌🇮🇷

  • James Prager Jr.

    Review the sig Sauer p-210 target!!!!!

  • Wayne

    I’m pissed you did this review! I just knew this gun was gonna stay under the radar until I could save up to get one. Now everyone is gonna run out and buy them all up before I can one.

  • Defenda-se !

    IMBEL pistol 9 mm made for Brazil Army. Excelent 1911.

  • Ric Allen

    Looking at three stitches on my left hand……and your thumb. I know the feeling
    Great video, I’ve thought about the EMP (shorter one)

  • Angry Josh932 ATX

    I want the EMP in 9mm and in 40S&W

  • Eric Anewalt

    Sootch you are my favorite YouTube gun channel… I’m a Walther guy…PPS M2 is my primary carry but I’m also a 1911 type of guy too…I really enjoyed this video and I’ll be looking into this Springfield Armory 1911 9mm …Thank you for your very good in depth reviews…Eric Anewalt

  • mario the great

    I fired a Springfield emp4 very nice and soft shooter.

  • Arctos

    I wish I could be out shooting instead of having to save my ammo right now.

  • alen moradian

    Love your videos brother, I have one of the first models, haven’t had luck with mine. Sights were off by 2inches at 5 yard, and it like to stove pipe and ftf. Might just be a lemon since my other springfields have been perfect.

  • Taylor Petty

    My brother bought one of these when they first started coming out. He absolutely loves everything about it.

    • Pete Zaitcev

      Even the magazine capacity?

    • BIG LOU

      @Pete Zaitcev, if you’re proficient with your firearm, then you have no problem. Remember, shot placement counts, not how many rounds you have. Besides, you will ALWAYS have a backup mag or two. Two to the chest and one to the head will stop any aggressor. That’s only 3 accurate rounds. Get to the range and practice shot placement. Good luck.

    • Dynasty 22

      @BIG LOU in the heat of the moment 10 is the minimum id want. At range days my department has competitions to see whose the best shot. Its pretty competitive standing static shooting paper but when you run 100m, do 25 burpees and 25 pushups with a steel tree or Texas star rotating… the gap widens significantly and you see who the shooters are. I’m usually top 5 out of 50ish. Two body 1 head on a moving target with obstacles in the way is difficult…. especially if your taking rounds imo…your mileage may vary

    • BIG LOU

      @Dynasty 22, I agree. It is definitely not the most desired carry piece. But, 10 rounds or less has killed many since 1911 until the plastic fantastic came along. I’m just saying, if you practice and have good shot placement, then your odds are good enough to see another day. Take care. Shoot often.

    • Sugar Gunz

      @Pete Zaitcev Yeah 10 round cap but its still a nice shooter. its part of my carry rotation.

  • Mike Fink

    I love this pistol. I have one in 9 mm. One of my favorite daily carry pieces. Super accurate. It’s almost too easy to simply drill out the bull’s-eye.

  • Christopher Flesner

    bought this pistol about a year or so ago and I love it. Feels like M&P 2.0 grip texture on a commander size 1911. Shoots great, looks great, no issues whatsoever.

  • Hector de gutemala 2017

    4:31 OoOoO :O Sootch00 atill kiss the fingernail tereto arancartela aurita jajajaja

  • Filippo Corti

    IMO, Springfield should make one of these with a shorter grip, though it will mean less capacity.

  • Danny Butler

    Thank you for reviewing this gun I have had this gun about three months now have not put a lot of rds in it around 300rd maybe 400 , but everything works .Not one malfunction .really like this gun and carries well in a Crossbreed Holster I don’t carry it every day but it’s in my rotation,Thanks again for reviewing it.Also I sent the slide back to Springfield Armory and had a night sight put on the front

  • 8686872

    I have had the Springfield EMP, 9mm, SubCompact, 9+1, 3″ match barrel since 2006. Love it. My wife found it was the only semi-auto that she could easily rack back in 2006. Also, due to the weight it does not have has much felt recoil. It’s been my daily carry since she left.

  • David Hernandez

    It’s like a 45-caliber reasonable pull action smooth.

  • Cotton Top

    That’s a bobtail cut on the handle if memory serves me correctly

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