Spineless Leaders at Trinity Western University Sell Out to Appease Secular Masters

A good starting place to understand the culture wars and some steps to engage the enemy. ‘How to Win the Culture War: A Christian Battle Plan for a Society in Crisis’


Either Jesus Christ is Lord or He’s not. We are to either obey Him and His commands or not. There is no middle ground. Those that cave in like Trinity Western University recently did will find out quickly it’ll do nothing to assuage the demands of SJWs and liberals, who’ll call for more capitulation until the institution becomes a hollow shell of its former self, and takes on the image of their enemies.

What this is all about is the “community covenant” the university rightly had in place, which required students and faculty to refrain from participating in certain behaviors, including sexual activity “that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.”

The university had been fighting for years to land a law school as part of its curriculum, but was rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada, which concluded “the law societies of British Columbia and Ontario were not limiting the university’s religious freedom when they denied accreditation of a proposed law school at Trinity Western on the grounds that they deemed the community covenant to be discriminatory to LGBTQ people.”

The response to this was to surrender its principles and change the community covenant to only be required for its faculty. After the surrender, Trinity Western University president Robert Kuhn disingenuously asserted it was not the main reason for the university dropping the covenant.

Kuhn claimed this:

The Supreme Court of Canada was a factor … but the law school is really irrelevant to this change. We have been working for a year or more on the idea that Christian hospitality is an important part of the ethos.

The board of governors of the university said the alleged reasons for making the change were to be “inclusive of all students wishing to learn from a Christian viewpoint and underlying philosophy.”

In other words, the students don’t have to adhere to a moral code or agreement, but from now on, in the name of the SJW talking point, inclusivity, the university has ceased to engage in its primary function. From now on you’ll see it continue to morally collapse.

What really should be done is for those with the authority to call the leaders of the university on the carpet and remove them from their jobs if they supported the decision to remove the covenant, and replace them with those that will reinstate and retain it going forward.

Already a lawyer said the move by the university may not be enough. He said if ongoing community covenant for the university’s staff would remain a “stumbling block” if it wants to eventually have an accredited law school.

That is the key point to understand. Christian schools and universities have no need to be accredited. Even Harvard wasn’t accredited until the 20th century. The reason why is its quality was obvious to all, and it was irrelevant one way or the other.

Christian schools need to take on that same attitude. Being accredited is just a tool used by our enemies to manipulate learning institutions into transforming into the image of the world, rather than God.

Here’s what Harvard says about the purpose of accreditation:

Accreditation is a voluntary, peer review process. It serves 4 main purposes: (1) to assure quality to the public, (2) to ease student transfer between institutions by signaling quality, (3) provides institutions with access to federal financial aid, and (4) certifies a graduate’s credentials to employers.

When you read that and measure it against the crumbling quality of university education, and you can easily see it’s a device used for manipulation and control of the modern reasons for school, which is to turn children against God and brainwash them into being made in the image of enemies of Christianity.

It would have been better for this university to launch the law school without accreditation, and build it into a high-quality unit that commanded respect like the Harvard of old did. And if there were legal challenges they lost, it would be better not to have the law school than to give up its moral requirements.

Christians and Christian institutions need to understand that no government can give them permission concerning the moral requirements of the student body and staff. To surrender to the Canadian government means they have transferred obedience from God to the state. That makes the State their new God, with God Himself being relegated to the sidelines. They are now in the position to now capture the crumbs of their new master’s table.

Occasionally research the university on the Internet, you’ll see it cave over and over again in the months and years ahead as the SJWs smell blood in the water.

What Christians in these positions of authority need to understand is they represent more than the institution itself, but all of Christendom in general when dealing with our enemies.

There is no doubt this will be used as a precedent for similar situations in the future. That said, just because Trinity Western surrendered, doesn’t mean others need to.

For Trinity Western, instead of being a light on the hill in the way of an example of how to righteously and successfully resist the State, it has started the process of decay that will make it no different than the world.

Bottom line? Be sure you know who is leading the fight against the world, and hold their feet to the fire if they start to waver. If they can’t face the heat, remove them and replace them with Christian warriors that will never surrender or capitulate on God’s moral demands upon His people.


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