The Source of Conservative Cowardice and How to Fix it

It’s been troubling over the years to watch so many conservatives in positions of influence cave time after time to those attacking them with, for the most part, nothing but words.

That has allowed liberals and SJWs to frame the narrative to their advantage, pressuring conservatives to respond within the framework of their conversational, or more accurately, rhetorical traps.

All our enemies have to do is call a conservative a homophobe, sexist, misogynist, of the patriarchy, or any other pejorative that puts them on the defensive and unable to form a counterattack against obvious lies; you can’t win if you’re always on the defensive.

Not only that, but if a fellow conservative or colleague is under public attack, they’ll usually go into self-preservation mode and refuse to defend their supposed ally.

Concerning issues, if someone is shot with a gun, Republicans have, once again, went on the defensive, even participating in calls to create laws that go against the 2nd Amendment.

Sexual deviancy

In other areas like deviancy, they are almost negligent in their responsibilities and don’t even show up for the fight, other than a few comments in the media. When they won’t even brutally fight against sick men or women dressed as the opposite sex using bathrooms of the opposite gender, you know the usefulness of so-called conservatism is over.

Illegal immigration war

Possibly one of the more devastating critiques is in regard to allowing the ongoing invasion of the country by illegals, which over time will turn it into something different than it was founded for, and will no longer be America. Many so-called conservative Republicans don’t have the courage or integrity to fully oppose this act of war.

If you don’t like the phrase act of war, then consider the probable future outcome which will be to put in place a group of leaders that will topple the traditional American foundation and replace it with their own. It may not end up being a shooting war (although it may gravitate toward that), but the outcome will be the same. Many alleged conservatives and Republicans are on the sidelines cheering on that outcome because they’re afraid to be called meanies.

Planned parenthood still funded

As a final example, look at the last budget that was passed in the U.S. It was a time when defunding Planned Parenthood and the murder of innocent children could have been accomplished, and yet here we are with the same murderous organization participating in and initiating in many cases, murder, by encouraging women to abort their babies. This list could go on and on. But that’s enough. That evidence is more than enough to confirm my case.

All of this leads to the question of why conservatives have become so cowardly. The answer isn’t that hard to figure out: they no longer have, if they ever had, a foundational worldview they believed in and based their vision on.

Doubt me? Than you’ll have to give real reasons why they have caved in on one issue after another toward the selling out of Western civilization. There can be no other reason than they are secret supporters of the liberal and SJW agenda, or they simply have nothing to replace it with.

My view is there are in fact some liberals pretending to be conservatives and Republicans, but there aren’t as many of them as there are rudderless people that have no direction to go in because they have no foundation to build upon.

When you have a real foundation, answering our detractors and enemies isn’t very hard. The truth is there aren’t that many major issues to deal with that a leader has to understand in order to wisely guide the nation, or people he has influence over.

Traditional marriage

How hard is it to comprehend that marriage is between one man and one woman. Almost all the issues related to sexuality and bizarre gender fluity are answered there. There may be an endless stream of nutty assertions from our enemies, but knowing that men and women are completely different and are meant to be the definition of a married couple and healthy sexuality, isn’t that hard to operate from. We simply should make decisions based upon that reality.

If a person has no foundation, the result will be cowardice and caving in, because there is not confidence or faith if a human being has nothing to build upon. This is the major reason why conservatives have no backbone. They have nothing to stand on, so after some brief resistance to the latest outrage initiated and perpetuated by the SJWs and their liberal base, conservatives align themselves in submitted slavery to the insane whims and declarations of SJWs, which they demand are to be made into public policy.


Alleged conservatives sit by while the inmates run the asylum, and eventually, in some cases, become the inmates themselves, ready to be the lapdogs of their liberal masters; some only hide it better than others.

When God created the world He made it based upon who He was. Consequently, there are laws and truths that can be counted on to guide our way of life.

So if enemies rise up against us in large enough numbers like they have in this generation, to produce at minimum a stalemate in the nation, we need to have, in the case of Christians, a solid Biblical foundation to base our lives and decisions on.

In the case of non-Christians that can see the insanity of the left, building a philosophical foundation based upon the truths revealed in Christianity, is the way to deal with the lack of a strong rock of truth to stand on.

We need to stop being afraid of being called names. Our opposition knows this is a key way to manipulate our behavior and minimize our resistance. That wouldn’t happen if we had a solid reason behind what we believe in and stand for.

Another thing that must be done is to consistently and determinedly rid ourselves of the vestiges of the liberal agenda that we may unknowingly embrace, which further confuses us when making decisions concerning truth.

We must not be a mixture of conservative and liberal (if there could be such a thing), because the end result is to always gravitate toward the liberal side of things. I’ve seen this in every person I’ve known or watched from a distance. Once they surrender in one area, they eventually surrender in one thing after another.

For that and other reasons, we must understand this is a war, and a war that can be one if we discover and find a solid foundation to operate from. Since this is a war, I have not interest in engaging the enemy without seeking and demanding their full and unconditional surrender.

Once we’ve totally and completely defeated them, then we can send in our diplomats to present to them the terms.

For those of us that are Christians, it can be nothing less than full acknowledgement that Jesus Christ is Lord and the complete submission to His laws and commands as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

Western civilization is at stake, and we need men especially to rise up in power and authority and fight for the kingdom of God and the nation that was birthed for the purpose of reflecting that kingdom.


A couple of books I recommend on understanding the warfare with the SJWs



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