Soup and Salmon made from Dehydrated Foods

Food dehydration is an effective and fun way to reduce waste, save money, go green, and practice preparedness! Dehydrated food lasts for years when stored properly, is lightweight, and doesn't require electricity to preserve. In this video, you will learn how to make a delicious soup and salmon dinner with mostly dehydrated foods.

We love to help you dehydrate, store, and build your pantry! Here are some things we think will help you!

Excalibur Dehydrator:
Vacuum Sealer:
Vacuum Bags:

For high-volume dehydration and storage, we recommend the 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator and a heavy-duty vacuum sealer with dual motors. For low- or moderate-volume dehydration, we recommend 6- or 9-tray Excalibur, and any vacuum sealer, with high-quality vacuum bags.

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  • berrie34

    Thanks for another great video. After watching your 1st 5 videos, we bought the same model Excalibur (I’m using it right now to dehydrate potatoes), along with a food slicer & a Foodsaver. We had never dehydrated before but we have been increasingly concerned about having food storage built up. Now we are starting to put some back. We are also excited about using these methods when our garden comes in this summer. At last, we will be able keep what we grow!!

  • berrie34

    Oh, I also wanted to compliment you on the new opening to this video. Nice work. The music was great too.

  • jugifu

    excellent info as usuall! Thanks.

  • Leona Rose

    Your family is lucky to have you.

    God Bless

  • Bratschmom

    Thanks for the videos. Keep them coming. I’d love to see some creamy soups too, like cream of chicken, mushroom, ect. These are great bases for other recipes!

  • Cathy Drappier

    Yay….a website!!!! Love your stuff!

  • AsintheDaysofNoah

    Your husband is blessed….!

  • john smith

    Excellent thank you so much
    5*****and the moon and the BIG SUN lol

  • Appliejuice

    wow, that looks really good. 🙂 I never knew what to do with the dehydrated lemons. Thanks for all your advice. 🙂

  • kosai19

    Thank you for the ideas. I made sure to write down that Salmon recipe. It just looks awesome!


    Thanks from a prospector, LOL! Salmon jerky is one of the toughest for me. Great vids,

  • goldenscales

    I am in awe! I would love to spend some time as your apprentice. You have so much to teach, I should really have a pad and pencil to take notes. (Yes, I think I will from now on!).

  • Mcvthree3

    What an entertaining, informative series of videos you have created. I’ve spent at least two hours tonight watching you dehydrate, bag, store, and cook a bunch of delicious looking foods. I learned a lot and was pleasantly diverted. Thank you for sharing your know-how!

  • mafe santander

    porfavor traduselos a español son jeniales te felicito

  • noway222

    My husband and I are purchasing a house soon, and it has a basement. I can’t wait to purchase a dehydrator and start stocking up!

    Also, I think I’m hearing a kitty crying in your videos? I definitely think I heard one at the end of this video… someone give that baby some salmon! LoL
    Thank you for your videos… onto the yogurt and tea video! 🙂

  • Nan St. Germain

    I made my first batch then had an out of town emergency…..left in air tight container for 5 days on counter. Refrigerated when I returned …….do you think it is okay to eat?

  • Sandy Fort

    When you dehydrated your fresh lemon did you peel it before you sliced it or did you leave the peeling on? Thanks so much for your time.

  • Jen Goods

    Omg so much to do 😍 you have inspired me so much xx

  • Shann Jess

    All I can say is yum I will be trying this out but what are collard greens I have never heard of that vege in NZ is it like silverbeat?

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