We have gone through some tough times. Putting Ladybug our Cow down was the toughest on our homestead so far.

But I have seen the silver lining and I want to do more.


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  • Black Pack Homestead Chris and Marella Ogden

    Homesteading is a bitter sweet life. Our hearts are always with you.

  • Ali Usmi

    32 years old man here. Planning to work until 40 and live the life you guys are living. God help me.

  • My Big Year

    As a city dweller at 45yrs old…not a very stable childhood so my adulthood was reflected by that…I have learned a lot of valuable information about life that I have used to heal and grow.
    Its impossible for me to articulate my experience entirely. But thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Rita McCartt-Kordon

      Hello, I want you to know that I felt that. My Father died when I was 10 months old. My Mother was 30 years old and had 8 children, 5 boys, 3 girls!
      She got $150.00 a month from Uncle Sam, the Government! Our Father fought in World War 1. I could write a book about the neglect of my Mother and Father’s families. It was a different age. We were considered Bastards. Our Father had divorced his first wife, to marry our Mother. We were rejects. But WE weren’t! My Brothers had some problems, but over came them. They ALL served our country! The oldest had the worst of it. He spent time in Brushy Mountain Prison. But after he served his time, he changed his life AROUND! He had 8 children too! He did good. We all did. No matter what life throws at you, you can overcome IT! All but one of us own our own homes! He, the one that didn’t, lived with me until he died. He was okay and so was I. My point is, no matter WHAT, you can make it! Just keep on keeping on! But, I’ve lived a lot of places, Big cities are NOT the best places to be. The rat race, the pollution, all of that bogs a person down. But that is my opinion. A smaller town, a farming community, is much more friendly. Nine times out of ten. Doesn’t matter, if it isn’t working out, move. You don’t need a fortune to move. I wish you all the best, and I’m glad that your life is getting better. GOD bless

    • Cilandia Lane

      Things that happened in your childhood years, happened back then. They are not happening to you now, other than in your brain. You are what you think. Take the people, good or bad, you have up on a pedestal down to be just human people with all kinds of faults in them. Make your own life now.

    • Harley Jane

      @Cilandia Lane – I wish I could give you a thousand thumbs up for that response. I wish more people would realize that your past does NOT define your now.

  • GryphonwoodBirmans

    Going through a rough spell myself fighting deadstock and so appreciate your authenticity. It is exhausting when you put your heart and soul into an animal and lose it anyway. 2020 has been brutal but your message to keep on keeping on has kept my head above water at times I would have otherwise gone under. Thank you.

  • Donna D in Miss

    I’m praying for y’all . I just couldn’t watch it right now .
    My year old tiny, very spoiled , pup , who I raised with a bottle cane up missing last Monday . So I just couldn’t tali’s anymore heartbreak. I will watch them whrn I’m better .
    You are doing this because it’s right for your famiky . God bless youn

  • Kimberli Hartwick

    Hard, life and death is very hard. Then we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. Now off to find another reason to smile.

  • Where Hope Gathers

    Looking forward to the podcast! This is a timely message for this first year homesteader and gardener, who is doing all the things while her husband works a day job. 🤣I appreciate your openness and teaching-spirit!

  • Donna Jeffery

    I would just like to say people don’t go in to homesteading and farming and into equestrian work like running stables riding schools etc because it’s easy we do it for the love of the animals and because we care and some people say we do it because we are crazy as in we do it in all weathers and conditions and through life and death because we love what we do or we would not do it and also jobs like veterinarians etc are the same so it takes some tuff people to do it like they say what does not kill you makes you stronger so we just keep digging and finding extra strength that we did not know we have so thank for sharing your journey with warts and all as they say

  • CB Farrier Services

    “You’re working with a bunch of animals that are trying to find a way to kill themselves”…….. YES. Farming is painful.

  • Trixie Belton

    If you have the failures, the downs, it makes the successes all the more sweeter and appreciated.

  • Ashley Bonick

    I’m getting really tired of life being censored by those who are too weak to handle it. Looking forward to the new podcast (even though I’m a visual kind of person, lol!).

  • ElPasoTom

    LOL, I am an investment advisor (the stock broker part of your video cracked me up), and my biggest aspiration is to get where you are. I’m trapped between two situations and having gotten my property hope to start my new journey so thanks for inspiring people even in the toughest times and letting some of us live vicariously through you.

  • Nees Argon

    You have K and the children. You already have EVERYTHING. Anything else is a bonus.
    You’re right. You’re smart and hard working. You’ll make it.

  • INFAspie

    You have helped my family.

  • 2323sanders

    Yep. My weeds have taken over my garden. We’re getting produce but not even close to as much as I hoped for…I’m already planning on what I can do next year. I’m an only parent, I work full time…I just can’t spend hours weeding. Thank you for being an inspiration through thick and thin!

  • Renee Spilmann

    This happens so much when I watch your channel I have to pause it to comment. I felt like this video was a message meant for me to watch tonight. We are trying to get our house ready to sell as fast as possible. So I am trying to declutter, depersonalize, deep clean, donate or throw out whatever I can, and paint my entire house. All while taking care of my many kids and am possibly pregnant. We are trying to move across the country. I was so exhausted when I turned your video on but, just hearing what you had to say made me refocus and know I am doing what needs to be done. On another note, you inspired me to start a garden months ago. It is now flourishing and I hard a bunch of hurdles to jump to get it to do that but it’s so rewarding. Every day I see more blooms all over from pumpkins, cucumbers, eggplants, and zucchini it makes it all worth it. So, I guess I want to thank you for pursuing your passion in life because it’s helping me pursue my own.

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    “Success” in air quotes is a good way to put it. My husband is a financial advisor – started out like most of them do: all about your sales numbers and he and I would both tell you that now his version of success gets to include helping change generational money management in a positive way, and helping show people how to play the game. As with anything, have to find your way to make whatever you do meaningful

  • melinda pyle

    Animals make us human, we learn about the depth of our emotions, strengths and vulnerabilities through raising them. It is so hard at times especially when death is inevitable and when you love the sweet blessed animals.

    Thank you for sharing, and so very sorry for the loss of “LadyBug”

  • Brit OW

    I’m sure there are times that a doctor stands over a patient he faught to save, but died, when he says, “I coulda been a farmer. I should’ve chose a more simple life…” Trials will always come.

  • Ace Gonz

    It’s easy to assume that there are other “easier” paths. Do investment bankers make more? Sure, as long as they get to keep their job. But to keep their job and make more, they sacrifice family, time with family, and basically lock themselves in a concrete cubicle for 16 hours a day before going home to a concrete apartment box. After all the money is made, it is easily spent on materialistic stuff just to try to cope with the miserable experience of buying and selling the work of other people, not going outside, and never having the security of family love. Life is risky, both on farm and off. At the end of the day, we need to determine how we would like to shape our existence, regardless of the outcome. If everything on my homestead dies, at least I shared the experience with family and built community around the idea of local self-determination. We can give this up for the illusion of easy successes, but at the end of the day, those successes aren’t guaranteed and you would have given up the life you love.

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