SOL Escape Bivvy : Bug Out Bag Option

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Sensible Prepper Presents: The SOL Escape Bivvy. An excellent option for emergencies, whether as a Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag option, or Ultra lite camping, the SOL Escape Bivvy is lightweight, breathable and durable.

Find the SOL Escape Bivvy at Going Gear:
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  • BRENT3143945

    i use a sleeping bag liner in my bug out bag

  • Matt H

    I love this thing. I throw a fleece sleeping bag inside and sleep comfortably in 30 degree weather with minimal clothing and wool socks. Part of my ultralight camping kit.

  • BudgetBugout

    Thanks for the thorough review!  I finally got one of these for my bugout bag.

  • Allan Martin

    I think I’ll buy one of these as part of my car kit

  • KidAtheist

    could this be used to completely replace a sleeping bag when on long hikes?

    • James Martin

      Maybe, it depends on your climate, but personally I have a small sleeping bag and I line it with a emergency blanket.

  • Fredrik Simonsen

    Nice review od the sol. im getting one tommorow, long live everyone and love to al 🙂

  • Tony C

    Was thinking of getting one of these to put over my sleeping bag. Is it 100% no condensation?

  • Ro Gal

    Great review, thanks!  You should do this regularly, you seem to have a knack for it. 🙂

  • patricia thomas

    Thank you for the lack of crudeness. The sign of a true gentleman.

  • 05Rudey

    I’m just under 6’3 and I find it’s just a tiny bit too small, if you are taller, you might have problems. But it’s a great product, I use it as a part of my day bag in conjunction with a Vango Bothy bag (I prop it up with a couple of hiking sticks), self inflating sleeping pad and this SOL Bivvy, just drape my HyVent North Face jacket over me and it’s plenty warm in anything other than freezing conditions. It’s breathable, but if you use it with a sleeping bag and inside a tent, expect a bit of dampness.

  • Ken Watson

    Can you reverse it and have the reflector on the outside to use as an underpad for a hammock to battle convection ?

  • Chris ross

    great idea but it is very limited in size… bought one and it is far too tight for me; could only be useful to cover my legs staying in a vehicle for example…

  • Michael Jordon

    how durable are these blankets

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