So..We Just Bought Over 500 Acres…………..

So..We Just Bought Over 500 Acres…………..

Some books on how to buy land:

The Country Property Buyer’s Guide: A Complete Guide for Buying, Financing, Developing, and Living On Rural Property

LandBook: The small landowner’s guide to buying, improving, maintaning and selling rural land

The Country Property Buyer’s Guide: A Complete Guide for Buying, Financing, Developing, and Living On Rural Property

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I was born and raised 20 minutes from Boston, MA. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Anxiety. My personal experience with the prescribed medication was NOT POSITIVE. So I decided to find better way. I didn’t know it at the time but, that was the BEGINNING for me! I have been “FINDING A BETTER WAY” in all areas in my life ever since. Better ways of how to create a modern homestead affordably, and a better way to provide my family with healthy foods, and so….. much MORE!

At Lumnah Acres we hope our experiences can help guide you to find YOUR BETTER WAY! Please join us in sharing our journey with you, let us be a guide to Modern Homesteading, Self-Sufficiency, and FREEDOM for you!

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  • Gold Shaw Farm

    This is so cool! I am super excited for you guys.

    • kjmorley

      Andre Ouellette Agree. Rather than trapping them, or removing their dams, there are ways of constructing beaver proof flow management devices to control the water level. Beavers are a keystone species, instrumental in creating wetlands which provide habitat for many other animals.

    • guy grotke

      Release The Quacken!

    • Faith Rada

      @Hollowpoint357 S&W Hopefully those beaver can be corralled and re-located? “win”/ “win” situations are nice.

    • Faith Rada

      @Susan Gerry Al better plan on living to 110 at this rate. LOL. 😆

    • Root River Woodworks

      Let some trappers in to take care of the beavers. You’re going to have a big project to keep the beavers in check. You’re going to need a snow mobile to get to those ponds soon.

  • Kathy McMahon

    I would never complain about your videos being long. They are so enjoyable.

  • NorthOfAtlanta65

    I would think long and hard about changing the name, your family has spent 6 years building the Lumnah Acres brand. It still totally fits, just got bigger, and almost a quarter-million people know it.

    • Tracy Ulbricht

      I totally agree! DONT CHANGE THE NAME! You built up what you have grown for all to know. Lumnah Acres is just going to expand. Keep your brand. We love it!

    • Deb T

      I think Al knows that changing the name would be a business blunder of huge proportions. I’m speaking from experience. However… ADDING a moniker would work…Lumnah Acres Peaceful Farm. Very do-able.

    • Jan Dregalla

      Lumnah Acres Country, or Lumnah Acres with the added tagline Country Living, or Lumnah Acres Peaceful Country.. You could start out with Lunmah Acres Country and eventually drop the Acres out to become Lumnah County.

    • Jay M

      Lumnah Acres XXL

    • mary green

      I agree with the others! Keep the name!

  • Stephen Rankin

    Congrats, beavers can cause “damage” to our best laid plans, however, their industry is unparalleled, as well as their ability to create a dought proof water way system which in turn brings in additional wildlife etc.

  • C Reinicke

    I’m almost 64 years old grandma.. You’ve just given me a reason to live to 100!!

  • barbarannie

    consider carrying a rifle when going through those woods lest you meet a bear face-to-face. BTW, beaver is good eating.

  • Mellmick26

    You could name the property “One with nature” or “Mother Natures Way”

  • Linda Polle

    Yes a new place:
    Doc Grannie’s always advice:
    Get all the free info you can get from the government [ USDA].
    Next, research the local history of the property by finding the local historical society. The local public library is a good starting place.

    • diane hall

      Linda Polle_ University of New Hampshire was the 2nd best agricultural state college in the counrty. I am a N.H. farmer and get all kinds of free help and valuable information from them. They are the County Extension Service and have helped me with commercial hatching and raising waterfowl, forestry, agriculture and more. An invaluable agency that is sometimes overlooked…

  • Melissa Honey

    The excitement in Olivia was contagious just child like exploring! I’m so excited to see the wildlife footage all the changes! Thank you God for blessing the Lumnah family and us watching here on YouTube, keep them safe from any unforseen danger’s and continue to prosper them in all that they do!

  • Terri­Beth Reed

    Remember being good stewards of the land also includes stewardship of the wildlife also.
    You should watch the documentary on YouTube called ‘How Wolves Change Rivers’.
    It’s a Yellowstone Documentary about how the genocide of wolves & their reintroduction in Yellowstone brought back the ecosystems in Yellowstone, which also strengthened the ecosystems of fishing, hunting, birds & all wildlife in Yellowstone.
    I think you, Gina & Olivia would like the documentary & you’d learn so much from it in regards to your own property & your stewardship of the land & wildlife.
    I know you have to guard against predators because of your livestock but there are ways to do so without killing them.
    God created all animals for a reason & that’s what our job is to be the caretakers of both land & animals.
    Mankind has wiped out over 500 species of animals on our earth, now it’s our job to make sure no other’s go extinct because once they’re gone, you can’t get them back.

  • Linda Polle

    Yes, new property financials:
    Start a 3ring binder to hold the physical evidence [receipts] of what you spend on the property.
    Staple odd shaped receipts to notebook paper. Start with page #1, and place #2 on top of it.
    This page number now becomes a physical cross reference number to prove where a given amount is evidenced.
    This is the big gun to laugh at an IRS audit.

    • Linda Polle

      @starlight north Yes, I have had problems with this also, thanx!

    • bob f

      @Linda Polle digital pictures. That’s the way I do my granddaughters homework. should work for receipts.

    • Linda Polle

      @bob f Yes, digital records are the most efficient.
      However the day will come [when the property is sold] that the Seller will have to PROVE what his capital investment is. Tax is going to be based on the PROFIT of the SALE PRICE less the provable CAPITAL INVESTMENT.

    • bob f

      @Linda Polle Will the tax office not accept digital records? They seem better than paper.

    • Linda Polle

      @bob f To understand this fully, look up what is called “the best evidence rule”.
      Hardcopy documents created in the normal course of business, or a transaction receipt more than 25 years old [ the ancient documents rule] also fall under an exception to the hear-say rule.
      Thus, you can compel a court or the IRS to accept such evidence.

  • Dennis Amidon

    How far is it from the homestead where you are now.any town close by.

  • Bill Bershinsky

    I was thinking maybe ” Shooting from the hip” or ” Shot in the hip” LOL how about “Lumnah’s Little Piece of Heaven”. I hope you can get started soon but I know you have so much more exploring before you can start planning.
    Blessings to your family!

  • evalina Warne


  • Kat Heymann

    My parents used to have a waterfront property at a lake. My father planted all kinds of fruit & flowering trees & berry bushes on both sided of the property. One spring he came out & the beavers had cut down all the trees next to the lake up to the top of the hill. He was so angry & began a beaver war, which he eventually won, for several years.

  • tray999


    Be prepared to deal with local trespassers who will think that it’s been abandoned land that they have been hunting and fishing for a long time, so that makes it their land….. I have been through this with land that I inherited that was unused by my family for quite a few years. I had some trouble with the locals. I hope my warning is unfounded and you have no issues!!!! Congrats on the new property.

  • Jp Maderson

    Super excited for the family! Have you looked into Syntropic Agroforestry Practices? Year 1 is the perfect opportunity to input nut trees and more importantly fruiting trees and shrubs. The Syntropic method is based on root structure, spread, and environmental function.

    Over each 40ft span, one ends up with 1x ~40+ft nut/fruit/lumber/mushroom tree, 2x 16-25ft fruit/nitrogen tree, 2x 8-15ft fruiting/flowering/nitrogen shrub, 5x pollinator attractor/scent distractor/flowering/fruiting shrub, 3x flowering/fruiting vines, flowering fruiting ground cover, and lastly high silica carbon rich fodder grass for mulch. Space rows 10′-20′ apart with mulch in between, silvopasture in between row pairings. Just a few patterns of this can yield rapid, low maintenance yield for family and sale. Straight, or contour following swales will allow minimal but easy to run irrigation from those ponds if the swales weren’t enough for water capture.

    Time to upgrade the Kubota!

  • Marcel Schoeber

    I can’t even imagine how big a 500 acre property is. I live in the Netherlands, Europe in a town called Herten near the city of Roermond. I have been watching many projects that you and your wife are working on. You all have a beautiful property and I’m wondering what you will do with this? You asked for a name of this property. Why not just keep the name “Lumnah Acres” , and give on this property smaller area’s a name like “maplewood”, “Olivia’s pond”, “Gina’s Pond”, Al’s Stream” and so on. And give the roads on that property a name, and make a map with all these names of places and roads and trails on it so you can tell others where you are on your property. You never know, it’s so big out there and in case of emergency you need to be found as fat as possible.
    I’ve seen in the comments ideas of a B & B or a few cottages, this way you can ask money for people to stay for a few days. I think it is a great idea. Maybe something to think about. I wish you all the best of luck and lots of fun working the lands. God bless all of you.

    Kind regards,


    • Linda Polle

      Yes, the Netherlands
      I have been to your country, and remember that you had the most beautiful homes in Europe!

    • Forrest Gump

      Goedemorgen Marcel! My grandmother came from the Netherlands. We grew up calling it Holland. The Dutch spelling of her last name was DeJung. In America they changed it to Deyoung. Proud of my heritage!

    • Geoff Outdoors

      I second these thoughts, Marcel!

  • Bill Dickinson

    Just wondering how close this property is to your current homestead? Really happy for you all! So much potential for just about anything you’ve ever dreamed about. Congrats!

  • puirYorick

    You’re still just two adults who still have full homestead chores to do so consider starting by siting the basic service buildings on suitable high ground and letting the beavers do their thing for five years as you feel your way around. Beavers will create plenty of lowland pasture for you as they engineer their way around. The problem is you can’t be married to a particular old dirt logging road that may end up under water for a few years.

    If you intend to own the property for generations then *working with the beavers* will help you out in the long run. Obviously, if you have an immediate usage conflict for the lower terrain then those big rodents will look like your sworn enemies. I watched a cattleman in the Midwest go through both approaches and now he swears by letting the beavers work the landscape for him and managing his livestocstock around their ponds.

    It’s totally counterintuitive but it works great as long as you’re willing to be flexible. Just food for thought. It’s your land now.

    I had thought of a few cute Beaver-type names for the place but it sounds like you’re planning on exterminating them so maybe use your three initials in some way like Acres A.G.O. or just stick with Lumnah Acres 2.0?

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