Senior Legal Advisor for the Trump Campaign, Jenna Ellis, on Election Aftermath

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  • J V

    It is 100% obvious that massive fraud is taking place especially when precincts in swing states report more than 300% turnout in some districts

    • Shatterstar

      Yeah did they have a séance to see who the dead wanted to vote for?

    • TheLeadSled

      The thing is this, if the POTUS team can compile the evidence needed then he has a great chance to beat this. I love how the DNC is telling everyone to accept the results and to let the healing begin, as if they know anything about healing when their gangs of thugs are still running wild in the streets of America. I tell you it will be a hard battle for the President no doubt, but it is doable and if anyone can do it he surely can, he doesn’t quit especially when he told everyone for months this would happen.

    • Jairo Rivera

      probably because of the tensious political divide people are starting to care?

  • John Smith

    RECOUNT !!! Tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots for Biden steadily brought in on an as-needed basis. No confidence in this election !

    • Krystyna Krolikiewicz


    • Just Us

      It’s called vote by demand LOL

    • Jero Ball

      @Halibut 1 Looks can be deceiving. ☺

    • Halibut 1

      @TheLeadSled – that’s what they said about the Inspector General’s report–“he’ll really get to the bottom of it.” Nothing of great substance. Now we’re waiting on Durham, will that be any better?? Cory Lewandowski should go into that Phil vote-counting place, run by Democrats btw who are very secretive about what they’re doing, with an army of about 200 people, all races and persuasions, and DEMAND that they be allowed to put their EYEBALLS on every ballot that gets counted. What kind of EFFING corruption is this?? They are f*cking stealing the election and Republicans act like this is business as usual.

    • Mama Tiger Lilly

      They’ve been stealing votes for decades, so it does feel usual for them to cheat. It’s time to put an end to it.

  • Roger Levasseur

    Unbelievable that Trump actually called this when he did the presser on election night. “We don’t want them finding ballots at 4AM and adding them”. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. They aren’t even trying to hide the ballot irregularities. They should demand recounts in all of these sketchy races.

    • Quantum Mechanic

      Check out Project Veritas videos .

    • TheLeadSled

      He knew what was up months ago, that is why he went to court to try and stop all these mail in ballots, he was ok with the absentee ballots but those mail in ones. Sadly he lost the court case and they went ahead with it, even if you’re not a Trump supporter you have to see that stopping counts when he is winning big is something not done, then they come back an hour or two later with different results

    • TheLeadSled

      @Quantum Mechanic yeah I watched the one with the Detroit postal workers back stamping ballots to the third to make them valid and of course they all were for Biden. Listen if the POTUS is on his game and his team is as well he can take this to the Supreme Court and so long he has sufficient evidence of the steal they’re about the only ones to overturn an election and or call for another one day special election or a redo, but I do not see that happening at all.

    • Jero Ball

      @TheLeadSled Ya I saw that too. Also a couple hrs ago News Now said Nevada has found votes from dead people. Definitely some fraud happening.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    1 thing I noticed is that you could validate your mail-in ballot but you couldn’t validate your early in-person nor the day-of ballots. THAT IS NOT VERY REASSURING

  • Christopher Hancock

    This is the most shady election I have seen in my life.

  • Zakariah H

    Massive fraud, pre planned by major business houses (Bill Gates) and Media.

  • soylentdean

    This is insane. The Democrats are stealing the election before our very eyes and basically telling us there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. Total disregard for the law and the rights of the American people.

  • Knc Delivery

    They are coming out and giving numbers to tell Democrats how many more Biden votes they need why do we need to know the numbers wake up

  • Mark Levers

    PROSECUTE THEM!!!!!!!!!

  • Kenneth M. Price Jr.

    Thank God Trump is at the helm!

  • Tony Freeman

    The Democrats are disenfranchising America! 🤬

  • Gos wo


  • Shatterstar

    Arrest Jack Dorsey for censoring the President of the United States.

  • Rodney Sparks

    We may have to go to war over this one.

  • Football Investors Club

    I feel the margin of victory for Trump is actually massive. I know for legal reasons they have to choose their words carefully but i am pretty sure they know they won this by an absolute landslide. The crimes being uncovered is going to take down the marxist media, social media and of course the demon party. They are totally exposed now, nowhere to hide.

    • Leovold of Trest

      I like the sound of that. I’m worried the dems will get away with this. Seems very hard to prove in some cases.

    • Broken Soldier Music

      Dead people voted: Rueben Report YouTube channel. USPS whistleblower claims supervisor backdated ballots. See Project Veritas YouTube channel

  • Teresa York

    George Soros controls Fox News

    • kittens2 Veternick

      YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISSIDENT & TREASON By: SOROS!!! & SONS!!! : HANG THEM !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fergie Fergie

    Proof of fraud in Nevada, from deceased voters, to challengers and an older lady’s ballot was stolen. She went to vote and someone already voted, with her name! They’re cheating, and its so obvious! Michigan blocked challengers from watching in Detroit! Keep fighting! I stand with my potus! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • M M

    Get to the bottom of the fraud and make SURE local officials that participated go to jail!

    • TheHillbillyEngineer

      all the fraudsters should be tried for treason by a military tribunal, not by some bought out leftist judge!

  • Patrick Tribett

    mcsally lost due to election fraud everything is suspect at this point.

  • Joseph Bono

    biden is dreaming if he thinks he got this many votes. Only by cheating

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