Saying Goodbye to our Favorite Cow

This is the last video that Ladybug, our favorite Cow, will be in.

Ladybug has been with us for over 3 years, and through that time we have learned a lot and enjoyed some of the most amazing farm experiences.

Sadly, recently we learned Ladybug was sick with Johnes, a very contagious disease with no cure. This is the last video with Ladybug in it, time to say goodbye.



  • Honey Bear

    I’m so sorry you guys. I’m glad she had an amazing life with your family.

  • GryphonwoodBirmans

    So sad, but you did right by her.

  • Tanna Sherrill

    Thank you for sharing this particular chapter of your homesteading life with us. A lot of people are drawn to homesteading because they feel like it makes them less vulnerable (which in many ways, it does!) but sometimes LIFE makes you vulnerable whether you want it to or not. Y’all have walked through this vulnerable time with openness and grace, and shared it with your audience. That’s a beautiful, blessed thing.

  • Kathleen Krupa

    She was more pet, than livestock, s member of your family. Sorry for your loss.

  • Cindy Shaw

    So sad to see her go, but atleast she didnt have to suffer through that horrible disease. Making the decision to put her down was surely for the best

  • tasha Maybe_Crazy

    I’m sitting here crying watching this video. I’m so sorry you had to do this and hopefully will not have to do that again. You guys are amazing

  • kristinpeterson

    Drying my eyes! “I hate goodbyes” too ! God bless you Austin. I always cry too. A side from how sad this video is, can i just say how beautiful Kay looks in that hat!!! WOW! (Course i am not a fan of her floral ball cap, ESPICALLY cuz of her beautiful curls!!!!) (I hope that sounds they way i mean it too.. and that it dosent sound nasty or mean) but truly Kay, you look so pretty with the sun hat. I just adore it on you!

    Im thinking of driving 8hrs one way in the next week or so to purchase our first Jersey cow. I wish i could ask u so many questions before i do. But ladybug, and you guys have shown us all that a milk cow is part of the family. Thats a beautiful thing!

  • Carlton Taylor

    There is so much bad in this world and bad people. But you two are a real inspiration, just seeing how you love each other and your family and even your animals. It really hurts to see you hurt because you actually love Lady Bug, you are my kind of people. I am praying for you.

  • Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy

    I hate goodbyes too! I love you two!
    My heart goes out to you and I know how hard it is to make the ‘right’ decisions when it comes to animal health. I have never dealt with Johnes. But, I remember what it was like when we cleared the CAE carriers from our Caprine Dairy herd, I lost a lot of my best animals and years of breeding results. And, the management of a brucellosis scare that cost us thousands of dollars to clear our business name. So with all that said I pray blessings in all your endeavors, I thank you more than you will ever know for your honesty and your willingness to share it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Blu Ice

    While this 62 year old man is sitting here cutting onions, I want to give a huge thank you to Ladybug.❤

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    I don’t envy the work it took to prepare to butcher her, in the midst of the pressure of “the longer it takes, the more she’ll be wasting away”

    You guys are badasses (excuse my French!)

  • SJ Bennett

    Omg I just want to reach through and hug u both —- im crying because u r crying…..i get it and thanks Ladybug xx Good luck xx

  • Kate Sitka

    I’m so sorry to hear about Ladybug. She was such a great cow.

  • Rock Hound

    I’m sorry y’all are having to go through this. When I am blessed to have a Jersey, I will name her Lady Bug.

  • BUCK Ash

    Dude you made a grown man cry that’s sad. talking about me. Like the movie Old Yeller but with a cow

  • Hollyhock

    Through my tears I just wanted to say, never be ashamed of caring or being a softie. I respect you even more for allowing yourself to love Ladybug and grieve her goodbye.

  • Chaney's Ranch

    I want to thank you both. I went through a mummy calf with my 1st Jersey. She was bred back when I bought her, a dream to milk. I could give her grain and milk her on pasture untied. Due date came and went, had an ultrasound. After talking to 5 different vets, 2 of which were close friends, we knew she had to be put down ASAP. We also do not take animals to a butcher unless its for another family. You have had the highest respect for her as any responsible homesteader should. I’ve seen some of the comments stating put her somewhere and leave her to die on her own. So sad someone can even think that way 🙁 ! I’m so sorry for your loss but please know, she loved her family as much as you loved her.

  • Charles Feeley

    Aust you give all of yourself to all the animals on your homestead. You’ve done things that you’ve dislike just to provide for your family. Love this channel sorry for you lose and thank you for sharing the journey

  • Noel Hastings

    The pain now is part of the happiness then. That’s the deal.

  • Jesse Grider

    If I was a farm animal of any kind, I’d wanna be on your farm.

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