Real Estate Crash: Opportunity for Investors – Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates

During the summer, there were approximately 23 million Americans without jobs. To put that into perspective, in the double-dip recession in 1982, we had 2.7 million. The early 1990 recessions, 2 million; the dot-com bust, 1.9 million; the great recession, 2.6 million. This is 10 times higher than any other unemployment rate that the US has ever seen.

The lockdowns, jobless rate, and the inability for homeowners to pay their mortgage has caused what some are saying will be the biggest real estate crisis in history.

In this Quarantine update, Robert explains this tweet:
“REAL ESTATE CRISIS. 6 million homeowners in FORBEARANCE. Sad. Before they can receive stimulus money, they need to qualify for new loan. If they lost job or lost credit they may lose home. Opportunity for investors. Sad news for homeowners business & country. Pandemic must end.”

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  • Mutant Ryeff

    The Chinese will take their accumulated dollars and buy up the USA when the economy finally collapses.

    • Julie Marie

      @John Wan yep You are right but this election Trump was robbed

    • Parzival xby87

      That does not seem likely. Actually what will happen is hyperinflation. Then the government will print off enough money to pay off all the debt’s. This money will be worthless so everybody like China and Russia who held our debts will lose all trust in America but their economies will also collapse as a result. Because their economies are even worse. And anyone who saved in dollars in the banks,, all of that money will be worthless as well. In the exact same way. This will almost certainly result in global poverty.

    • ArthursHD

      Their dollars loose value just as quickly as yours! They buy the bonds to prop up their manufacturing, so US can not justify producing stuff locally. US buries it self by taking ever increasing dept!

    • tmcginnis21144

      We can’t let that happen! There must be a law that forbids communist government immigrants and or investors can’t buy here! No land no homes nothing!

    • guy clone

      @Julie Marie They did it so they can put then next presidential election on the blockchain.

  • Tony Skoulakis

    Fear is a powerful emotion bro in the world we live in.

  • S W

    Right onnn! It’s all a bunch of bullllllllll! I love your outspokenness! You are hilarious! 😁

  • Mr Cal

    Just invested in 6 1 oz britiannia 999.9 silver coins for the first time following Mr Kiyosakis wisdom

  • Jacob Ortiz

    Robert is the only man speaking the truth !

  • Andy Stuckey

    So glad you call them what they are!

  • xephael

    This is not just Red vs. Blue… The 2 party system is actually one political party for big government and spending. Both parties are a-okay with taking personal Liberty. 🗽

  • Nancy

    It’s same story all over the globe, corrupt politicians are the real and most dangerous virus!

  • Bart Chilton

    Resist the communist take over .

    • Out of Order / Gone Fishin'

      Off course. It’s our duty. Only traitors wont resist the faschist communists. They will regret if they support tyranny or goes against or help hurt freedom loving people. Even if they dont understand what they did.. Theres no mercy for those people and Hell awaits them. Traitors.

  • Aaron Fleming

    Be careful Robert, they’ll probably delete your channel soon for speaking your opinion. Remember, that’s not allowed anymore.

    • ActronJimmy

      @Kevin Schmidt Don’t forget truth. You can’t post truth either.

    • M

      @Kevin Schmidt in Europe as well tons of videos are being deleted by YouTube which don’t support perfectly the MSM narrative. You get three strikes… At the third strike they delete your whole channel. So in Europe a lot of people are switching to alternative platforms.
      Please do your own research and stay open minded.

    • BitSkulker

      ​@ActronJimmy no. Posting hate speech, killing babies, hurting animals is very different from telling the truth. He may have said the truth, but that’s not why his channel was deleted. It’s like saying that you can’t brush your teeth without going to prison. “OH! This prisoner got a life sentence! You know what he was doing on a daily basis? Brushing his teeth; that’s right! You can’t even brush your teeth without being sentenced for life! Oh my gawd!”

    • BitSkulker

      ​@M what’s MSM

    • M

      @BitSkulker mainstream media

  • Mukarram Haidari

    I respect you more now for opening our minds & telling real truth. 💯🔥

  • Harry Hunter

    Most people that took forbearance for real reasons are screwed as they don’t have a job that covers their mortgage. Sounds like lots of cheap homes will hit the market soon!

  • Daniel J

    most of the “buys” and price appreciation are re-fis.. this will end – be patient. thank you.

  • Jack Merchant

    Robert you fail to mention all the investors your hero Trump has ripped off over the years, taxes he evaded and contractors he didn’t pay! I hope that is not how you operate too Bob!

  • UltimateBargains

    We said “yes” to the unconstitutional lockdowns because we didn’t have enough guns to say “no”.


    I thought this was a video about real estate

  • Triple fife

    Didn’t think I would see Mr Robert here calling out Commies. It is nice to see it, but like I said I didn’t see this coming. Good for him for standing up for the free market.

  • Matthew Baker

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    • kelly94maria

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    • Martin Luna

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    • yockelHammond ostrichFord

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    • MrJeanden

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    • folkishNovak ThurmanHuffman

      Investing in Crypto now is the best especially with the current rise in the market now.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Remember if the rich get welfare before they pay taxes (“tax loopholes”), they’re smart. If the poor get welfare after taxes, they’re freeloaders. See the difference? I dont…..

  • TJ Hall

    One question I have is, you say to use other peoples money to invest which I agree but how do I qualify to get accepted for those loans and what not? Just credit score? or do I need an tax record to show income ? Im 20 years old so if I go to the bank and ask for 25k for a down payment for a property, what are my chances of getting accepted?? I have good credit and tax history what else do I need?

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